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14 Nutrition rich Food that Starts with Y

You don’t have to be a food enthusiast to keep track of delicious and healthy food to enjoy. The perks of maintaining a healthy diet include trying new and different food items. It also helps you keep your loved ones on the right diet track. 

Therefore, in this article, we’ll give you a list of the most diverse yet easy to find food that starts with Y. Why do you ask? Because having alphabetically categorized listings of food in the back of your mind will make your food experiences much easier and more fun. So, let’s dig in.

We’ll start with some common foods that start with the letter Y.

Food that Starts with Y


Food that Starts with Y

Ever had a gyro? Well, that’s originally called a Yiros. It is Greek fast food that is very much like an Arabic Shawarma. It can be eaten with whatever meat you like and contains French fries, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and the famous tzatziki sauce, all inside pita bread.

It’s a treat for fast food lovers as it tastes heavenly while giving you the best all-in-one nutritional benefits. The good thing about Yiros is that people tend to experiment with it. That means you are bound to find different tasty variations of the fast food. 


Food that Starts with Y

Yakhni is a traditional South Asian dish made with chicken bones and other tasteful ingredients. It has diverse uses, such as in Yakhni Pulao and Yakhni soup. The cooking process requires some chicken bones, salt, black pepper, whole coriander, garlic, and some garlic.

It has a strong taste and is an excellent remedy for sore throat and fever. It has high nutritional value with high protein, potassium, sodium, and carbs.  

Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire is a traditional English side dish. The baked pudding requires some batter of eggs, flour, and milk – or water. It’s one of those dishes that’s not bound to a single plate. It can be served with anything you like. The British also call it the pride of the north.

Taste-wise it’s savory with the perfect amount of fluffiness that doesn’t taste too eggy or greasy. Nutritionally, it’s a great carb source with enough fibers, sugars, and proteins to keep you functioning healthily.


Food that Starts with Y

Yassa is a Senegalese dish with spicy poultry or fish marinated to be served with onions, lemons, olives, herbs, and some rice as a side dish. The add-ons are limited to your taste buds alone so that you may experiment with this dish. But we recommend you preserve its original flavor. 

Taste-wise, it has a mixture of spicy and sour tastes balanced with rice. And with nutritional qualities such as being high in fibers, carbs, and potassium, this “taste from Africa” is a worthy inclusion in our list of food that starts with Y

What Breakfast foods start with Y?


Food that Starts with Y

Here is the most obvious one in foods that start with the letter Y. Yogurt is a gift from God that everyone rightly appreciates. It’s a thick creamy product made through the fermentation of milk. There are so many yogurt variations, each with different taste and nutritional values.

Your regular yogurt will have a bitter taste – if it’s still edible – but you’ll find it in almost every flavor. It is in hundreds of dishes as the main ingredient. As for the nutritional value, it’s a great fat and protein source. We recommend that you keep it in your diet plan.


Food that Starts with Y

Yolk, otherwise known as the yummy part of the egg, is your most common breakfast companion in food that starts with Y. It’s a food found in almost all kinds of eggs. You may consume it however you like – even raw – but we recommend cooking it to enjoy the taste.

The yolk will give you a bland custard pie taste. It’s mostly fat, so it gives a buttery and creamy feeling to your mouth. Nutrition-wise, the yolk is where the good stuff is. It is rich in protein, fat, and cholesterol. 


Food that Starts with Y

Youtiao is a deep-fried dough that is typical breakfast food in Asian countries. They are also known as Chinese oil sticks commonly enjoyed with soy milk – the youtiao texture absorbs the soy milk to taste unique. It’s also crispy and full of aroma.

Youtiao is slightly sweet, but the prominent flavor is from the dip. Nutritionally, it is not the best item on this list of nutrition-rich food that starts with Y, but you’ll find it rich in carbs with hints for protein.

What is a fruit that starts with Y?


Food that Starts with Y

Yuzu is an East Asian citrus fruit that had has wrinkled yellowish skin. The primary use of this fruit is its fragrance – food flavoring. Its sharp sour and tart flavor makes it hard to eat right away. You can say that they are like lemons used to give citrus flavors with few drops.

Yuzu is low in calories but has high nutritional value. It has powerful antioxidants and rich quantities of sodium, manganese, magnesium, and Vitamin C.


Food that Starts with Y

Yangmei, also known as the Chinese bayberry, is a subtropical fruit grown in Asia. Though it’s a berry, the size, shape, and color gave it the popular name amongst the Chinese. It is mainly used in juices, but you’ll find it canned, pickled, and even fermented. 

Yangmei tastes like a mixture of strawberry and raspberry, only more herbal. Healthwise, it has good antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E.


Food that Starts with Y

Youngberries are the hybrids of blackberries, raspberries, and dewberries. They are dark purple when ripe, and their use is the same as any other berry – jellies and Jams.

Taste-wise, when premature, they have a tart raspberry-like flavor, and when ripe, they have a light banana flavor. Nutritionally, they are a tremendous multi-vitamin source along with some antioxidants.

Yali Pear 

Food that Starts with Y

Yali Pears, or the Chinese White pears, are popularly cultivated Asian pears with light greenish skin. They are sweet and crisp on the inside. The taste is quite similar to regular pears and are used for refreshing juices and snacks.

Yali pears have high Vitamin C and K, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. 

What is a vegetable that starts with Y?


Food that Starts with Y

Yams are the variation of sweet potatoes that are a bit less sweet and drier. They have a long potato-like shape and several colors. They are also a mandatory part of thanksgiving dinners in the US. 

They are rich in fiber, manganese, potassium, copper, and some antioxidants. You’ll find this vegetable relatively easy and quick to prepare. 


Food that Starts with Y

Yuca, also called cassava, is a tuberous root vegetable grown in South America. It has a wood-like structure and a starchy flesh with white color. The taste is sweet and mild. 

It also has many nutritional benefits – must cook properly – like high levels of proteins and carbs. They are much better for you than regular potatoes. 

Yam Bean

Food that Starts with Y

Yam bean, also called Jícama, is another root vegetable popular in China. It’s starchy and has potato-like uses. It has hints of apple and green beans flavors and can even be eaten raw. 

The final item in our list of food that starts with Y is an excellent carbohydrate and fiber source. It also has rich amounts of Vitamin C and hints of protein and iron.

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