20 foods that start with J

How cool would it be to think of foods that start with J? And it’s an excellent practice for you to do. And you can also turn that into a game and play it with your friends where you can ask them to name foods that start with J. If you are finding it difficult to think about foods that start with the letter J, we can help you with that. So, without further delay, let’s get into the article.

20 Foods that start with j


The first on our list of foods that start with J is Jello. Jello is a product of gelatin. Many people think of it as squishy, sweetened, and colorful gelatin that children love. The flavor of Jello is sweet and fruity. It is not that healthy, but occasionally you can consume it as it too fun. Have you heard of Jello shots? They are the life of kids parties.

Jerusalem Artichoke

Have you ever heard of Palestinian food? It is so delicious. That is why the next on our foods that start with J list is Jerusalem Artichoke. But you can eat that artichoke in raw form, or you can properly cook it. So, get your hands on a Jerusalem artichoke asap!

Jelly Rolls

The next on our foods that start with J is a Jelly Roll. Jelly rolls are vibrant and sweet pastry like food. Most people like to add cocoa or powder sugar to their jelly rolls. They usually fall into a spongy cake-like food category so that you will find one in bakeries and cafes. Make sure you eat a chilled Jelly roll to enjoy it properly.


We only know Jerk as a bad word. But that’s not it. Jerk is a trendy food too. The name Jerk for food sounds made up, but it is true. It is native to Jamaican and initiated from the same place. The seasoning you create with all these ingredients gets used in meat like chicken and beef.


Java is a coffee bean that comes from the island in Indonesia called Java. This coffee bean has no extensive use separately but is mixed with other coffee beans, mainly Arabica and Robusta. The mocha coffee drink mostly has a slight taste of Java as well.


The next on the foods that start with J is Jook. You might not be familiar with the word, but you must have some familiarity with the food. It is Congee. In some parts of the world, people also call it rice porridge. The main ingredient, however, in preparation for this porridge is rice


Who doesn’t like Jam? We can make Jam from pressed fruits, but it’s a long process to better if you buy it from the market. The condiment comes in several flavors and a breakfast staple in most households in the world. Many people like mixed fruit jam flavor as it has the subtle taste of every fruit.


The next on our foods that start with J list is Johnnycake. Johnnycake is native to America, and that’s why only natives are familiar with this. But the food is just a flat cornmeal bread. And people in the United States love eating that. There are other names for Johnnycake as well, like hoecake and Shawnee cake.


The minute you think of Jalapeno, Mexico comes to mind. The spicy chili is native to Mexico and is popular in the whole wide world. The main component in Jalapeno is water, and the rest of the constituents are mainly carbohydrates. Mostly Jalapeno is used as a flavor to enhance the heat of foods like pickles and salsas.


Jawbreaker is a type of hard candy. These candies also have another name that is Gobstoppers. Gobstopper’s meaning is mouth candy as it has derived from the slang word ‘Gob.’ It is not something American. The candy is hard to chew, but it is so yummy and sweet.


It sounds fancy, but it is not. Jambon is the french word for pork or ham. But it starts with a J; that is why it is a part of our foods that start with J. People serve it as smoky ham or after properly curing it. But no matter what, all people with no age limit love to eat ham.


Jambalaya is a dish that people in France, Africa, and Mexico make by mixing vegetables and meat. And then they usually eat it with rice by combining both of them. The rice soaks all the flavor of Jambalaya and gets turned into something so delicious and spicy.


Jelly is mainly a product of gelatin, pectin, and fruit extract. You can make jelly at home by mixing all these ingredients, adding sugar, and cooking it for hours. And if you are busy and love jelly, you can always buy it from the market, making more sense. And you can always choose the color, flavor, and texture you want.


Have you ever tried to make up fancy names for different foods? Well, we have one for you, i.e., Jimmies. Jimmies are sprinkles. And everyone likes some sprinkles on their cupcakes, ice cream, and so many more foods. The reason is their subtle sweet taste that is not very overpowering and the fun colorful look.

What are the fruits that start with J?

Now that we have discussed so many foods and candies that start with the letter J, let’s now talk about all the fruits that start with J. You try naming them in your head, and meanwhile, we will try to tell you what the fruits are that begin with J.

Jordanian Almond

The first is Jordanian Almonds that are multicolor and are extremely sweet and yummy. These are also called Dragee. People also call it a candy as the almond gets wrapped or hidden inside a hard shell coat of chocolate and sugar. The chocolate can be white or dark. However, people love it for all the right reasons.


The next fruit and the last food item on our list of foods that start with J are Jonathan. Again, it is a fancy name for an apple that is not very big, but taste-wise is so good. People like to either eat it as a fruit or cook it properly to make Jam from it. And even freeze and then use it to make apple candy

Japanese Plum

Japanese plums are incredibly famous because a delicious wine gets created from these plums. These plums are sweet in taste and green in color. The best thing about Japanese plum is that it’s a gorgeous smelling fruit. Many fruits taste good but don’t smell like that. So, try it out in the form of a beverage or eat it as a fruit


This south Indian native fruit falls under the exotic fruits category. The appearance of a Jackfruit is unique, and the taste is very different as well. It has spikes spread on the hard outer shell. And it tastes like you are eating a mixture of bananas and apples


Chinese date or Jujube is a small red fruit. The dates are extraordinarily chewy and mostly used in dried forms. The texture of these dates is quite wrinkly, and the taste is delightful. The fun fact is that Jujube tastes exactly like apply but in a softer form


We all like grapes. But what about Brazilian black grapes? Jabuticaba is those black grapes that have a flowery aroma and a unique fruity sweet taste. But they also have an aftertaste that is a little acidic, but oddly it enhances the flavor even more.

The list of foods and fruits that start with J doesn’t end here. It also includes Jatoba, Jacote, and so much more. But we would like to end our article about fruits and foods that start with the letter J here. And we hope you must have got to learn something new. Try all these foods and enjoy!

20 foods that start with j

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