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Cooking with the Color Blue


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Food Sources

blue berries -- black currants

Health Benefits

Once thought of as a nutritional lightweight, the deeply tinted blueberry is now seen as packing more antioxidant power than just about any other food. Blueberries contain a wide variety of anthocyanins, the oxidation-fighting pigments that combine to give them that unique color. Blueberries also possess anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting chemicals. In research conducted by James A. Joseph, Ph.D., and his colleagues at Tufts University, symptoms of mental aging were slowed and even reversed when animals were put on a blueberry-rich diet.Blueberries are best eaten raw. (Frozen are fine too--just let them defrost at room temperature or toss them straight into the blender for smoothies and ice-cream dishes.) Cooked blueberries, the kind you find in pie filling, have lower levels of anthocyanins.

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