18 Food that Starts with X

Can you mention the name of the food that starts with x? We believe it will be difficult because the food that has this kind of name is not common. However, we have done some research and find some of them. We have the list of those foods below, which might surprise you a bit because there are tons of them.

18 Food that Starts with X

Xavier Soup

First, we have Xavier Soup and classic Italian cuisine. People only make this soup to celebrate Saint Francis Xavier day. Therefore, it’s not that well-known among us. The unique part of this soup is the usage of dumplings in it. You can scoop them and get them to fill up your spoon easily. Enjoy it and you can feel the delicious savory taste explode inside your mouth.

Xavier Steak

Xavier Steak maybe is one of the most delicious steaks that you can enjoy. It doesn’t require too many ingredients to use. Mostly, it also serves with a simple side dish, such as asparagus and melting cheese. But, do not question its deliciousness. This simple dish could make you addicted because of its superb taste.


This food that starts with x has a unique name, isn’t it? You may have heard it but don’t know what it is. Or, you have tried but you only see it as the dumpling. Yes, this is one of the dumplings culinary that come from Jiangsu province, Chinese. The small one bite-size gives it a cute appearance, while the taste of the steamed meat inside gives your palate a great pleasure.  


From China, we moved to India with the delicious curry from Goa. It is called Xacuti. As expected of Indian cuisine, this curry uses a lot of spices. So, you will feel the kick once your tongue touches it. Inside, you can find skinned chicken, onion, cashew nuts, and many others. This combination doesn’t only create a delicious taste, but also one of the amazing aromas you also can enjoy.

Xingren Donfu

Now, let’s return to China. You can’t leave this country if it’s about the food that starts with the letter X. Xingren Donfu is our choice for this part. The exquisite taste will leave your mouth open and salivating. It uses many unique ingredients, such as almond milk, gelatin, and thickener agar-agar. The sweet and soft feels like that first time you fall in love. In short, it is delicious stuff.


It is short in name, but you can tell a long story about its taste. This sticky rice dish is the proud creation of Vietnamese. The best about this dish is its versatility. You can eat it just like that as a snack because it has a savory and sweet taste. Or, you also can mix it with other side dishes to make it your main meal. It is a perfect choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


If you are craving for peameal and food that starts with x, you can have Xidoufen. It uses peameal combined with many spices to elevate its flavor. The topping is pepper oil, which adds another taste to it. You can eat this food without any side dish. However, people usually eat it along with Chinese flatbread to give it more variation of taste.


Need some sauce? You can try the Yucatan salsa named Xnipec. It is made from Habanero peppers for the spicy. Then, you also can taste the tomato, onion, orange, and others that add the sour and a little bit tangy punch. This salsa has a perfect fresh taste. Enjoy it in summer and guarantee you will get a nice amount of sweat. Try with chips or another side dish that you like.

Xalapa Punch

Even though we are talking about food that starts with x, we think we need to add at least one beverage to it. So, we choose this Xalapa Punch. Made of rum, brandy, and red wine, this beverage will give you a real punch. Xalapa Punch was created in Mexico City. It is mentioned in the book, “The Blue Grass Cook Book” the 1904 edition. It is an old punch but doesn’t lose its power.

Xo Sauce

Next, we have another food that starts with X, is the XO sauce. The Xo sauce you can find it widely used on many Hong Kong and Southern Chinese region dishes. It has a very strong umami flavour, which makes a little bit of it pack with a strong taste. Even though this sauce is originally coming from China, you also can find it in many American restaurants. It matches very well with many American dishes with a strong flavour.

What Fruits or Veg Begins with X?

Other than the cooked food and sauce that we mentioned above, you also can find several types of Fruits That Start with x. Here, we have some of them.

Xigua Fruit

Its shape is similar to watermelon. It is because this is one of the types of watermelon. Xigua comes from China. This fruit is planted in tropical and subtropical areas. Therefore, it is quite easy to find in China and some Asian countries, because it is easy to plant and cultivate. It contains a lot of water and has a very sweet taste. It is a perfect choice for juice or fruit soup ingredients.

This fruit comes from the Africa continent, especially southeast Africa. You can find this fruit in many Southeast Africa countries, like Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, and South Africa. As for the place where it grows, it also grows on almost any terrain. Its fruit can grow in the grassland, woodlands, rocky outcrops, or termite mounds without facing any problems. People eat it raw or use it for making jam, jellies, or desserts.

Xylocarpus Granatum Fruit

This fruit is also known as the fruit of the mangrove tree, especially the cedar mangrove and cannonball mangrove. This fruit form a hard shell to protect its meat and seed. It almost looks like a coconut fruit that also has hard skin. The mangrove tree will drop this fruit. Then, the water under the tree that comes from the sea will carry it to other places where it can grow into another mangrove tree. You can use it to make traditional medicine for stomach aches and intestinal problems.

Xiang Lie Pear

This fruit comes from Xian Jiang, China. Even though we call it pear, it has a different shape and color. Xiang Lie pear has a beautiful and smooth leaf green color. In some parts, you can find a hit of pink. The shape is almost similar to guava. It tastes very sweet, which makes it perfect to consume without any processing. Eat it raw and enjoy its freshness. 


It may be difficult to say. However, this is one of the top varieties of white grape. It comes from Spain, which mostly grows in the Catalonia area. This grape is the ingredients of the famous sparkling wine Cava. However, compared to other Cava grapes, Xarel’Io has better taste, plus you also can add extra flavor to make it rich in flavor. Moreover, if we are talking about the aroma, Xarel’Io is the best in this department.


The next food that starts with x on our list is Xoconostle. It is one of the cactus fruits that you can easily find in South America and Mexico. The fruit has a similar shape to the pear. However, it has a point on its end, which makes it looks like a sharpened pear. The fruit is really small. It is only 5 to 7 centimeters long and 4 to 5 centimeters in diameter. Its pale green color makes it stand out when it shows up on the dark green cactus tree where it grows. People use it for making salsa and sauce.

Xinomavro Grapes

This fruit is another wine grape that can be found in Europe. Mostly, people in central Macedonia and Greece use it as one of the ingredients of red wine. The wine that is made of this grape has a very high level of tannins. Therefore, the taste is quite sour because of its high acidity level. Xinomavro red wine is very popular in Greece. Unfortunately, not many people know about this delicious fruit and the wine that is made of it.


This fruit grows in a unique environment that has a low quantity of water. It has various shapes, depending on the place where it lives. However, among all Xerophyte fruits, they have similarities, which is that the small and hard leaves sprout out of their stem area. This morphology has a function to conserve the water that it keeps during its growth. So, it can live for a certain period, until its main job is started, which is to spread the seeds of its tree.


Those are the list of unique food, beverage, and fruits that use X letter on its name. We hope, this list will help you to know more about What food or drink starts with the letter X is.  

18 Food that Starts with X

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