20 Foods That Start With H

Let’s do an exercise today, which is naming foods that start with H. It sounds fun right, but we have brought this article for those who cannot think of that many foods that start with H. And even if you know a lot of foods would begin with this alphabet keep up because you might learn something new. Here is the content list of whatever we’re going to discuss in this article.  

20 Foods That Start With H

We have come up with 20 different fruits, vegetables, and foods that start with letter H. We have included some common foods and some that are not. Regardless of what we have added, you will learn some new names and recall some that you have already known. Let’s go because it’s food time.


Who doesn’t like hamburgers? We are sure that you do. Most people confuse ham with pork and think that both of them are the same. But the truth is that fork is big meat and ham is just a portion of that pig meat, i.e., the leg muscle. And we like to eat ham in our burgers, in our steaks, and our salads.


Hake is a beautiful silverfish that most people are not familiar with as much as they are with Trout and Salmon. A fascinating thing about Hakes is that they have so many different categories. And there are also several ways to cook the fish and eat it. However, the texture is constant, which is buttery smooth.


Halva is a south Asian sweet dish that people love to cook on occasion like Eid, Diwali, and every day they want to celebrate. There are so many types of Halva out there like Suji Halva, Gajar Halva, wheat halva, etc. There goes so many nuts and dry fruits in the making of a delicious halwa. Halva like Suji takes hardly 20 minutes to get cooked and some take hours.


Speaking of delicious foods that start with H, let’s talk about Haddock, a beautiful fish. It has ray-fins on the outer body and belongs to Melanogrammus genus. Surprisingly the fish tastes sweet, but it’s not that strong. And if we talk about the texture of Haddock, it’s pretty tender and juicy. So, next time you go to a restaurant instead of ordering tuna order Haddock.

Hash Browns

Do you also take advantage of every office break to get hash browns form take away food corners like us? Well, we blame browns because they are so delicious. The crunchy crust and the juicy chicken inside can make your mouth water even when you are full. Please tell us how you like your hash browns.


The next on our foods that start with H is Hummus. Hummus is probably the easiest type of food to make and enjoy with biscuits and crackers. And they are highly nutritious because after all, they are just chickpeas. And chickpeas are so good for your stomach and overall health. Some people like to add a little flavour to their hummus by adding lemon juice and Tahini.  


Herbs are a single category of various beneficial plants. Most people like to add them to their daily meals because of their healthy nature. Herbs also are a source of thousands of natural organic medicines. Another famous property of herbs is that they all have some fragrance.


How can we miss a pudding when we are talking about different foods that start with H? So, Haggis is the next on our list and this pudding falls under the category of savoury food items. In the past, people used to cook Haggis inside the stomach of sheep. But now they cook it outside in special containers due to hygiene issues and awareness.


Hare is the other name for a wild rabbit or a jackrabbit. They are pretty massive as compared to the rabbits we pet. The taste of Hare is unique yet delicious. And once you get a chance to eat the Hare, notice the delicate fibres in its meat.


These days platforms like YouTube are full of Asmr and mukbang videos where people eat giant Honeycombs. Don’t you believe us? Google it yourself to find out, but can you blame them? Honey is a delicious sweet food item and can make any food item sweet and delicious.

11.What Is A Fruit That Starts With H?

Now comes the moment you’re all waiting for, so let’s discuss the fruits that start with H.


Hackberries are the purple berries with a hidden nutty surprise inside. For some reason, people don’t have much information about them, and they think that’s they can’t eat this fruit. But the truth is that all types of Hackberries are edible.


The next on our list is Hazelnuts. These nuts have Filbertone in them. And the taste of Hazelnuts is very subtle yet sweet, and they give off a toasted texture. People eat hazelnuts more because of their benefits rather than their flavour. Hazelnuts have vitamin E, antioxidants, and are great for the heart.

Hog Plum

Hog plum is a sour and sweet fruit that you can consume by turning it in a liquid form or eating as it is, i.e., raw. You must have heard that mangoes and hog plum have some relation. But do you know that some of the ice-creams you eat also have Hog plum in it? And that was not shocking enough for you, know that some of the jellies and candies also have Hog plum in them.


Before we move forward in our article about foods that start with H, we need to ask a question from you. Do you know that melons are of different types? Well, Honeydew is a muskmelon but quite an unusual one. The colour of a Honeydew is like a pear, and the taste of it is quite sweet.

Horned Melon

The last fruit on our list of fruits that start with H is a Horned melon which you may know as a Kiwano. As the name of this fruit suggests, it has horns all over its shell, and they look like sharp spikes. But what’s unique about this fruit is that it looks like a cucumber on the inside. And even the colour inside the fruit is green. So you can also call it a horned cucumber melon like the people in Africa say it.

17.What Is A Vegetable That Starts With H?

We have discussed the fruits that start with H, so how can we skip the vegetables that start with H? Here we present some of the vegetables we have selected for this article about foods that start with H.

Hamburg Parsley

The first vegetable that we will discuss here is Hamburg parsley. And in simple language, it is blemish-free parsley. And most of the people think that both Hamburg parsley and parsnips are the same things. But both of them have different genus and species.


Then comes Hijiki that you must have eaten once in your life or have at least seen in movies. Those of you who don’t know what a Hijiki is should know that it is one type of sea vegetables. The vegetable is popular because of its high nutrition value. And we are sure that it won’t have crossed your mind while thinking of the foods that start with H.

Horse gram

Horse gram is a legume that has different names in different cultures and countries. And the birthplace of this legume is Asia. You can also call it a magical legume because it can do wonders to your body. It would be best if you make Horse gram a part of your daily diet.

Heart Of Palm

Did you know that palm trees give you vegetables? If you haven’t thought about that yet, it’s better if you start pondering on that. You get that vegetable from the palm tree’s inner core, and the colour of it is whiter than the egg of a hen.


The last on our list of foods that start with letter H is Horseradish. You can guess from the name that it’s a root and more than a vegetable it gets used as a condiment. And it’s great to treat many problems in our bodies.


Please tell us honestly how many new foods that start with H have you learned today. We hope that our food article has helped you in enhancing your thinking span. And we assure you that we will keep you updated with the foods that start with other alphabets.

20 Foods That Start With H

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