33 Food that start with Q

If you want to impress your pals with your trivia skills or brush up on your ‘Q’ words, why not do so via food? It is always intriguing to learn about new food, but food that starts with Q might have slipped off your mind.

Indeed, most people who use this unusual search phrase attempt to win a quiz, complete a crossword puzzle or prepare for a food-related trivia event. This list will help you with all. 

You won’t just see the many French and Mexican recipes. You will also discover how food varies by country and how people have named the most common fruits and vegetables. 

Whatever your motive for learning more about food that starts with Q, this article will serve as your constant guide. 

What is a healthy food that starts with Q?


 food that starts with Q

The first spot for food that starts with q goes to the hunter’s favorite food. The quail is a protein-rich medium-sized bird that is usually farmed for table food or eggs and may also be hunted in the wild. To prepare this bird, you can braise, grill, or fry it. What’s unusual about eating quail is that its bones are pretty small and soft compared to other poultry.

Quail is often used as an alternative to chicken and turkey but may have a more gamey flavor. Apart from its high protein content, quail is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B6 and C, niacin, thiamine, and riboflavin.


 food that starts with Q

The quesadilla is a traditional Mexican food and one of the most popular cuisines in our list of food that starts with q. Its made by folding a tortilla in half and stuffing it with cheese, chicken, turkey, mushrooms, chicharron, and squash blossoms. It is fried in a skillet without oil or fat for a crispy exterior crust. 

Literally, it means “small cheesy thing,” which tells you why these cheesy pockets of delight are brimming with various cheeses, especially the Mexican cheese called Oaxaca. Quesadillas generally go alongside green or red salsa, chopped onions, or guacamole. 


 food that starts with Q

Quinoa is prepared like rice; it is boiled or steamed until the thread-like germ separates from the seeds. People use it in place of other grains or as a substitute for couscous. Quinoa is a grain with a delicate texture and a mild, nutty flavor akin to whole-grain rice. 

Nutritionally, it is high in iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. Because it is consumed whole, it includes a high amount of fiber. Quinoa has all essential nutrients, giving it a much more complete dietary supply than wheat or rice. Only oats have as many vital amino acids as quinoa. 


Pepperoni Pizza With Basil Leaves

Quorn is a fat-free and protein-dense fungus-based meat substitute. It is branded as mushroom protein and is the most widely used meat alternative in the United Kingdom and Europe. If you are a vegan, then this is not the food that starts with q for you – Quorn products contain eggs.

Quorn mince is an attractive option for beef or lamb mince since it contains the same amount of nutritious protein but no saturated fat or cholesterol. Feel free to experiment with this item and create some delectable and healthy dinners of your own.


Dessert Served on Brown Wooden Tray

How many foods begin with the letter q? A lot! Quiche, a dessert food that starts with q, is a German wobbling and silky custard created mostly with milk and eggs. The secret to a well-cooked quiche lies in eggs. Too much make the dish rubbery, while too little make the dish mushy.

This traditional French meal can be tedious to prepare but worth the effort, especially when the crust has the proper texture. The simplest method to accomplish the traditional perfectly browned crust is to bake it halfway without the quiche and then proceed to the final baking cycle. 


Grilled Salmon Fish on Rectangular Black Ceramic Plate

The Queenfish is a fish species belonging to the Sciaenidae family native to the eastern Pacific Ocean. It’s a stunning fish with a sleek black body that gleams with a green shine in shallow waters. They are frequently spotted gliding across shallow water, through sand flats, and over shallow rocks.

While some fish are excessively oily, the Queenfish is the polar opposite – it’s mostly dehydrated. It has a delicious flavor profile that pairs well with various cooking ways. You may grill, poach, broil, bake, or even shallow fry it. The uniqueness of this fish makes it a worthy inclusion in our list of food beginning with q


Delicious spaghetti with Bolognese sauce and Parmesan cheese

Quark, also known as quarg, is a type of fresh acid-set cheese. It has a moderate and creamy flavor, quite similar to yogurt and cream cheese. Quark strength depends on the portion of the milk and the amount of strain. A perfectly made one is soft, stretchable, or somewhat crumbly, similar to ricotta. 

Because of its moderate, non-sour flavor, it works well in both sweet and savory recipes. Nutritionally, it packs decent amounts of protein while being low in fat – a foodie-approved combo.


Brown and Green Beans on Blue Ceramic Bowl

Qeema, a traditional meat dish name from the subcontinent, is a common part of many desi dishes. This Indian food beginning with q, also known as kheema, has a traditional grounding method for meats such as mutton, the heart of an older lamb, and chicken. 

Its mostly eaten with vegetables such as peas, potatoes, a potpourri of potatoes with distinctive Indian spices. Nutritionally, the meats are obviously loaded with protein, fat, iron, multiple minerals, and multiple vitamins. 


Brown Wooden Chopping Board on Green and White Textile

Queso is a traditional Mexican appetizer or dips brimming with creamy and melted cheese. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; one can never have enough cheese. Queso is our recommendation for dipping cheese food beginning with q. 

Use it with tortilla chips and take your cheesy cuisines to another, satisfying any craveable level. As for nutrition, the cheese is loaded with protein and fat. Together with high levels of calcium, sodium, and cholesterol, it’ll make you a perfect high-calorie meal.

Quail Eggs 

Raw quail eggs scattered on table

Quail eggs taste almost identical to chicken eggs. But they are much smaller in size – about 1/3 the size, with very light tan-colored shells speckled with dark brown. Additionally, they have vibrant yellow yolks, similar to those of free-range hens.

Quail eggs are gaining popularity because, despite their diminutive size, they are nutritional powerhouses. A single egg contains around 14 calories, no carbohydrates, 1 gram of protein, and 1 gram of fat, followed by Vitamin B-12 and iron.

Quatre Epices

Assorted Cooking Spices

Let’s spice it up a little in our list of food beginning with q. Quatre epices translates as “four spices” and typically refer to a blend of pepper, ginger, nutmeg, or cloves. In some cases, these spices may differ according to individual preference—this combination of herbs in often found Middle Eastern cuisines.

One doesn’t really care about the nutritional value behind such hot spices, but this spice combo packs decent amounts of carbs and protein.


Brown and Gray Wooden Round Decors

This food that starts with q was popularized by the television sitcom Family Guy. The term “quahog” refers to any hard-shelled clam found on the east coast of the United States. They are given different names according to their size – the smallest are buttons, the biggest are chowder clams.

All Quahogs generally have soft, delectable flesh and are suitable for raw or cooked consumption. Their raw meat works best in meals that require chopped and cooked clams, like in chowders recipes

What Snack starts with Q?


Free stock photo of chips, cooking, drink

Have you had enough of wondering How many foods begin with the letter q? I haven’t because we aren’t even half done yet. 

Quinine is a flavoring frequently used in beverages like tonic water and bitter lemon. It’s a term that alcohol enthusiasts usually know as they use it for some extra bitter kick. I can bet that, like me, most of our readers are unfamiliar with this word. 

In terms of nutrition, you can guess that heavy consumption should be avoided. It’s a high-calorie drink that often contains rich sweeteners.


From above of ceramic bowl with delicious chips and snacks against textured surface

This was probably an easy guess for everyone asked what snack starts with Q. Quavers are famous crisps manufactured by Walkers crisps. Potato starch is the primary ingredient, and the crisps are deep-fried to get their final condition. If you’re familiar with prawn crackers, these resemble them quite closely. 

Quality Street

Anonymous guy giving sweet candies to girlfriend on street

Here’s a lover’s food that starts with q.

The Quality Street brand is well-known in the United Kingdom: A box of individually wrapped chocolates, toffees, and other confections. They began in 1936 in England and were acquired by Nestle in 1988. 

I recommend trying the violet ones with caramel-covered hazelnuts and savoring every bite. People tend to eat them really fast and then crave more – they are just that good. Once you try this with your loved ones, you’ll know exactly why included in or list of food beginning with q.

Quaker Oats

Oats and Nuts in Gray Bowl

This food that starts with q has universal recommendations and preferences. It’s super healthy and can be made as delicious as you’d like. Oats are a good source of whole grains and contain a heart-protective starch called beta-glucan. 

Beta-glucan helps lower high cholesterol and reduces some malignancies chances. Their fiber content makes them particularly satisfying for breakfast, preventing you from succumbing to the pre-lunch snacking urge. The high fiber content also makes them GI-friendly, which aids in digestion and regularity.


Brown Bread on Pink Plate

How about a delicious cheese-filled baguette in the answer of what snacks start with q? Quesito pastries come in various shapes and sizes, but the essential ingredients include a puff pastry crust wrapped around a soft, sweet cheese inside – often flavored. You’ll often find them in a croissant-like enveloped shape. 

As for nutrition, by now, you can guess that bakery foods are generally high in carbs and fat with some amount of protein. 


A picture containing chocolate, dark, sliced

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Quetschentaart, a well-known Luxemburg specialty, is a straightforward, open fruit tart made with local plums and prunes that do not leak much liquid. It’s a moody food beginning with q as it doesn’t work with more watery plum kinds and needs to have the stones removed.

It is traditionally a seasonal dish prepared in the autumn after the local plums ripen in September. The pastry base dough is made using flour, yeast, milk, and butter. It is kneaded and set aside for a half-hour to rise. After grinding eggs and sprinkling sugar, the base is put in the baker with half plums in circles. 

Quaker Oats: Chewy Granola Bar 

Food, Eat, Diet, Quaker, Oats, Chocchip, Granola

This is an incredibly healthy and yummy inclusion in our food that starts with q list. This chewy granola bar with quaker oats is a healthier alternative to traditional granola bars. They have an earthy and sweet flavor and are often recommended among the healthiest of snacks. 

The bar is generally 24 grams in size and contains around 100 calories loaded with carbs and fat. 


Quarter Pounders

burger on brown wooden table

This one is well-known food beginning with q! Quarter pounders are available at Burger King and McDonald’s fast establishments. McDonald’s, in particular, is famous for its quarter-pounder with a cheeseburger, a popular choice at their restaurants. What snack starts with Q?  Here is your perfect answer – if, like me, you call cheeseburger a snack. 

Nutrition-wise, you get protein, carbs, fat, and some vitamins, all in one sandwich. 

Quadretti Pasta

pasta dish on white plate

An Italian will always tell you about Quadretti Pasta when asked what snack starts with Q.

There are virtually endless varieties of pasta available worldwide. If you’re interested in making fresh, homemade pasta and want it to appear exquisite and stunning without needing a great deal of time and effort, Quadretti may be an excellent place to start. 

Quadretti is little squares of pasta, approximately the width of a linguine noodle. Due to their diminutive size, it’s generally produced from scraps of pasta dough. 

Queen of Puddings

Women checking dessert with whipped cream

Let’s look at a food that starts with q that has royal worthiness.

A dish deserving of a Queen, this pudding dates back to the seventeenth century. With soft meringue peaks and a lightly toasted crust surrounding a sweet jam core and a custard foundation, this pudding is a true British classic that has endured the test of time.

As with many traditional puddings, the base of this custard is day-old milk-soaked breadcrumbs; the modern version of this pudding incorporates egg yolks into milk-soaked and sweetened breadcrumbs. An Englishman will most probably answer with this when asked what snack starts with q.

Queen Elizabeth Cake 

Sliced of Cake With Raspberry on Top

Queen Elizabeth Cake is the epitome of a cake suitable for a queen. It contains brown sugar, coconut, vanilla, dates, and walnuts, among other ingredients. It’s luscious, juicy, buttery, delectable, and a straightforward cake to prepare that has less fat than most cakes out there.

Although there are several competing theories regarding how this cake earned its name, most people think it’s named after Queen Elizabeth II. It was offered for her coronation since times were difficult, and they required a beautiful, tasty cake with few ingredients. 

Quick Bread

Top view of small rectangular baked bread loaf with uneven cracky surface and flour on top on marble table with spots

Quick bread is a form of bread that is leavened with leavening ingredients other than eggs or yeast. Its leaveners may include baking soda or baking powder. Several daily items like brownies, cookies, cakes, cornbread, banana bread, beer bread use the quick bread method. 


Quroot is an everyday item prepared by dehydrating plain yogurt and enhancing it with salt. It’s a dairy product food that starts with q that gets reconstituted. Originally, it was a by-product of sheep or goat milk butter production.

Though an excellent source of Vitamin A, Calcium, and Vitamin E, the delectable dairy product aids in heat tolerance and is therefore recommended for eating in hot regions. 


white and brown stone fragments

This food item is home to the Mediterranean and isn’t generally found beyond the region. It’s a shortbread-style biscuit, which is generally packed with ground almonds. The taste varies with several different versions, but the texture, more or else, remains the same. For some, this is the default answer to what snack starts with q.


A fried egg on a plate

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If you love Mexican or Brazilian food, then this might be your first answer to what snack starts with q. 

Quindim is a delicious Brazilian dessert popular for its coconutty flavor. It’s a baked dish that has a pudding/Jello-like consistency and a strong coconut flavor. It is usually bright yellow and is occasionally served with coconut flakes or powdered sugar.

Nutrition-wise, this snack dessert is loaded with almost everything you need – just keep the cholesterol in check. 

What is a fruit that starts with Q?

Queen Anne Cherry 

Crop unrecognizable male horticulturist showing heap of bright ripe cherries on farmland on blurred background

What snack starts with Q and can be eaten raw? Queen Anne Cherry, also known as Prunus avium and Napoleon Bigarreau – scientifically known as Queen Anne cherry fruit tree – is a variety of cherries with a sweet flavor and a pale color.

It resembles rainier cherries in appearance and flavor and are commercially cultivated in Michigan, Oregon, and Washington. In terms of nutrition, this food that starts with q is a rich source of carbs, vitamins, and calcium. 

Quince Fruit

From above of delicious fresh quinces in ecological bag with leather strap on crumpled duvet

Quince fruit, scientifically known as Cydonia Oblonga, is another food that starts with q. Quince is a tree that grows on steep slopes and forest boundaries indigenous to Southwest Asia, Armenia, and Argentina. 

Most quince kinds are too tart to eat raw; they are boiled or roasted first and then used to make pudding, marmalade, jellies, and jams. Apart from being planted for their fruit, quince trees are also grown for their aesthetic trees due to their lovely pale pink blooms and bonsai plants. 

Queen of Apples

Person Holding Red Heart Shaped Ornament

Queen apples are a crisp and delectable kind of apples native to New Zealand. They are a cross between the Gala and Splendor apples and have a huge demand in Asian countries due to friendly exports.

In terms of flavor, they have a moderate sweetness to them, but not excessively so. There are delicate banana and pear undertones that subtly enhance the flavor. The flavoring gives them uniqueness in juices and pies. They easily get the top spot in our list for the most delicious natural food that starts with q.

As for nutrition, Queen apples serve as a great source of vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, and iron. 


A picture containing indoor, orange, dark

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Quenepa, also known as Spanish lime, Mamon, limoncello, and huaya, is a plant food that starts with q. It mainly grows in Central America and the Caribbean and is known for resembling lime on the surface but having an orange, luscious, and slightly gelatinous pulp inside. Quenepa is bittersweet in flavor, and some compare it to wine.

Nutritionally, it’s one of those rich fruits that are low in calories and still pack good enough fuel for your body, especially in terms of carbs, fibers, calcium, phosphorus, and protein. 


Plum, Fruit Bowl, Fruit, Stone Fruit, Fruit Growing

In French, the Italian trim plum is also referred to as Quetsche.  This exquisite food that starts with q has a purple exterior and yellowish flesh. It can be eaten fresh, dried, or canned, and when fully ripe, it has a rich, refreshing flavor. 

Nutritionally, you get a good amount of carbs, vitamins, and minerals, along with hints of protein.

Queen Forelle Pear

Ripe green and red fruit pear on white surface under palm branch

Our last item in the food that starts with q list is the Queen Forelle pear. The Queen Forelle pear, which usually goes by just Forelle, is the tiniest variety of pear. It’s is bell-shaped, with a short neck and a small, spherical base. The skin is pale yellow and marked with scarlet freckles, the flesh is crisp and delectable, and the flavor is firmer than usual pears along with cinnamon spice tones.

It’s not your ideal pear for cooking due to its small size, but its flavor and texture make it a fantastic addition to salads – the salad will be full of carbs and multivitamins. 

How many foods begin with the letter Q?

I believe all of these are more than enough to satisfy your curiosity about how many foods begin with the letter q. Your food vocabulary has been increased, ou are now on a much higher level of food enthusiasm, and most of all, your taste buds are in for a wonderful treat. Check out our other similar blogs, and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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