22 food that starts with I

So you’re looking for a list of food that starts with I? Well hang tight because you are in the right page to read about food that start with I. The list is long but we have compiled 22 kind of foods that start with I.

22 Food that starts with I:

Irish Cream

Lets start with the sweet side of food that start with I. The Irish cream is common in Ireland, Us, and Canada. The cream is made from Irish whiskey, cream and other flavour and usually used in Irish coffee, and other mixed drinks. 

Instant Pudding

Surely you have heard of instant pudding, if you live in the western europe. This is an instant food that is made in powder form and used to make puddings. The ingredients contain sugar, flavoring agents and some thickeners. .

Indian Almond Fruit

Ever heard of the terminalia catappa? You probably didnt, however indian almond fruit is the seeds of this tree in india called terminalia catappa. 

The indian almond fruit contains a lot of minerals, and are similar to the hazelnuts.

Indian Pea

 Another Indian food that starts with i. The Indian pea is a legume grown in India. Its important because its drought resistant crop that produces good yield in drought times, when other crop will mostly fail.


Another food that starts with I, is the idiyappam. This is a dish which is native to the indian state of kerala, its also native to some part of srilanka. The Idiyappam, is also called the noolappam, is a noodle that is made from rice flour.

Its usually eaten with some kind of soup on the side.  

Inca Berries

This is a plant species that originated from peru. The plant produces the inca berries, which is known to have sweet and sour taste.

The Inca berries is known to contain a lot of nutrients. It contains  antioxidants, vitamins, protein, and more. They are also known to contain the most fibre content outt of all the dried fruits. 

Irish Coffee

The irish are known to love their whiskey. The irsh coffee, is not just any coffee. The Irish coffee contains irish whiskey. Its a popular cocktail that is served with sugar, and finished off with a topped coffee. 

Don’t worry about drink driving after drinking irish coffee, because the whiskey is very small amount!

Israeli Falafel

There are a lot of different kind of falafels in the world. The israeli falafel is a food that is eaten in israel. 

The israeli falafel contains chickpeas, friend patty, pita, and other more ingredients and wrapped in flatbread. 

Ice Pop

This is very common for kids consumption, and some adults. These are perfect for snacks and are made from milk or water, with other ingredients. 

Unlike the ice cream, this is a frozen snack 


This is another food beginning with i. However this is not a specific food. Inebriant is a beverage that contains alcohol as the most active ingredient. 


This tropical fruit is found near the sea in african, and caribbean countries . Icaco, is used as preserves Icaco is a fruit that is plum-shaped and is used for preserves.

The fruit is also edible, and sometimes used as an ingredient in jam. Its known to be mildly sweet flavour but sometimes can also be tasteless

Ice vegetable

Ice vegetable is a vegetable with a frosty look, hence the name ‘ice”. This is a unique green vegetable that is native to south africa.

This edible vegetable has a salty flavour, it can be eaten by itself, but mostly used as part of an ingredient for other dishes such as salad, steeped as tea, or deep fried with other ingredients.


This is a very well known indian dish, ythats eaten for breakfast. The idil is black lantil steamed with fermented rice.

Its full of nutrition and usually soft 

Italian Ice

Ever heard of sorbet? Well the italian ice is similar to this. The italian ice is a semi-frozen treat that is made from fruits, and flavorings. 

Instant Oatmeal

One of my favourites for sure. This breakfast dish is very quick and suitable for when you’re in a rush.

 In terms of nutrition, it’s instant readiness does not take away its nutritional value. The instant oilmeal contains the same amount of nutrition as regular oats.

Indian Mustard

The indian mustard is also known as the black mustard seed. The indian mustard comes from the mustard plant, which originates from  Brassica and Sinapis family.

Its seeds, and leaves are edible and are rich in nutrition such as vitamin e.

Idaho potatoes

If you live in the USA, then this doesn’t need much introduction. Idaho potatoes are known as high quality russet potatoes.

These potatoes are grown in Idaho, hence the name “idaho potato”. The name is trademarked by idaho potato commission, to keep it unique and never get it mistaken for other potatoes. 

Idaho potatoes are known to be of high quality yet extremely affordable, it usually doesn’t need much preparation in cooking it.

It can be used in a variety of ways by the cooker.

Iraqi Koobeh

This Iraqi dish is traditional to the jewish community in iraq. Its very popular in Israel today, and commonly eaten in the traditional holidays. 

The Iraqi koobeh is made of a variety of dishes but is primarily a meat stuffed dumpling.

Iceland Vodka

There are many different kinds of vodka around the world. This is one is from iceland. 

Iceland is known to be a very green country in terms of energy use, so its not surprising that vodka is known as the “first” green vodka as its production is made from sustainable energy.

This vodka is made from wheat and barley.

Iodized Salt

Salt, surprisingly, has different card. Iodized salt is a form of salt that iodine elements. This is table salt and perfect for anyone that is iodine deficiency.

Iodine deficiency is actually a big problem and affects nearly 2 billion people worldwide. Iodine deficiency causes a lot of preventable health problems.

Iceberg Lettuce

This is very common around the world, and is part of regular food eaten. The iceberg lettuce, is the pale green vegetable you usually add to your burger or other meals. 

It’s crunchy and tasteless, which makes suitable to be eaten alone or with other food.


So we have listed 30 food that starts with I. This is a long list that contain food from all over the world

22 food that starts with I

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