22 Delicious Foods that start with D

Some people are very passionate about their food. Call it being a foodie, a food enthusiast, or just a health-conscious person, the love for food is inherited in all of us. We love to try new items of foods and cuisines, but sometimes the experience isn’t what we hope for – of course, it’s the complete opposite otherwise.

It’d be a great help if we knew what we were getting into. It won’t just add to our food experience but will save our money as we’ll spend on the right stuff. 

That is why in this article, we are going to make amendments to your food encyclopedia, with foods that start with D, to be specific. From vegetables and fruits to meat and fish, we have got you covered. So, tune in.

What is a fruit that starts with D?

We’ll begin our list of foods that start with the letter D with some fruits.

Durian Fruit 

The durian fruit is famous for its unpleasant smell, so much so that some public places have rules that prohibit people from eating it in crowds. People often compare the smell with stinky socks or moldy cheese. 

But there must be a reason that people still eat it despite such odor. The secret to that – and why we have included it on the list of foods that start with D – lies in the taste. It gives you a mixture of flavors, including almonds, caramel, and even cheese.

Dragon Fruit

You must have heard of the dragon fruit. Grown from a cactus, it is an exquisite-looking fruit with a pinkish color. Once sliced open, it could be compared to kiwi fruit, but it has edible seeds within the white fruit flesh – could also be purplish.

Flavor-wise, it is a classic tropical fruit that is sweet and juicy. You will find it in the most popular tropical drinks with unique flavors and colors.

Doub Palm Fruit

foods that start with D

The doub palm fruit is grown on doub palm trees found in Southeast Asia. They grow in clusters in which every fruit has jelly like edible seeds that have husky black shells.

This tropical fruit has nutrition-rich and sweet pulp, a delight to eat. The doub palm tree also produces edible saps used in popular drinks and can even be fermented to make unique alcohol.


foods that start with D

The dewberries are commonly grown in the wilds of North America. They get ripe around April and May season with intense purple-blue colors, telling you to enjoy them. 

They are much like blackberries but with harder seeds and stronger flavors.


foods that start with D

The West African tree is one of the most valuable trees in the world with several uses. They can serve as a rich food source whilst being an asset for the local economy.

Their fruits have high nutrition value and have only one seed. The flavor is a perfect sweet and sour combination of juicy fruit that can rest on your table for a comparatively longer duration before rotting.

Desert Lime


Here is another native Australian inclusion in foods that start with the letter D. The desert lime, as the name suggests, grows in extremely dry places. They look like regular limes but possess one of a kind unique and strong flavor. 

The most common use of desert limes is in drinks that complement a sharp taste. You can also use them in jams and preserves. 



Dates are the must-have companions in a desert journey. They provide incredibly high nutritional value with the most amazing taste you could hope for. They are also the perfect sweet alternatives to sugar.

There are different types of dates. Most of them can be eaten raw, but the dried ones have popular demand all over the world, especially in the Muslim communities. 

What are the vegetables and grains that start with D?

Domsiah Rice

The long-grain Domsiah rice is grown and mostly consumed by the Iranians. They can be easily identified with a black dot at the end of each grain. 

They give you an exotic aroma while being light on the belly – they’re light and fluffy. They are the perfect companions of meat dishes.  

Dolichos Beans 

The Dolichos beans have many names. They are grown in Africa, where it is a common food source. Their pods can have different sizes, colors, and shapes. 

On average, you will find four seeds per pod. However, keep in mind that they must be boiled several times as they are toxic when eaten raw. As for the greens, feel free to consume them like spinach.



Dill is a weed-like herb famous for flavoring food, especially pickled food. You can use this herb in salads and fragrant yet flavored food cooking. 

The smell almost fades away when the dill seeds are dried, but the flavor stays.

Durum Wheat

foods that start with D

For pasta lovers who don’t know, durum wheat is the main ingredient that makes their favorite pasta – mostly. After whole meat, it is the second most-consumed wheat in the world. 

The ideal farming place for durum wheat is hot and dry along some seaside. Once harvested, it is grounded into semolina flour or utilized in pasta and cereals.

Desert Yam

foods that start with D

The desert yam, also known as bush potato, is a sacred food to the native Australians. It can be grown in all seasons, but lately, it has become a luxury that’s fading away. 

Nonetheless, it is a worthy inclusion to our list of foods that start with D. They can grow as large as a human head and are loved for their flavor and unique texture. 



Daikon, otherwise known as white radish or “mooli” in the subcontinent, is one of the most commonly used vegetables in Asian countries. The flavor comprises a unique mixture of sweet and sour – more flavor than red radish.

You can eat daikon however you like – cooked, raw, or pickled, they taste great in all forms. They are also very easy to find in the supermarkets, just look for carrots, only in white. 

What are the meats starting with D?

Dall Sheep 

foods that start with D

Dall sheep are the thin horned wild sheep found in the west of North America. Like the infamous “markhors” of Pakistan, the Dall sheep are extremely difficult to hunt. Their hunts can take up to days as they are rarely sighted.

However, the meat is worth the hunt. It is lean and protein-rich. You may also cook up its other parts such as feet and brain – they require special cooking techniques and people love them.  



You must have guessed this one for foods that start with D. Deer is the most commonly hunted animal that happens to exist on almost every continent on the globe. 

Deer’s meat is much richer in protein and amino acids than cow’s meat. It is also low in cholesterol and calories. If it were just as readily available, it would make the perfect beef alternative. However, the flavors in deer meet could vary with the diet.



You probably weren’t expecting this one – and we don’t blame you – but dolphin, at one point in time, has remained a popular cuisine all over the world – so much that the species were near extinction.

Dolphins are still eagerly eaten in countries like Japan. The meat has a unique dark red color and, when cooked, tastes like a cow’s liver. 

Dory Fish


The dory fish is one of the finest fish cuisines. They are fished and farmed on a commercial level due to their popularity and can fill your belly in so many different ways. 

The special thing about dory fish is that it doesn’t taste or smell like your usual fish. It is butter soft and almost melts in your mouth. Thus, making it an experience. 


foods that start with D

The quacking birds are a mandatory inclusion in foods that start with D. Duck meat actually tastes more like red meat than chicken or turkey. The nutritional value in ducks makes them even more appealing – high protein, fat, and iron. The usual way to cook a duck is to grill its breast and liver like a steak.

Some common everyday foods that start with D


foods that start with D

Dumplings originally debuted in China during the Han Dynasty. They have sweet or sour fillings wrapped beneath thin dough layers. People have been experimenting with this food item for ages and have created hundreds of variations. 

You may boil, fry, or steam a dumpling. It’ll leave you with an appreciation for food in any form.

Diet Coke


Diet coke was the solution that quenched the cola thirst of people with diabetes. It is a soft drink that has no sugar or calorie. In other words, it’s safer than regular coke while tasting almost the same. 



Doritos are one the most popular companions of snack times. They are tortilla chips made with intense flavors and smells that invite you to finish entire packets in one sitting. They have 16 different flavors, which according to some people, can even be addictive


hello-i-m-nik-YpsnJ6eGjVs-unsplash (1)

We’ll end our list of foods that start with D with something sweet. The sweet round circles of tastiness are made by butter, sugar, and whatever topping one wants. They are considered on the elites in cheat meals and are made all over the world.

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