Foods that start with K

21 Interesting Foods that start with K

Being knowledgeable about foods that start with K will definitely give you validation of being a foodie. You won’t be needing a food-savvy friend to explain what’s what the next time you visit a restaurant. Here we have a long list of foods that start with the letter k for you.

Let’s begin with some common food items first.

Common Foods that start with K


Foods that start with K

Here’s the most obvious one for you. Ketchup is your mandatory condiment on a dining table. The most widely used form of ketchup is the “Tomato Ketchup.” It’s made with tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and spices like garlic, cinnamon, etc. – for flavored kinds of ketchup.

Mostly, ketchup’s flavor is a combination of sweetness, sourness, and saltiness. As for the nutritional value, there isn’t much except for sugars and sodium.


foods that start with K

Kebabs are one of the most popular middle eastern barbecue cuisines. They can be made with any type of meat – chicken, and beef being the most popular ones. The ingredients include grounded meat, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and several spices which vary geographically.

Commonly served hot with yogurt sauce called “Chatni,” they have heavenly smell and taste – perfect blends of spices and barbecued meat. Nutrition-wise, they are super rich in protein and fat.

Kipper Fish

foods that start with K

Kipper fish is a small herring known for its butterfly fashion spit. Though grilling and broiling are popular, the easiest way to eat them is poaching. You will find them oily with a sweet fishy taste.

Kippers are very rich in fatty acids such as omega-3 while giving you abundant amounts of protein, cholesterol, Vitamin D, calcium. They are great for your heart and can even help you with depression

Kit Kat

foods that start with K

Here’s another obvious one in our list of food that begin with K. Kit Kat by Nestle is one of the most popular chocolates all over the world. It’s a wafer bar covered with chocolate. There are many flavors of this chocolate for you to try.

Nutritionally, the chocolate bar mostly contains fat preceded by carbohydrates, proteins, and calcium. So, we recommend that you “have a break, have a Kit kat.”


foods that start with K

Karahi is a famous Indian subcontinent dish made with meat, oil, vegetables, and a lot of spices. The dish is named after the traditional iron pot it is usually cooked in. It’s quite heavy on the stomach with the oil and strong spices, but both the locals and the foreigners die for the taste.

As for the nutrition, the dish is super rich in fat, protein, and everything good about meat. However, you might want to request the chef to go easy with oil to keep your cholesterol in check.

Now let’s categorize our list of foods that start with k.

What breakfast food start with k?


foods that start with K

Kokosbrood, also known as Dutch coconut bread, is a common breakfast item in the households of the Netherlands.

 It is made when coconut mix is added to wheat and starch for bread loaves. You’ll also find dried coconut flesh slices as kokosbrood. You can enjoy them with regular bread.

Kokosbrood serves as a delicious carb source along with fat and some hints of protein.


foods that start with K

A Kulcha is a breakfast food from the Indian subcontinent – mainly India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It’s a variation of Naan that is made with refined white flour instead of wheat flour and is not leavened with yeast and yogurt. Otherwise, they look pretty much the same.

Taste-wise, it has a bland baked bread taste unless it has some sesame seeds on top. It’s a great carb and fat source with some amounts of protein and fiber.


foods that start with K

A kolach is a famous Czechian food that’s widely eaten as breakfast. It’s a pastry with some fruit wrapped with puffy dough made from yeast dough. It may also be filled with cheese, but keeping a sweet center is recommended.

They give you a nice blend of salt and sweet while being extremely healthy. The exact nutritional facts depend on the type of fruit in them, but the baked dough is always a good carb source.


foods that start with K

A kulich is a traditional Slavic bread with roots going back a thousand years. Its usually baked on Easter in cylindrical tins and then decorated with flowers, seeds, and Icing. A priest even blesses it before eating.

It’s a sweet buttery loaf that you must give a try – preferably right after it’s baked. As for nutrition, it’ll give you more than enough carbs with fat and protein as sweet add-ons.


foods that start with K

Khandi is a famous breakfast food from Gujrat, India. It’s a yellow roll made from gram milk and buttermilk eaten with tempered green chili. It’s a quick snack that’s really easy to make, and it is even gluten-free.

With a sauce, it’ll give you a sweet and sour taste combination that’ll make you want more. It also has green checks in all nutritional parameters like carbs, protein, fiber, and fat.

What is a fruit that starts with k?


Kumquat is an oval-shaped citrus fruit with thick skin. It was first bred in China in the 18th century. The interesting thing about a Kumquat is that it’s eaten as a whole – no peeling of the skin. They have a sweet taste to them but are mostly sour.

Naturally, they are a great Vitamin C source with hints of protein, calcium, and fiber. They’ll help you with weight loss and making juices that give you a kick.


Here’s another Chinese fruit in food that begin with k. Kiwifruit is an edible gooseberry with hairy skin and green seeds-filled flesh. They have a sweet and refreshing taste with some tartness. You may compare the taste with a pineapple.

Kiwifruits are known to be in the elites of high nutritional facts – even called the healthiest fruit. It has more per gram Vitamin C than any other fruit and also has rich dietary fiber and potassium.


Kokum is an Indian fruit with industry transcending uses – pharmaceuticals, industrial, and culinary. It has a sweet aroma but a sour taste. It is mostly dried and preserved for industrial uses.

Kokum is also in the elite of high nutritional value fruits. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and Vitamin B3, along with several minerals like iron and potassium. You’ll also find that Kokum juice is a God-given gift for acidity.


Kiwano, also known as horned melon, is an exotic African fruit in or foods that start with K. It grows on ground run wines and is quite distinguishable due their color and signature horns. Under the pointy skin, there is green jelly like flesh with many uses.

Taste-wise, it is sweet and mild with hints of lime and banana flavor. As for nutrition, it is rich in vitamin C and magnesium.


Karanda, or Carissa carandas, is a shrub fruit found in dry regions of India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. It grows best in hot temperatures and has many medicinal values.

Its pulp is acidic yet sweet and has latex droplets that leave a bitter taste in your mouth. There are high levels of vitamin C and iron found in the fruit as well.

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime, also known as Citrus hystrix among many names, is a tropical citrus fruit originating from Southeast Asia and southern China. The fruit and its leaves are popularly used in many cuisines serving the purpose of giving aroma.

It has a distinguishable bumpy skin with lemongrass-like flavor and high vitamin C levels and some amounts of fiber in the nutritional charts

What is a vegetable that starts with k?


Kale is an all-green plant that is also known as leaf cabbage. As the name suggests, people grow this vegetable for its leaves – they can withstand harsh temperature and are available throughout the years.

It is used in salads and several kinds of dishes as they have a strong earthy taste, all while being mild and crunchy. Nutrition-wise, it is rich in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, and antioxidants.


Komatsuna, the Japanese mustard spinach, is another leaf vegetable in our list of foods that start with K. Mostly found in Taiwan and Japan, it is eaten raw, pickled, boiled, or fried. It’s a great compliment to salads and soups.

Taste-wise it is sweet and gives you a combination of mustard and cabbage while keeping a crunchy texture. Nutritionally, its super rich in vitamin A and vitamin C with small portions of magnesium and iron.



Kohlrabi is wild cabbage also known as the German Turnip. It is distinguished through its tough skin and stems coming out of the top – you’ll be needing a knife.

Taste-wise it is peppery sweet with a broccoli-like structure, and nutritionally, it has high levels of vitamin C and dietary fiber.


Kabocha, also known as the Japanese pumpkin, belongs to the pumpkin family with an apple-pear similarity to a regular pumpkin. Taste-wise, it has a flavor combination of sweet potato and a pumpkin with a fluffy texture that resembles a chestnut.

It is also packed with loads of vitamin A and vitamin C along with minerals like magnesium, iron, and potassium.


We’ll be ending this article of foods that start with with a traditionally sweet food item. Kulfi – yet another Indian subcontinent item – is a famous dairy desert. You may refer to it as the “desi version of ice-cream.”

It has many types but is usually made from condensed milk and flavors such as cardamom, almonds, and saffron. They are often served as wedding desserts, and you’ll even find street vendors selling them. And they are also quite healthy with nice amounts of fiber, carbs, fat, and protein.

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