foods start with the letter A

38 Finger-licking  Foods that start with A

38 Finger-licking  Foods that start with A

If you want to be that person who knows all about food and wants to be considered an expert in different types of food, you are in the right place. We have picked some tasty and nutarian-heavy foods which you can add to your food list. All of these foods start with the letter A, and almost all of these are super healthy.

Having this knowledge will help you in more ways than you can imagine. Our list will include vegetables, fruits as well some other luscious foods. So whenever you feel like cooking something new, you can keep in mind our recommendations.

Common foods that start with A


foods start with the letter A

Let’s start with the most obvious food that starts with A

You might find this surprising but almonds aren’t actually dry fruits. They are just seeds in a hard fruit cover. These seeds usually pack three kinds of flavors: sweet, bitter-sweet, and completely bitter. I pray to God that you always have a sweet almond in your mouth. 

Nutritionally, this “not a dry fruit” has more benefits than it normally gets credit for. It contains protein and fibers to help digestion, keeps your metabolism active, helps reduce the effects of aging, prevents many heart diseases, and is really good for memory.

Almond oil

It’s a healthy people’s oil made out of almonds. It obviously packs a lot of health benefits for your body, whether used externally or internally. It has a property that can stabilize our blood sugar levels along with having high levels of vitamin E and some minerals. 

You can use it in your cooking as an additional ingredient, and it’ll taste just as good. However, it might be a bit heavy on your pocket, and that’s why it’s not common for cooking. 

Apple Pie

foods start with the letter A

Here’s one of the most popular foods that start with a. Apple pie is an after-dinner dessert or a sweet dish for special occasions, often made with a thick double crust and is famously served with ice cream, whipped cream, or American cheese. 

It doesn’t just serve its purpose by tasting heavenly, but also has many nutritional values attached. It has those “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” benefits along with high contents of sugar. 

Alfredo Pasta

Pasta, Dinner, Cooking, Italian, Cuisine, Alfredo

Alfredo is the most loved pasta dish around the globe. This Italian dish requires fresh fettuccine, parmesan cheese, and butter. The main part of this dish is actually the alfredo sauce that is made with a combination of the above-mentioned ingredients, pepper, and occasionally, some nutmeg. 

In terms of taste, the ideal alfredo pasta gives you rich, creamy parmesan cheese and garlic flavor. You can make it more peppery for extra spiciness, but the signature quality of this food item is in its creaminess. As for the nutrition, with added chicken, it serves as a really good carbs and protein a source.

What meat starts with the letter A?


Almejas, otherwise known as clams, are bivalve molluscs of different kinds. It’s a food item in our list of foods that start with A that you don’t have to hunt but just look for under the sand. Don’t confuse this with oysters, as both of them taste fresh and salty. Almejas have a briny and pungent taste compared to buttery oysters.

In terms of nutrition, Almejas serve as a rich source of magnesium, iron, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin B12, while being a lean source of protein – its meat, after all. You would want to include this in your diet plan for cancer-preventing properties and better sexual health.


Meatball, Tjena-Kitchen, Flat, Meat, Beef, Kitchen

Albóndiga is a Spanish meal name for small meatballs. The usual ingredients for these small balls of protein include ground meat, butter, minced onions, eggs, bread crumbs, and taste-wise seasoning. I recommend going desi with the meatballs and use some heavy spices. 

Also, don’t forget to use eggs or bread crumbs as they serve as a binding agent that keeps your balls from falling apart. As for the nutrition, you can guess that this dish will be full of protein and iron. There is also a considerable amount of magnesium, cobalamin, and vitamin B6 in this food item. 


close-up photo of grilled meat

Asado is a term used for grill-cooked meat made with open fie. The term itself is from the Philipines. It is as pure as a barbeque could get and definitely gives that coal smoked to-die-for flavor and aroma. You’ll definitely want to give this type of bbq a try the next time you have a booked a farmhouse with your friends.

The usual ingredients for flavor while grilling special cuts of meat include garlic, pork soy sauce, brown sugar, onions, and a number of kicking spices. The nutrition depends on the type of meat being used, but you can rest assured that it’ll always be packed with protein, carbs, fat, iron, and vitamins. It’s a heavy course meal, so you might want to keep yourself in check.

Alpacas meat

Alpaca, Andes, Wool, Fluffy, Paarhufer

I get that they are cute and everything, but have you ever tried eating alpaca meat. If not, then you might want to add this recommendation from our list of foods that start with A. Alpaca meat is surprisingly lean, tender, and almost tastes sweet. You can say that its like eating beef without the fat aftertaste.

I recommend switching to this meat for a while and see if your tastebuds get accustomed to it. I know your health definitely will. It contains half the saturated fats found in beef and has far fewer cholesterol levels. If that’s not compelling enough, alpaca meat has the lowest amount of calories from land-based meat. 


Close-up Photography of a Antelope

Have you ever been hunting? Correction, have you ever been hunting in Africa? If yes, then you probably hunted for one of these from our list of foods that start with A. If not, then you should try your luck with an antelope. Or you could just eat it from a restaurant. The word ‘venison’ is reserved for antelope meat in Southern Africa. 

In terms of taste, antelope meat is finely grained and mild. Its meat is often referred to as the best in wild games. Experts suggest that you immediately skin and cool down the hunted animal to preserve the premium gamey flavor. Nutritionally, it has one-third of the calories of beef while being an excellent source of protein. 

American Bison

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Usa, Bison

Keeping up with the meat foods that start with A, we have the mighty American bison. Trying its meat will definitely be a different experience for your taste buds. Bison meat is described to be more tender and lighter than beef. Its higher content also gives it a slightly sweeter and different taste. 

Though a nice and different taste, it can be expensive. As you can guess, the bison industry isn’t as big as beef or mutton. Still, it is a nutritional treat with lower fat and calorie count than beef while serving as an excellent source of protein, B vitamins, and several important minerals. 

Angus cattle

Angus Cattle, Cow, Bull, Beef, Angus, Cattle, Livestock

Enough downplaying beef. Here is an Agnus cattle in our list of foods that start with A. Also known as the Aberdeen Agnus, this is a Scottish breed of small cattle that is prized for providing the highest quality, tender and flavorful meat. The specialty of the Agnus cattle lies in its Marbled fat positioning – tiny specks and strips running through the meat. 

Though a tasteful wonder, it comes with huge farming responsibilities. Let’s just say they need to be treated like royalty. As for nutrition, meat from this cattle type is more effective for muscle building. It also serves as a great source of iron, zinc, and vitamin B12.


Anchovies, Eat, Starter, Salt Anchovy, Olives

How about we dive underwater for meat foods that start with A? Anchovies are those small fishes that move around in clusters of thousands. They are forage fishes from the Engraulidae family with an overwhelming salty and fishy flavor. You must be good enough in the kitchen to know how to balance the flavor. 

They also have umami flavor, which is a savory taste found in high amino acid glutamate foods. As for the nutritional value, they do provide you a good amount of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamin B12 but should be consumed in moderation as they are quite high in sodium.


Person Slicing Raw Meat on Chopping Board

Albacore, also known as the longfin tuna or the white tuna, is a relatively large fish compared to a regular tuna and has lighter-toned flesh. You’ll find that it has a mild to medium flavor with large and frim flakes. It also tastes much richer than your regular tuna because it has a higher fat content.

In terms of nutrition, Albacore is much better than other tuna fishes. It has higher levels of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and selenium. Now you know which tuna to buy the next time you are in the supermarket. This item from our foods that start with A has better taste and nutritional value – it’ll have a distinct-looking pelvic side.


The next item in our foods that start with A, Abgoosht, meaning meat broth, is an Iranian Stew dish that also goes by dizi. It is a centuries-old Persian cuisine that has been preserved and maintained through the culture. It’s a combo of the most tender meat, vegetables, spices, and legumes. It has an alluring aroma and is eaten with tortilla pieces called sangak or lavash.

You’ll find this dish heavy on your stomach, so I recommend that you eat slowly and savor each moment. As for nutrition, one cup of Abgoosht without the tortilla pieces have high percentages of dietary fibers, carbs, vitamin C, vitamin A, Iron, potassium, and sodium.


Axoa, also known as Espelette Axoa, is a Basque cuisine made with mashed onions, tomatoes, and the main ingredient, veal. It’s an old food item that used to be served in the French fairs. The locals enjoy it best with a robust wine combo from the same region. It is certainly a flavorful treat that you won’t regret. 

In terms of nutrition, this item in our meat foods that start with A is a high protein, high fat, and low carbs dish. It does have high cholesterol, sodium, and potassium levels, but what really takes it away is the vitamin C concentration in a one-cup serving. 


Cooked Food on Black Round Plate

Adobo is a meat dish with an interesting history. It was given its name by the Spanish when they invaded the Philippines and observed the traditional cooking of the region. Thus, this item in our list of meat foods that start with A also goes by Philippine Adobo. 

It’s a combination of meat, seafood, vinegar dipped vegetables, garlic, peppercorns, and soy sauce. Yes, it seems to have enclosed the subcontinental and Chinese flavors. You’ll easily identify this due to the strong vinegar aroma. As for the nutrition, it is a perfect combo between protein and vitamins.


Abalone, Wando Abalone, Korean Food, Wando

Here is a rather rare food item in our list of foods that start with A. Abalone is a term used for any gastropod molluscs. They are very hard to find and expensive. A major reason is that they are just too stubborn. The tough exterior of Abalone forms a very strong hold with the rock it lives on, and removing it takes a lot of effort. 

Abalone has also been banned from taking in some countries due to extremely low numbers left from overexploiting. You’ll be lucky to find them in your supermarket. In terms of taste, despite looking like oysters, they taste nothing alike. You’d experience a buttery combination between a squid and a scallop.

What are snacks that start with A?



Apples and sugar make this immensely loved sider dish, especially for American households. It requires peeled or unpeeled apples and can be sweet or sour depending on your taste – I’d prefer a bit of both. Sour applesauce is widely in use in Europe and some parts of America. People also use apple cider in its preparation. 

Applesauce can be purchased pre-made and usually is relatively cheap. It’s one of those few healthy sauces that set well with your taste buds and appetite. 

American Cheese


Another item in our foods that start with the letter A, is American cheese. It is processed and usually made from cheddar. It has a mild taste with some hints of saltiness and a very creamy feel to it. When you think about it, every cheese is processed, not a natural product.

But the difference is that American cheese goes well with all your favorite fast foods and is a healthy addition as well – It’s loaded with protein, fat, and calcium.

Animal Crackers 

Biscuit, Animal Crackers, Gourmet, Baking

This item in our foods that start with A is dedicated to kids – or adults like me. Animal crackers, also called animal biscuits, are small animal-shaped cookies. Even though they are cookies made with layered doughs, they are advertised as crackers. 

In terms of taste, they are mostly sweet with intensity increasing with darker colors that have chocolate. As for nutrition, despite the assumption that they are healthy snacks for kids, they don’t offer much. You only feel like getting a lot because they are small in size.


Ariselu, also called Arisa, is a traditional Indian sweet dish mostly eaten around the many Indian festivals, especially the Sankranthi festival. This dish was invented by the ancient Indians to make healthy use of freshly harvested rice grains that hold moisture – otherwise, they caused stomach discomfort.

You’ll have to follow the recipe to the tee. Otherwise, you’ll take forever to chew on the sweet dish. It tastes like eating sweet crispy rice patties. As for the nutritional value, it is a high carb, high fat, and low protein snack that shouldn’t be eaten in excessive amounts. 


Don’t you think it would be a great idea to have a dish that is all cheese but is blended with something that makes it easier and lighter to eat? I certainly do. That is why I just had to include Aligot in my list of foods that start with A. It is a French dish made by blending cheese with mashed potatoes.

It’s usually eaten as a side with sausages, meats, and vegetables. It is stretchy, excessively – in a good way – cheesy, and a little bit glutinous. You’ll find yourself addicted to it in no time. As for the nutritional value, it has high levels of protein, fat, and calcium, followed by decent amounts of vitamin A. 


Ashure is a fruity dessert also known as Noah’s pudding. It’s a mixture of fruits, dry fruits, grains, and nuts. It has Turkish origins where it is usually eaten on the day of Ashoora, the 10th day of Muharram according to the Islamic lunar calendar. 

This day holds biblical significance, so a food dedicated to this day more than earns its place on this list of foods that start with A. It tastes like cereal with fruits adding a strong and sweet flavor. As for nutrition, it has all the right stuff to be regarded as a healthy breakfast or snack item.


White Wine, Cup, Glass, An Isolated, The Background

Albarino is a Portuguese white wine made with a variety of grapes. I figured the best way to end the snack time in this list of foods that start with A would be with fine wine. Albarino has an aroma of citrus and peach and has characteristics of grapefruit, apricot, and lemon. 

It will definitely give you a kick as there is a good amount of acid in there. Your lips might pucker, but this is exactly what makes it a great combo with food. To put it ssimply, it is all that a body craves in one drink. 

What are the fruits that start with A?



Apple is the first fruit that comes to anyone’s mind when we name foods that start with the letter A. Apple has a very distinct taste and is often considered as one of the tastiest fruits of planet earth – it’s literally the one true biblical fruit. It comes in different types and colors. You can eat it as a fruit or make various dishes with it.

We all know how the saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It is most definitely true because apples really do care about your body.



Also called ‘Armenian plums,’ apricot is another delicious fruit in our foods beginning with A. you may mistake them as little peaches, but apricots are round and yellow. They have a tartness in their taste and, when fully ripe, are very sweet and tasty. They are eaten both fresh and in their dry forms.

When dried, apricot can be stored for long periods while keeping their nutritional values intact. As for nutrition,  apricot contains enzymes that are beneficial for digestion and improve eye health.

Asian Pear


Asian pear, also known as apple pear or Chinese pear, is a mix between an apple and a traditional pear. This healthy treat is crunchy, sweet, often green but can be yellow or brown. It was a mandatory inclusion in our foods beginning with A list.

Loved for its crispiness and delicate taste, one can eat it raw as a fruit, roast them or bake them. As for nutrition, while being excellent potassium and vitamin C source, the fruit also helps people manage diabetes without keeping them away from the sweet flavor. 

Amaou Strawberry


This food that starts with A may look like your regular strawberries, but it has its own taste and value. Amaou is a Japanese word that means ‘sweet’. It is also called the king of strawberries and is an extraordinary fruit.  This strawberry is very delicious on its own but, becomes even more delicious when used in a sweet dish.

This fruit is expensive and also challenging to find in packaged goods because it’s best enjoyed fresh. Like any other healthy fruit, this one from our foods beginning with A also contain many rich vitamins, especially Vitamin C, to promote our health.



This food that starts with A is also called the golden apple. It is a fruit from warmer parts of the world like Asia and Africa. This tropical fruit has a tarty and crunchy taste that is hard to ignore. Because of its sourness, it is best to sun-dry it and use it in jams and pickles. 

Nutritionally, the fruit in our foods beginning with A packs all the good stuff. It augments heat function, bolsters immunity, cures digestive issues, improves eyesight, and combats skin infections.



Also known as West Indian cherry, this item on our list of foods that start with A is a deep red color fruit, eaten when fully ripe. Don’t confuse this with cherry, although it very much looks like one. It is a pleasant-tasting fruit home to many folk and modern dishes.

It is a rich source of vitamin C, contains several nutritional benefits, and has long been used in medicine.  



Amla, also known as the Indian Indian gooseberry, is considered a superfood because of its taste and uses. We just had to include it in our list of foods that start with A. This translucent food is called ‘nectar of life’ in Asian regions. You can eat it raw or use its oil in your everyday cooking. It sure brings another layer of taste to our dishes.

When we talk about Amla, we cannot ignore its many health benefits making it a must have in this list of foods beginning with A list. It helps treat common colds, and its oil beautifies hair. It is also used to promote our immunity system. 



Another fruit in our foods that start with the letter A is Avocado. Avocados are considered a wonder food due to their numerous health benefits and their taste. They are also called butter fruit and are incredibly rich in potassium. They contain more potassium than bananas.

They are used to make oil and also eaten raw in most parts of the world. Not only the fruit but its leaves and seeds are also very beneficial in our diet. Its oil is used for cooking and it tastes like butter, hence the name butter fruit. Because Avocado is a food of great nutritional value, so it’s a perfect fit in our list of foods that start with A.

Which vegetables start with the letter A?


Asparagus, Green Asparagus, Green, Raw, Produce

Asparagus, also called sparrow grass, is a food that starts with A dating back ages in Egypt and Spain. It’s eaten fresh in summers and dried for winters. It has a distinct flavor that can doesn’t take much time to cook. 

Asparagus is a healthy, low-calorie vegetable with high vitamin A, C, and K levels, along with fiber and folate. It’ll help you with weight loss, high blood pressure, pregnancy, and  digestion. Its position in this collection of foods beginning with A speaks for itself. 



Arugula is another leafy vegetable food that starts with A. Its leaves are like the shape of a rocket; hence the other name is roquette. Arugula leaves are very tender and tiny and carry a tangy flavor that goes really well in salads and sandwiches.

In terms of nutrition, Argula is rich in multivitamins, especially vitamin K and A. Three cups of this foods that start with the letter A is enough to meet 100% of your body’s needs. Apart from that, it is also a great source of calcium. Both your tastebuds and health are going to thank me for recoomending this.

Ash Gourd


This amazing vegetable, also called winter melon, is a great food that starts with A. It is usually the same size as a regular watermelon but has a different taste and use. When it is ripe, its color changes to ash color, which gives it its name. It has a mild flavor which will remind you of cucumber. It is especially popular in Indian dishes.

Ash gourd is touted to offer many health benefits. It has been used in various Chinese and Indian medicine for years. This vegetable of our foods beginning with A list mainly consists of water and is rich in particular nutrients such as fibers and proteins.


A native to Indonesia, this food that starts with A is usually processed to powder, also called arrowroot flour. This vegetable works well in sweets and savory foods. It is similar to sweet potatoes and yams.

Arrowroot is a perfect balance between taste and nutritional benefits. It is effortless to digest and is an ideal vegetable for children and older people. Arrowroot has a starchy taste, and you can use it in different foods. Nutritionally, it is high in protein, potassium, iron, and vitamin B6. It also has many medicinal properties that earn it a spot on the foods beginning with A list. 



Artichoke is considered a vegetable but is a thistle – a flowering plant. This vegetable has its origins in the Mediterranean and is being used for centuries. You can cook it as a vegetable or use its extract as a supplement. When eaten raw, its taste is bitter and firm, but it’s similar to boiled potatoes once cooked. 

This vegetable has compounds with high concentrations. It is packed with nutrients, especially with different vitamins. You can use it to lower blood pressure or to improve your liver health. It is easily worthy of being in our list of foods beginning with A. 


Aonori is a type of seaweed and a worthy inclusion in our food that starts with A list. It is also known as green laver. It is often found in Japan and has a dark green color. It can be used fresh or dried. Aonori has an oceanic flavor and is often used in street foods but may also be used as a garnish in restaurant dishes.

In terms of nutrition, aonori has a high starch value, and when dried, it can enrich the concentration of starch in our blood. Aonori is also a complete source of different types of fibers.


And that was all for this list of foods that start with A. We covered some common foods, snacks, fruits, and vegetables to give a diverse list. With this, we have taken another step towards being the food connoisseurs. Share these foods that start with A amongst your friends and invite them over to try new and delicious foods. Also, let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section. What’s the next letter you want me to cover? Before answering this, check out the similar blogs  on this site. Your questions might have already been answered!

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