34 foods that start with S

If you are an actual food lover, you should know all the foods that start with S or other alphabets. But if you cannot think of foods that start with the letter S, you should not worry because we are at your service. We have brought you a list of 34 foods that start with S.

This article will be highly informative for you because it has several foods, drinks, and eatables that are not very common. And the foods we selected are from several different countries and nations. So, you will see a bit of cultural element in that as well.

34 Foods that start with S

We know that many foods that start with the letter S must be familiar to you. But there are also some foods that you might not know of, so read the article to increase your knowledge. And learn some new names of the foods that start with S and educate others.


Spinach is a delicious and healthy vegetable, stacked with massive loads of supplements in a low-calorie bundle. To some people, spinach might seem like dull and bland food, but it is significant for fresh skin, healthy hair, and bone strength. And it can also be beneficial in terms of certain nutrients and minerals. Doesn’t spinach remind you of Popeye, the sailor man?


Who doesn’t like a good grilled salmon for lunch and dinner? A serving of salmon fish is around 200 calories (4 ounces). It’s low in saturated fat and a decent wellspring of protein, and also has vitamin B12. It’s likewise barging in potassium and different supplements like iron and vitamin D.


You hear Salami, and your mouth starts to get watery. Salami can get prepared from any meat, whether it’s beef or pork. The only thing is that you will need to season the meat and chop it correctly in a proper way. Salami is very delicious and liked by individuals of all ages.


A sausage is a long slender item made of finely slashed and prepared meat. The meat can be grilled, smoked, or cured and then typically stuffed into a packaging. Hotdogs of fish or poultry get prepared through the same procedure. Sausages are also vegan, and in that case, their composition is not any meat.

Sunflower oil

Sunflower seeds are extremely rich in protein and high in solid fats. The oil made from sunflower seed gets used as a cancer prevention agent to bring down the danger of creating such disease conditions. Sunflower oil also gets used so much because it has vitamins B1 and E.


Salad is an organic serving of cold mixed greens and other vegetables, pasta of different shapes, and a fusion of meat, including poultry, fish, pork, and beef. Some servings of salads like the German potato plate of mixed greens are generally hot. Regardless of that, all salads are delicious and good for health.


Another food that starts with S is Salsa, we are talking about the condiment, not the dance. However, both the salsas are pretty hot and spicy. There are so many vegetables required to make Salsa, including tomatoes, chiles, cilantro, and herbs. Salsa acts as an excellent dip for chips and fried items.

Star Fruit

Star fruit also has another name, i.e., Carambola. The fruit’s outer skin has pointy edges like a star, and its taste is like sweet and sour candy. Another fun fact about Star fruit is that the tropical areas have that in abundance.


Shrimps are among the most popular and delicious seafood items that belong to crustaceans and have flat, slender bodies with long tails. Eating shrimps have multiple health benefits. And it is beneficial for your heart and brain’s wellbeing. The reason behind that is the presence of omega-3, unsaturated fats, and the cell reinforcement astaxanthin.


Sandwiches are beautifully arranged food slices of bread with the delicious fillings of meat, cheese, vegetables, and sauces. Most people like their sandwiches cold like the club sandwiches. And they are popular because they get prepared in no time, which is a plus. After all, our lifestyle has become extremely busy.


Strawberries are the most popular berries because of their sweet taste. Most people prefer them with milk in the form of a milkshake, especially in summers. Strawberries are also rich in magnesium and potassium. Another plus is that they are sodium-free and cholesterol-free.


Scallion is an excellent vegetable liked by so many people and is a constituent of multiple dishes. The vegetables like scallion are a great source of nutrients that help fight cancer and have Sulphur.


Soda has multiple names, including fizzy drinks, carbonated drinks, and some others. They have become a must with junk food in restaurants and homes. Even though Soda tastes so good but it is not suitable for health at all. Nonetheless, people love it for its sweet taste and different flavors.


Sugar is of the most critical ingredients in almost 80% of the world’s dishes and food items. And that’s the reason why we added sugar to our list of foods that start with S. Moderate sugar in tea, coffee, and other sweet dishes is good, but the excess use may cause multiple diseases.


Any food is tasteless without the right amount of salts. It gives the right flavor and makes the already delicious vegetables, pulses, and meat even more delicious. But again, the excess amount of salts can be the culprit behind the blood pressure problems.


Soups are still the most preferred appetizers in buffets and can be very healthy depending on the ingredients. The very common soups that people love are tomato soup, corn soup, and chicken soup as they are mostly liquids, so they are great for patients who can’t consume solid food.


Swordfish gives us selenium, a micronutrient that offers significant disease battling power and advantages in heart problems. Swordfish is an excellent source of proteins as well. And it has vitamin B and zinc components too. The best part about them is low fat and calories substances. So if you have no tried it yet, you are missing out.

18.Sweet potato

The next on our list of foods that start with S are the sweet potatoes. They are an excellent supplement for thick starch. The best part about them is that they do not cause obesity, which most types of potatoes do. So, when you have guests, you can serve them with tea and sweet potatoes.


Spaghetti is the trendy Italian pasta. It is long, similar to a string round in cross-segment, and produced using semolina wheat. You can eat it with numerous sauces, from the excellent marinara, alfredo, and fish sauces. They get cooked in bubbling hot water and take 10 to 15 minutes. At that point, it gets ready and finishes off with the picked sauce and meat.


The chilled Sangria is a red wine that most people love to have in exotic dinners. Some people also call in a premium fruit wine because of the ingredients used in it. But you have to be careful with the drink as it can make you drunk easily.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are small, oil-rich seeds used in many food items. The elements of these seeds give them a brilliant earthy colored shade. Sesame seeds have a grayish calm tone; however, they turn earthy colored when cooked. They are very healthy so try to add them to your daily meal plans.


The next on our list of foods that start with S is sage. Sage leaves very soft to eat, and people use them to make tea. The appropriate amounts of sage do not cause any harm; however, excess sage intake can cause burning. So do not use excess sage oils or a lot of sage tea because it can cause multiple unfavorable impacts.

Soy sauce

The soy sauce has Chinese origins, but people produce soy and use it globally. The sauce is mandatory with dishes like Sushi and pasta. It also gets used in the preparation of vegetables and meat stews.


Soybeans are Asian legumes rich in proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Because of their intense nutritional composition, they can be very healthy for children. They also have elements of isoflavones that make them even more special.


Stevia has Brazilian roots, and it is a shrub. The primary use of Stevia is to make a sugar substitute for people who have diabetes and can’t consume white or brown sugar. The best part about Stevia is that it has 150 times more sweetness as compared to actual sugar.


Sushi, the posh people dish, has ingredients like seafood, rice, raw vegetables, sauces, and so much more. Many people who try Sushi for the first time do not like it, but it grows on them with time.


Sardines are the forage fish and common for people living near water bodies or in tropical areas. Sardines are oily and rich in nutrition. They are also extremely nourishing and a great source of vitamin cobalamin.


Scallops are the marine mollusks and clamps that are such a delight for the people who are into seafood. They have two shells and taste so good when cooked properly. They have very high protein content, so they are incredibly healthy.


Sazerac is a whiskey cocktail and possesses the magic of making anyone like it. The drink is originally from New Orleans and tastes like a perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

Swiss Cheese

Do you remember the extreme yellow blocked cheese we used to watch in Tom and Jerry? That is what it is. Swiss cheese is famous for its richness and variety in flavors globally. So, get your hands on it and experience that richness.


A good beef steak can change your mood. That is why we have added that in our foods that start with S list. A steak tastes the best when you cook it with garlic thyme butter and is great for a big gathering.


Sauerkraut is the evenly shredded, fermented, and deliciously flavored cabbage mixed with other food items. It is incredibly healthy and beneficial because it contains vitamin K, good for immunity, and maintains a good weight.


Samosa is an Indo-Pak dish rich in spices with potatoes as their main ingredient. The crust of a samosa is crunchy and fried, but the filling inside is very soft and delicious. Some people also like to add meat to their samosas and eat it with mint chutney.


Saffron is a very exquisite and proper threadlike spice. The color of Saffron is red, but it also has some yellow tinge to it. Because of its fragrance and subtle taste, it is the most precious spice.


Here we would like to conclude our article about ‘34 foods that start with S.’ And we hope that it has helped you in finding out new foods that you can add to your menu and enjoy with your family. And if you are curious about other alphabetical food orders then stay tuned, because we have a lot in store for you!

34 foods that start with S

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