30 Foods that start with E

It is so fun to name foods in the alphabetic order. So, let’s try calling foods that start with E today. You might be able to name one or two, but can you name 30? Don’t worry If you can because we are here with 30 foods that start with the letter E. We believe that sometimes playing little games like this with people can make your bond more substantial than before. And we do not want to waste any minute of yours, so let’s get into it.

30 Foods that start E

The activity of naming foods that begin with the letter E of any other alphabet is great for kids. And the best way of making them learn is to make learning sound fun. You can try it with the children in your house or even if you want to try it with your family and friends, you can do that. After all, naming foods that start with E are quite fun


Everyone in this world is familiar with eggs, so whenever you try to name foods that start with E, eggs are going to pop up in your head. The egg-laying bird is so many, but the primary egg producers are chickens. Egg white is called albumen, which is protein, and the yellow part in the egg is the yolk, which is extremely healthy for people of all ages.

Elephant ears

The next on our foods that start with E-list is elephant ears. Elephant ears are a portion of actual food, but it sounds weird. It is a type of sweet pastry-like cake that looks a lot like fudge cake but different. The dough used in the making of elephant ears gets properly fried and has yeast in it.

Egg Tong Sui

If you’re familiar with Chinese cuisine, you must have an idea about

an egg tong sui. The dish is trendy in China, and people make it in their homes as a sweet dish with components like chicken eggs, water, and a lot of sugar.


Elk is one of the very famous types of deer. And it is costly too, but people who do not like to eat beef substitute it with helping me because it is exceptionally delicious and flavorful. Another thing about elk Meat is that it’s incredibly soft if it gets cooked properly.

Elbow macaroni

Whenever our moms cook food that does not sound so delicious, the one food that comes for our defense is elbow macaroni, which is a type of pasta. Elbow macaroni can be adequately seasoned and mixed with different sauces like Alfredo and marinara etc.


Some people consider eggplant some fruit, and some consider it a vegetable, but regardless of what it is, we would like to say that it’s very nutritious. A person who has a potassium deficiency should start consuming eggplant every week. Eggplant is also the most excellent source of fiber.


The next one is foods that start with the letter E-list is Endive. It is a vegetable that looks like lettuce, but it is yellow. So, people like to call it yellow lettuce, which is weird but a fact. Endive has a very soft texture, but it doesn’t taste delightful, unlike usual lettuce, so not many people like it.

Egg rolls

Egg rolls have the major component inside them: eggs, but it also has meat, cheese, sometimes vegetables, and many spices. Most people who avoid being fat do not like to eat egg rolls because of the oil in which these rolls get fried. But if we ignore that factor for a second, egg rolls are quite delicious.


Enchiladas are the next food on our list of foods that start with E. It would be unfair to say that Enchiladas is only meat because it is so much more than that. The dish gets cooked with potatoes, cheese, and vegetables that people like. The sauces used with Enchiladas have a savory undertone.

Evaporated milk

Evaporated milk is a healthier option than condensed milk because it is precisely the same thing but does not have sugar in it. You might be thinking about why the term evaporated milk. The reason is that a significant portion of the water component from the milk gets vaporized, and the remaining fresh milk forms the actual product.


We are all familiar with Eclair, a pastry in oblong shape with chocolate and cream filling. And calling this pastry as little drops of heaven won’t be wrong because it tastes so good. If you don’t like chocolate, then Eclair is not for you.


The next food that starts with E-list is Eel, which is a freshwater whitefish. Eel tastes very sweet and juicy. And it is one of the most delicious seafood dishes, and that’s why so many people like an eel.


Many people think that a typical espresso is a black coffee, which is entirely wrong because it is not that bitter as it has cream. And that doesn’t mean that it should be delightful. In short, espresso is a type of coffee with some bitterness level, but it also has some sweetness in-store.


Scallops or escallops are yummy clams. Again, it is a type of food that we get from saltwater or the sea. So, the people who love clams must love seafood.

Egg noodles

When you read the name egg noodle, you must have confused it with noodles that are a product of eggs. But unfortunately, that’s not good egg noodles are stripped noodles that you make from all-purpose flour. Regardless of what they come from; the taste of these noodles depends on how you cook them.

Egg tart

As the name suggests, egg tart is a type of delicious custard made from eggs. The dish might sound new to some of you, but it is quite old and has roots in Macau, China, Hong Kong, and some parts of Portugal. People serve it in the form of cupcakes, and it is yellow.  

Extra virgin olive oil

We are living in the 21st century. So, do we still have to remind you of the thousand benefits of extra Virgin olive oil? Extra virgin olive oil gets used extensively worldwide due to the nutrition of olives it has. You can drink it, use it for your hair, your body, and cook food.

Egg Soup

The next food on our list of foods that start with E is egg soup. We all are familiar with egg soup. It is shredded pieces of boiled eggs in properly cooked chicken broth. It tastes yummy, especially on a chilled day, and we all love it.

Egg Nog

The next on our ‘foods that start with E’ list is Egg Nog is a delightful dairy-based drink that is perfect for the holiday season. The main ingredient in eggnog is raw eggs, sugar, and spices according to your taste. All the ingredients are called Colleen together and make sure well, and the topping on that drink is usually of egg whites.


In simple words and Entrecote is rib meat. The French people derived its name because of how it gets cut from the body of a slaughtered animal.


Ecrevisse or a crayfish belongs to the cute tiny lobsters that taste so yummy. This seafood dish is trendy in the United States.


Have you heard of the Edam cheese? If you haven’t, then let us break it for you. Originally came from the Netherlands, and the magical part about it is that it never gets rotten. It only gets hard. And people sell it with a base coat of wax, which is unique.


Speaking of cheese, next is yellow colored swiss Emmentaler. Cheese is a yellow hat precisely like we used to watch Jerry eat on Tom and Jerry cartoons. And the taste of the cheese is a bit salty but quite delicious.

Egg waffles

Waffles with the good sweet syrup is a delight in winters, and it’s even great when the batter for these waffles is eggs. The taste of egg waffles is impressive, and they are a popular breakfast item in China, Macau, and Hong Kong.

What are the Fruits that starts with E?

We have discussed a lot of good start with E, but now let’s talk about the fruits that start with the letter E.


Have you ever dreamed of a fruit that you can eat with the seeds? Well, you can eat Entawak. Entawak not only tastes like pumpkin, but it is also orange in colour. And the marvellous thing about this fruit is that the seeds of it are edible. You can eat them the way you want to, but the best way we suggest you is to roast them and then eat them.

Emu apple

You might think that Emu Apple is a type of Apple, but that is not true because it is a tree. It is popular because of the delicious berries it produces that are small but taste excellent. It has the name emu apple because the berries taste like an Apple but a spicy one.


Some fruits and foods do not taste good on their own, but when they get mixed with other fruits and vegetables, they taste amazing. Elderberries are those fruits that are not sweet but have that subtle flavor in them, which might not be people’s favorite. But when it gets mixed with the juices of other berries, it tastes out of this world.

Egg fruit

How crazy is that to eat a fruit that tastes like the yolk of an egg? But it is in a tangible form. That fruit is the infamous egg fruit that tastes like the inside of an egg and is yellow. If you haven’t tried an egg fruit, you are seriously missing out.  


Emblica is Indian berries that taste sour and bitter at the same time.  To grow Emblica berries, you will need to give extreme care and effort as they only grow on tall trees and take a lot of time to ripen.

English walnut

The last on our foods that start with E-list is the English walnut. Walnuts, whether they are English or not, taste delicious, especially in the cold weather. People who like dry fruits can’t live without them.

Final Words

We hope that this article about foods that start with E has helped you learn about different foods and fruits in alphabetical order. And we believe that you would practice it with other letters as well. And when you do that please update us about the experience and the fun you had.

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