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39 Palatable Foods that Start with F

Welcome back to another “foods with an alphabet” article. This time I have brought you a diverse list of foods that start with F. We’ll start with some common healthy food of different kinds and then move on to specific categories of meats, fruits, and vegetables. 

Stick till the end of the article to learn about new and different foods amongst some common ones. The intention behind this, and our other articles like this, is to increase your food vocabulary and push you to try new and delicious food items with your friends and family. 

So, prepare to have your mouth full of saliva telling you to listen to this article writer!

What are healthy foods that start with F?

Fruit Cake

sliced cakes on plate

Starting with the simplest and most common food beginning with F, we have a fruitcake. You may call a conventional cake with fruit toppings or fillings a fruitcake as well, but this is what most people get when they hear the name. 

It is basically a sweet baked bread with dried fruits, nuts, and spices. The taste may vary on the type of flavoring added, but the sweetness that makes you crave for more remains constant. There are versatile uses for a fruit cake. I would recommend adding it to custards for a sweet, high carb, and fat complement to your main dish.


filled drinking glass with black straw

Frappe is an iced cold coffee made with instant coffee, sugar, milk, and water. The name itself means a drink chilled with ice. People also tend to debate over whether Frappe is a milkshake or not. The simple answer to this debate is that it is a milkshake in the US if it includes ice cream. So, this food beginning with F, is not a milkshake.

In terms of taste, the most common frappes, which always have instant coffee, have a strong coffee taste that can be reduced by adding more sugar – only if you don’t like the kick. It is also often topped with whip cream for a different sweet taste. As for nutrition, they are typically always loaded with sugar, calories, and fat. So, it is not a good idea to make it a daily habit. 

Fettuccine Alfredo

Delicious pasta and salad on table

This recommendation in our list of foods that start with F comes from the bottom of my stomach – which growls at the thought of this dish. Fettuccine Alfredo is an Italian blessing over us, and I think it can never be appreciated enough. 

It is made with fettuccine pasta – the thin rectangular strips shape, butter, and parmesan cheese. It also has some meat toppings to compensate for the explosion of butter and cheese in your mouth. However, as good as it is, it should be kept occasional as health experts say that the high saturated fats in this food beginning with F are too high for one meal course. 

French Fries

foods that start with F

This food beginning with F, is the universal love of all the foodies, even when it might be one of the simplest things on earth to cook. French fries are deep-fried potatoes cut into batons. They feel a bit pungent, dry, and with the texture of mashed potatoes on the inside. A unique thing about French fries is that they have different taste tones even when cooked together. 

They are best enjoyed with a sauce and some spice seasoning. But I recommend that you take things a step further and try loaded fries. Just add some chicken cubes, cheese, and a number of your favorite sauces, and you’ll have a full course meal. As for nutrition, despite what people say, they are actually good for you.


Fasnacht is a deep-fried German doughnut famously eaten in the days of German festivities like the carnival and Shrove Tuesday. You might see some Fasnachts with toppings and fillings, but the authentic ones are served plain and simple. They are made with yeast or baking soda. However, some people use mashed potatoes or potato flour.

It has a denser yet less sweet taste than your conventional doughnut due to the potato dough. As for nutrition, this fluffy food beginning with F, is a great source of carbs followed by a decent amount of fat and protein. 


From above closeup plate and fork with appetizing spaghetti with tomato sauce and herbs served on table during lunch

Here’s another pasta variety in our list of foods that start with W. The fedelini is a simple variety of pasta that is just like spaghetti but a bit thinner – however, it is still thicker than vermicelli. 

This variety is often used in oven-baked pasta dishes. A recommended way to enjoy this pasta is with a light chicken broth or raw tomato-based sauces. In terms of nutrition, pasta, like always, is a great carbs source with a decent amount of protein and low fat. 

Ful Medames

cooked food

Ful Medames, also known as ful, is a stew made with fava beans, olive oil, chopped parsley, lemon juice, chili pepper, garlic, and other vegetables. This stew food beginning with F packs a bold and tangy flavor with a creamy texture of fava beans. The fava beans are also quite nutty, slightly sweet, and slightly bitter. 

It is mostly eaten in the Middle East as a breakfast meal and is enough to give you a healthy day start. It is a rich source of fiber and protein, but you might have to keep the saltiness in check as a typical ful medames has high concentrations of sodium.


Caramel, Cream, Flan, Milk, Dessert, Vanilla Pudding

Flan, or more commonly know as crème caramel, is a dessert food beginning with F. It is made with sweetened condensed milk, whole milk, cream, and flavorings like coffee, coconut, and orange. In terms of taste, the flan almost always has the caramel flavor from the caramel topping while the custard is eggy. 

In terms of nutrition, this dessert food beginning with F is majorly dominated by carbohydrates that account for 11% of an adult’s daily intake. Apart from that, it serves as a decent source of vitamin B12 and selenium.s

Fried Rice

Fried, Rice, Menu, For, Lunch, Dinner, Food, Cafe

These are your regular stir-fried rice that is usually cooked in a wok or frying pan. The ingredients depend on your taste, but the most common ones usually include meat, eggs, seafood,  and vegetables. The taste is usually better than regular rice, especially when you have made Chinese egg-fried rice. 

As for the nutritional value, frying rice has no effect, and it is just as healthy as regularly cooked rice. The exact nutritional value depends on what you have added to this food beginning with F, but if you have made the standard one with meat like shown above, you have the perfect meal full of carbs, vitamins, and protein.


cooked food on black ceramic plate

Frittata is a fancy way of making an egg that’s quite not easy to learn but will definitely give you the feels of cooking in the Master Chef. Unlike omelets that are cooked quickly on a hot pan, a frittata demands slow cooking on low heat.

It is preferred for having a fluffy and creamy texture and flavor, but it’ll probably take you a lot of tries to perfect this item in our list of foods that start with F. If you don’t believe me, go youtube frittatas on Masterchef Canada. You’ll see what I mean here.


Fondue, Swiss Fondue, Cheese, Cheese Fondue

This item in our foods that start with F is a big bowl of continuously heated cheese that is used as a large dip sauce. The cheese bowl is usually set over a  small stove to keep the cheese melted. You may dip anything you want in the bowl, but the Swiss, who we have to thank for this dish, usually use it with bread.

The taste depends on the type of cheese you use and what you dip into the bowl. In terms of nutrition, the cheese has loads of fat and calcium, with decent amounts of protein.

What meat starts with F?


Fajitas, Meal, Platter, Sizzling Plate, Dinner, Food

Fajitas are spicy stripped cut grilled meat pieces served with a tortilla wrap or with flour. This meat item in our foods that start with F has no difference in seasoning compared to tacos if we are authentic. However, remember that fajitas have everything, from meat to vegetables grilled.

In terms of taste, I have always found a good fajita to be spicy – It definitely is a Mexican dish. I’ll recommend trying chicken fajita pizzas before trying it as is – the cheese will compensate for the spiciness. As for the nutrition, the grilled meat is filled with protein and iron, while the vegies make up for the vitamins and other nutrients.


Guinea Fowl, Bird, Animal, Plumage, Wildlife, Fauna

This is guinea fowl that’s farmed for its meat and eggs. Fowls are just birds like chickens, ducks, pheasants, etc., divided into two biological groups: landfowl and waterfowl. The two groups are pretty self-explanatory. 

In terms of taste, the above-displayed landfowl has a similar flavor to that of a chicken and a pheasant but has a more gamey flavor to it as well as a darker flesh. As for nutrition, this meat in our foods that start with F has high protein levels with lower fat content compared to a chicken. It’s definitely the better option between the two.


Foreshank is the meat from the upper foreleg of a cattle. It’s a muscle involved in walking and thus is in constant use. This makes this meat sinewy, dry, and tough. It takes relatively more effort to cook this. The best way is to cook it in moist heat for a long time. But the plus point is that it’s quite cheap. 

As for nutrition, this meat in our foods that start with F is high in protein but relatively low in fat. For minerals and vitamins, you’ll be getting loads of zinc, iron, selenium, along with an incredibly high concentration of vitamin B12.


Fricandeau is a meat slice cut from the leg. The dish usually consists of veal which gets braised, larded, glazed. The conventional method to prepare involves flattening the veal and larding one side. I recommend making a veal fricandeau with grilled asparagus. It’ll tell you everything regarding the taste, texture, and best cooking method of this food item.

In terms of nutrition, it is obviously loaded with protein but is quite low in fat. Every other nutrient aside, this combo makes it the preferable cut for people looking to gain muscle. It is a worthy inclusion in our list of foods that start with F.


Fricasse is a stew dish made with meat that is browned in butter and flavored cooking stock. You may use any meat you want for this dish, but the most popular ones include chicken, rabbit meat, and veal. You would want to try this meal with a wine of high acidic content. That way, you’ll get to enjoy both things without upsetting your stomach if you overeat. 

In terms of nutrition, this meat dish in our foods that start with F list, if made with chicken, has high protein levels and low levels of carbs and fat. As for vitamins and minerals, vitamin A and vitamin B6 take the lead along with potassium and sodium.


Restaurant, Japanese Food, Japan Food, The, Fugu

How about something that could take your life in our foods that start with F? The infamous fugu is a poisonous fish that people pay a really high amount to eat. Well, of course, they eat the poisonous parts, but it is still very dangerous. Then chef needs to have years of practice with the fugu fish to safely feed you a very tiny and thin amount of fish meat. 

Taste-wise, it feels like eating whitefish with a subtle yet strong flavor. The overall taste has delicacies spread over a wide range of seafood. As for nutrition, the very light amount of fugu that you will get to eat has low levels of protein but higher levels of carbs.


Potato Fritter, Kartoffelpuffer, Potato, Flour, Egg

This item in our foods that start with F, Fritter is the breaded and battered piece of meat, seafood, or vegetables. It is a small cake of chopped food in the batter. The purpose behind this food item is to use the leftover vegetables or meat. 

In terms of taste, they are like crunchy and savory versions of whatever is inside the fried batter. Chicken fritters are like small zinger pieces, which we are usually used to, but it’s the vegetable ones that really intrigue you. As for the nutrition, the batter or bread just adds to the carbs and fat levels of the small food.

Filet Mignon

Food, Steak, Meat, Soup, Beef, Bbq, Eat, Menu, Cook

Filet mignon is the meat cut from the smaller end of a tenderloin. It is an extremely desirable piece of meat as its tender, boneless, and straight away melts in your mouth. But since it is cut from the smallest part and has a huge demand, it is quite expensive.

I would recommend that you keep this filet from medium-rare to medium. Otherwise, if you cook it all the way, you’d be the recipient of the meme where someone wants to talk to you, but you can’t talk because you are still chewing. As for the nutrition, this meat from our foods that start with F is loaded with protein, vitamin B6, fat, and cholesterol.

Fish finger

Fish Fingers, Baked Fish Sticks, Fish, Bake, Meal, Food

Fish fingers are battered and breaded fish sticks, commonly from a whitefish like hake, cod, and haddock. They are easily available from the frozen foods aisle of the supermarket. To cook them, you may oven bake them, grill them, deep fry them, or shallow fry them. 

In terms of taste, it is best to have them with a sauce. They have a faintly fishy and stodge flavor. As for nutrition, they are the most authentic and natural protein bars that you could get with decent levels of carbs, fat, and sodium.

Fox Meat

You might find this strange inclusion in our list of foods that start with F, but Fox meat is actually eaten in some parts of the world. It is described as the best kind of meat – delicious, lean, and without any fat. What more could we ask from a meat source. The young foxes are said to taste like chicken. 

In terms of nutrition, this meat food that starts with F, hardly has any carbs with 38% protein. If you need to maintain a shape and also want to get carried away, this is the best get of the jail-free card for you.


Grilled Meat on Brown Pan

The last item of the meats category in our foods that start with F is the frankfurter. It is pork plus beef sausage that’s usually used in hotdogs. The name itself represents its place of origin which is Frankfurt, Germany. 

The taste heavily depends on the type and quality of seasoning. They are usually precooked and can be eaten raw as well. However, the best practice is to eat them heated as they can get contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes en route from processing to packaging. As for nutrition, our sausage from foods that start with F have decent nutrients, but they are linked to many health issues, especially concerning the heart.

What is a fruit that starts with F?

Finger Lime

Finger limes aren’t finger-shaped long limes. Also known as caviar lime, the inner flesh of this Australian fruit resembles caviar. They have a sour, citrusy, and bitter taste stored in the beads that can be squeezed out once it is cut in half. 

They are used in salads, juices, and ice cream for a strong citrusy flavor at every bit compared to the use of conventional limes. As for nutrition, our first fruit in foods that start with F, is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium, and folate.

Fairchild Tangerine

Anonymous woman with tangerine in hand

Fairchild Tangerine is a hybrid citrus fruit between clementine mandarin and Orlando tangelo. The rind is thin and has a pebbled texture. The flesh is juicy and bright orange, with two seeds per orange slice. Taste-wise, it has a low acidic sweetness that increases as its season progresses.

As for nutrition, our second fruit in foods that start with F, has vitamin C levels with some low levels of carbs, calcium, and sodium. Fairchild Tangerine has some antiseptic properties and can be used on open wounds. It is a blood purifying agent, boosts metabolism, tones up the nervous system, and alleviates inflammation.

Florida Cherry

Florida cherry, commonly known as Surinam cherry, is tropical cherry mostly found on the South East American coast. This cherry is incredibly soft, tarty, and acidic. You can eat them right away, but the taste might not suit your tastebuds. It is like eating green bell paper.

In terms of nutrition, this tarty item in our list of foods that start with F, has a high concentration of vitamin C. It has rich antioxidants that help you against inflammation and diseases. Just avoid the green and orange ones as they are under-ripe and are too tarty to handle.

Forest Strawberry

Strawberries, Wild Strawberries, Daisy, Still Life

Forest strawberry, also know as wild strawberry, grows mostly in the northern hemisphere. It is just like your regular strawberry but smaller in size. But in terms of taste, these strawberries from our foods that start with F have a more floral and concentrated flavor.

As for nutrition, it is an excellent potassium source that helps against the risk of osteoporosis and high blood pressure. It is also a rich source of fiber, which together with potassium makes as an excellent support system for your health.


Fig, Ficus Carica, Fruit, Fresh, Healthy, Nutrition

Figs are a one-of-a-kind fruit that resembles a tear. They’re roughly the size of a thumb, packed with dozens of tiny seeds, and have a purple or green peel – edible.  The fruit’s interior is pinkish and has a moderate sweetness.

In terms of nutrition, these onion-looking fruits in our foods that start with F are high in minerals such as calcium and potassium. These minerals can act synergistically to increase bone mass, therefore preventing diseases such as osteoporosis. A potassium-rich diet has been shown in studies to promote bone health and decrease bone loss.


Feijoas, also known as pineapple guavas, are fruit trees that produce excellent green-skinned, tropical-flavored fruits. This fruit is wonderfully sweet and multipurpose and is simple to cultivate. 

In terms of nutrition, this item in our foods that start with F list includes vitamin C as a rich antioxidant along with vitamin B, vitamin K, and vitamin E. Feijoas also contains important minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This fruit will your body working in a healthy way, and since they are high in fiber, you’ll be full for a longer period of time.

Fox Grape

Wild Grapes, Vine, Dew, Dewdrops, Droplets, Wet, Plant

Fox grape, also known as wild grape, is an extremely tart grape species that is most common in the eastern half of south of North America. It grows on a tough plant that takes all weathers head-on and survives. 

In terms of taste, these grapes are too tarty for the human palette but are sweetened and used as grape jelly, grape juice, wines, and flavoring. As for the nutritional value, this item in the foods that start with F, contains several flavonoids like resveratrol to improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure. It is also anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity, and keeps you sharp. 

Five Flavor Berry

Red ripe cherries on pink surface

Five-flavor berry, also known as Schisandra Chinensis, is a berry with five tastes: sweet, pungent, bitter, salty, and sour. The real highlights of this food that starts with F are the nutritional and medicinal benefits. 

Its seeds have a substance called lignans which have several benefits for the human body. It has been in use for medical purposes in China since ancient times. They say it is good for our Qi, the life force. It helps with stress, depression, menopause, liver disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

False Jaboticaba

The next food that starts with F is the false jaboticaba, also known as the blue grape. The trees are lovely, with bridal bouquet-style blooms followed by vivid blue fruits. Blue grape vines are difficult to find, but they can be obtained by specialized farmers. 

It tastes like grapes which give it the other name. It is used to make jams, strong wines, liquors, and tarty stuff. As for nutrition, this food that starts with F is packed with nutrients, especially vitamin K and C. 

What are the vegetables that start with the letter F?

Flutted Pumpkin

The fluted pumpkin, sometimes known as the fluted gourd, is a tropical vine grown for its delicious seeds and leaves in the forest zones of West and Central Africa. 

In terms of health and nutrition, this vegetable food that starts with F is a good dietary fiber source, maintains body tissues, is rich in antioxidants, balances hormones, serves as an Antidiabetic agent, improves blood production, improves bones and teeth, and treats convulsion among other things. 

French sorrel

Sorrel is a rosette-shaped plant with a mound form. The leaves are lance-shaped, glossy green, and can range in length from 6 to 12 inches. The taste is citrusy and acidic.

You’ll love this food that starts with the letter F for the unique that it maintains even after being cooked. Its both bright and exuberant. As for the nutritional vulue, it serves as a great source of important micronutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C that help you maintain a good immune function, and reproductive growth. It also helps with sudden pains and nasal blockages, bacterial infections, and obstructiing urine infections. 

Family Chenopodiaceae

This food that starts from the letter F is from the Amaranthaceae group of plant species and is generally referred to as the amaranth family, after the basic genus Amaranthus.Because the cooked leaves taste like spinach, it’s also known as wild spinach. 

The lamb’s quarters and freshly harvested Chenopodiaceae looks and tastes like spinach greens when steamed. The Quinoa – another type- seeds on the other hand, are cooked and consumed as a cereal. As for the nutritional value, the Leaves are nutriion rich with multivatins a and other nutrients that keep you healthy. 

Fat Hen

Fat hen, also known as white goosefoot, is a fast growing Chenopodium album weed. Its a straight growing matt green vegetable plants with diamond shaped leaves and thorns. In terms of the tatse, resembles the flavor of a Chard. If your taste buds are already used to kale, spinach, and other leafy vegetables, you’ll love this food that starts with the letter F. 

Frisee salad

Firsee salad uses firsee lettuce which is a variation of endive called curly endive. The salad has rich green leaves on the top and yellow green leaves at the center. The usual taste is mildly bitter and as pepper. y as you like it to be. 

In terms of nutrition, this food that starts with the letter F, is a healthy green salad with many nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, hints of vitamin K, and manganese. 

Fava Bean

Fava bean is a flowering plant form the bean family. Fava beans are less starchy and have a milder flavour than lima beans, despite their similar appearance. Fava beans have a creamy, earthy, nutty flavour that is slightly set and bittersoas. Theyalso have a faint cheesy flavor

In terms of nutrition, these beanshold quite amazing health benefits. Daily consumption helps with Parkinson’s disease, birth defects, immunity boosting, weight loss, and cholesteroldisease 


That was all for this article of foods that start with the letter F. If you liked knowing more food items and feel like you have taken a closer step at being a food connoisseur, the enter ‘F’ in the comments section to show respect and let me know your thoughts. 

Also check out other similar articles on foods starting with different alphapets. We’ll soon have all the alphabets covered and you’ll have a one diverse and trustworthy list of delicious and new foods that start with whatever letter you want. 

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