62 foods that start with P

Food is not something that you consume only when you are feeling hungry. Food is social, it is always there for you, and it makes you feel good. But, most importantly, food is mouth-watering and enjoyable. Here, we bring you foods that start with P to expand your food dictionary.

Knowing food beginning with P will make you stand out among your foodie friends. So tell them that you know about foods that start with the letter P from breakfast to lunch and dinner! 

Foods that start with P

Starting, let us have a look at meals you can have from foods beginning with P.


Paella is a delicious meal that is made with three essential ingredients. These are rice, shellfish, and chicken. This dish that was originated from the city of Valencia in Spain. For this reason, many Valencians look on to paella as their symbol of identification.

Cooked and served in one pan, this dish contains a number of ingredients. These can be ducks, peas, rice, rabbits, chicken, etc.


As the name suggests, a pancake is a cake that can easily be made in a pan. The ingredients of a pancake are eggs, milk, flour, and sugar. Of course, you can improvise and add any flavors you like. This is a quick snack from foods that start with P and only takes a few minutes to get ready.

Make this in breakfast, lunch, or dinner with stuff that is already in your kitchen. A topping of maple syrup lifts the taste too.


Made with dough that is dried, pasta is an Italian cuisine. Pasta is one of the most popular dishes in the world. You can cook it by boiling or even baking. To cook pasta, boil it in water with salt and oil. The ingredients to make pasta are basically only flour and eggs. However, you can add in stuff if you want. Pasta is served with a delicious sauce and can be made in whatever way you want. Easy to make and an excellent way to fill your belly.


Pavlova is whipped cream and fruit that is served together. Originated in Russia, it got the name from a ballerina Anna Pavlova. It is trouble-free to assemble and super yummy—a super thin and crispy crust filled with fluffy cream and topped with fruits of your choice.


Shaped like a knot, pretzels are crackers glazed with salt, sugar, or any of your favorite seasoning—a pastry without cream that is baked to be brittle but soft at the same time. An interesting fact about pretzels is that the knot in them represents folded arms that are praying. This was invented by a monk. Pretzels are the best midnight snack to satisfy your taste buds. 


A pot pie is not just a pie in a pot. Bursting with the goodness of meat, a pot pie is the epitome of flavor. The crust that is buttery and soft is filled with a rich and creamy sauce and perfectly cooked meat. You can do the seasonings and cook what is inside in whatever way you want. 


Another french cuisine, poulette, is a very yummy sauce used as a side for various foods. The main ingredients for this sauce are egg yolks, freshly chopped parsley, lemon juice, and mushrooms. This sauce can be used as a dressing for veggies, but it is mainly presented with cooked sheep’s feet.


Pottage is a heavenly thick soup that is cooked by boiling grains, meat, and vegetables together. Earlier, it was used as a staple food by the people. Extremely healthy and nutritious too, a perfect energy food that starts with P. If you are a vegetarian, you can always skip the meat and make vegetable pottage too. No limits to cooking!


62 foods that start with P

A breakfast delicacy, porridge consists of boiled grains mixed with milk and added honey or syrup for the sweetening. You can also exchange milk with water and grains with plants that are full of starch. Eating porridge is beneficial as it helps you to lessen your levels of cholesterol. A portion of healthy food that should be a part of your diet.


Pone is a type of unleavened bread. This means that it is made without using any yeast or raising agents. Pones are a part of the American cuisine. Usually, they are baked as oval and flat loaves and sometimes even cakes. The main ingredient for pone is corn, and instead of stoves, these are traditionally cooked in hot ashes. That gives them a smoky touch. 


Another one of the french sauces, poivrade, is very spicy and peppery. Thick flour is mixed with some vinegar and wine to create that tangy touch. Then, it is seasoned with some fresh peppers. It can be perfectly paired up with some meat and even a lot of game meals. Different versions of this sauce depend on the types of peppers they are topped with.


62 foods that start with P

A version of hot porridge, boiled cornmeal, is called polenta. This dish is served with the main course as a side dish. Another use of polenta can be drying it up and then making it into a loaf. This loaf can be grilled, baked, or fried—one of the gems from Italian cuisine that deserves a lot more recognition.


How can we forget pizza in a list of foods that start with the letter P. Pizza is the most popular dish from all the Italian cuisines. A flatbread topped with seasoned tomato paste, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese, and numerous other ingredients. These depend on your choice and how you want to eat your pizza. But mostly, these toppings are tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, and chicken. After assembling all this, you bake it at high heat in an oven. Wood-fired ranges are now commonly in use for enhancing the flavors.


62 foods that start with P

Pierogi is a dumpling that can be both sweet or savory. The dough of a pierogi is made without using any yeast. Then after adding your favorite filling, let it be ground and seasoned meat, a red bean paste, or sweet potatoes; it is boiled in water. Once you are done with the cooking, you can also fry them in a pan before serving them at the dinner table.


A staple food from tropical Hawaii. It is a paste that is very thick and made by pounding bananas, coconut cream, and pineapples together. But when it is made as a cuisine in local areas, people use taro roots to prepare poi exclusively. Thus, it is also called popoi in some areas. Traditionally, poi is served in a wooden bowl.


Pesto is a very famous sauce. The main ingredients of pesto are garlic, salt, basil leaves, cheese, mostly parmesan, and pine nuts. All of these ingredients are put together in a blender with olive oil and processed in a paste. It is a light, sweet and sour sauce. You can use pesto anywhere. Eat it with your breakfast, put it in your pizza, use it as a spread for sandwiches or wherever you like. 


A stew cooked by mixing rice and chicken. Purloo is thick and very nutritious. Very similar to paella or jambalaya. But it is way more viscous and has more flavor.


Patties are the main part of sandwiches, burgers, burritos, and tortillas. It is a round, pressed circle shape of meat that is grounded. The ground meat is mixed with several spices, vegetables, seasonings in whatever way you like. You mince the vegetables before you put them in the patty. The type of patty is dependent on where it is originated from. Every region, restaurant, place, the person has their own way of flavoring it. 


Pilaf is also known as pilau. It is a rice dish that you can prepare in broth. The broth can be chicken, beef, mutton, or any other that you prefer. Apart from this, pilaf has spices, vegetables, and meat. It is a staple dish and is eaten commonly in Asia and the middle east. There are so many different variations of pilaf, and all of them depend on the region it is made in. Therefore, people make changes of their choice. 

For foods that start with P, pilaf is a ubiquitous example. It is easy to cook and has so many flavors entrapped in it.

What are snacks that start with p?

Done with meals, we will now move on to snacks from food beginning with P.


At the top of the table for foods that start with the letter p, we have the very favorite of people from any age group, a popsicle! A popsicle is an ice pop that can be either water or milk-based. After making the puree or juice, you freeze it in molds on a bit of stick. A quick and refreshing snack that is a must need in the hot, scorching summers. So let it be adults, older adults, or little kids. Everyone enjoys a flavourful popsicle!


Small one-bite tarts that can be popped in your mouth to fill up your belly. Pop-tarts is a brand that makes pastries. These are ready to make, and all you have to do is toast them and eat them. Filled up with sugary flavors between the two crispy pastries, which are almost always frosted, these can be a yummy midnight snack. 


Who does not know about popcorns? Probably the quickest snack to make, popcorns are popped corn kernels seasoned with your favorite flavors. When you place them in a pan with butter or oil, the seeds heat up and pop making them a yummy and light snack. You can have salted, sweet, caramel, jalapeño, or any other flavoring of these. Popcorns are a trendy snack for foods that start with P.


A generalized term that we use to recognize the vast range of drinks. These can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Most punches are just fruit drinks. They also have chunks of fruit in them, depending on how you make them. Generally, a punch can be presented at parties. Instead of jugs, they are in large bowls. People use a scoop and put it in the glasses you provide them with. The origin of this drink is from India, where the workers of England gave parties to the Indian officials. 


A name that is given to wine of low quality. You can use plonk in cooking instead of drinking, but many people do drink it since it is super cheap and affordable. 


Penuche is a type of candy that is very similar to fudge candies. The main ingredients of penuche are brown sugar, milk, butter, and some vanilla to lift the flavor. However, it is not precisely like fudge. Fluffier and lighter than it, though. Since the candy is made by caramelizing the brown sugar, it tastes just like caramel too.


A meaty cake that also has dried berries of your choice and some fat. You can shape pemmican by pressing. It is enriched with different flavors like the dried beef, sweet and sour flavor of the berries in it, and the somewhat tropical taste of the lard. It was prevalent in older times and is still made today in certain parts of North America!


Every other person is a tea lover. We have just the right thing for you in foods that start with P. Pekoe is the next level of black tea. It is brewed using the young tea leaves. Very yummy and light. Also suitable for you if you are on a diet.


A puree is a blend of lots of food. The consistency of a puree can be kept just the way you want it to be. A large number of times, the puree is made with vegetables, legumes, or fruits that have been cooked. No limits to making a puree. You can have it any way you like. All you need is a blender and your food.


Peanuts are also called groundnuts. A delicious nut that can be snacked on here and there. Mainly, harvesters harvest the peanuts in winters. Peanuts are very popular, and people love eating them. They are also a healthy snack which makes them a must part of your diet. They are high in vitamins, minerals, etc. It can be eaten when you are dieting and even lessen the risk of gall bladder stones and heart diseases. 


Here is a lovely dessert for our list of foods that start with the letter P. A fluffy and light dessert from French cuisine. Made with lots of cream, eggs, sugar, and syrup, parfaits have a smooth consistency. It is very similar to custard, and you can keep them in the fridge for up to three days. A parfait is initially served in a thin and tall glass with numerous layers. You can add fruits if you like them too! 


A name that is given to sodas and fizzy drinks. Pops come in so many different colors and have a wide variety of flavors too. Pops are sweet, tangy and sometimes they also have a sour touch to them. So it depends on what you like drinking and what your taste buds crave in a drink. Last in snacks for food that starts with P.

What meat starts with P?

After the delicious meals and quick snacks, we will now tell you about different meats in our never-ending list of food beginning with P.


Pork is the meat of domestic pigs. Eaten all over the world, pork is cooked in various dishes. For breakfast, you can eat some crispy bacon with eggs and sausages. For lunch, a meaty and tender pork loin. In dinner, a freshly roasted pork belly served with grilled vegetables is just the thing! You can also serve dishes of pork with sweet potatoes, apples, and various sauces. 


For fish lovers, we have just the right thing for you in this list of food that starts with P. Porgy is a really delicious fish that you can cook and enjoy eating. This fish has meat that is white and tender with huge flakes. It has a sweet taste compared to other fishes. Porgy tastes very much alike to a snapper too. 


Another marine fish, pompano, also has a taste similar to mullets and snappers. The specialty of this fish is that the meat does not break apart during any kind of cooking. It has an average medium flavor. Cooking a pompano is easy and straightforward.


Made from pork, polony is meat that is recovered mechanically. Many people also pronounce it as baloney. Another name for polony is bologna. It is processed as a sausage. Polony is served in between sandwiches. So it is also called sandwich meat. 


For foods that start with the letter P, we have partridge for birdy meat. It is a small bird that looks just like a pheasant. But the flavor of a partridge is sweeter than that of a pheasant. This bird has the meat of flavors that are very strong. So it is best cooked and served with similarly seasoned vegetables or sauces. If cooked with care and love, a partridge’s meat gets very tender and juicy and has a delicate aura.


Not precisely a slice of meat, Páté is the sauce or a paste that consists of forcemeat. It generally is made from liver and has a mixture of other types of ground meats too. These can be ground beef, ducks, chicken, pork, rabbits, or any other meat you want. Apart from these, you can also add vegetables and spices to this paste. For the slight tangy touch, vinegar and wine are used in it.


Pepperoni is the American variant of salami. The most common use of pepperoni is on pizzas and inside burritos. This meat is made from a mixture of pork and beef. The seasoning of pepperoni is mostly chili flakes. Paprika is also used. Pepperoni has a bright red color and is very soft. It melts in your mouth and is very delicious too. Most of the time, it is given a smoky flavor and cut into skinny slices.


In german and danish cuisine, plaice is a super popular fish to eat. It is one of the most important commercial food fish. A plaice is grilled, fried, or filleted. You can serve it apart from while it is hot only. You can also have cold plaice presented in a sandwich—best paired with remoulade or lemon slices. Plaice is baked in the oven also, and it is very savory.


Another food from the Italian region for our food list that starts with P. Prosciutto is cured meat and is dried up. Mainly made with ham, it is served uncooked and in paper-thin slices. It has a sweet flavor and is entirely safe to eat raw. This is because it has already been cured. Apart from ham, pork is also used to make prosciutto.


Pollock is a fish associated with codfishes. Many fast-food restaurants prefer pollocks in dishes that have fish meat. Pollock is healthy to eat and has low saturation in fat. It is also the perfect source to gain leaned protein. Pollock is abundantly available, so it is also very cheap. It also has a lot of vitamins. This was all for meats for foods that start with P.

What vegetables start with the letter P?

Vegetables are the parts of the plants that we eat. They are different from fruits. Most of the vegetables have to be cooked before eating. However, you can also eat some as raw. Let us tell you about some vegetables for food beginning with P.


Peas are small and round-shaped. They are green in color and are found in pods. Peas can also be considered fruits since they are made from the ovary of flowers, but we categorize them as vegetables. Peas can be mixed in almost any dish you want. Let it be meat, rice, broths, soups, other vegetables, or sauces, and peas are diversely used. Every pod of pea has almost five to nine peas. Also, you can even eat the sweet peas raw.


Parsley is a herb.  It is commonly used for garnishing meals. But you can also use parsley to enhance flavor, and it is very healthy too. The leaves, seeds, and roots of parsley are also used in the manufacturing of herbal medicines. In addition, it solves a lot of problems if you eat it. For example, cough, high blood pressure, and kidney stone problems are solved by eating parsley. 

Potato Bean

Potato beans have numerous other names too. They grow on vines. The vines of potato beans can grow as long as six meters! Potato beans have a taste that is very similar to potatoes when they are roasted. However, they have a fibrous texture. If you boil a potato bean, it has a taste very much like nuts. These beans grow in number in North America. And they grow well in places that have terrible soil, less light, and little nutrients.


A type of pepper, pimento, has another name that is “cherry pepper.” This is because pimentos are enormous, red, and are shaped like a cherry. They are green when they start growing, but properly mature pimento is blood red. The flesh of a cherry pepper is somewhat sweet and juicy. It also has more aroma than a general red bell pepper.


The most famous vegetable in our list for foods that start with the letter P is potatoes. You cannot eat these raw, but cooked potatoes can be paired with almost anything. You can eat them boiled, mashed, fried, grilled, baked, etc. It is a very starchy vegetable. The most common dish made from potatoes is french fries, which are easy to make and delicious. 


Green leaves that you can cook to eat are known as potherbs. These can be any kind of leaves. For example, when you are cooking up spinach to eat, you can call it a potherb. Other potherbs can be the leaves of turnips, collards, kale, mustard leaves, etc. Potherbs are cooked with spices, and you can also add other vegetables or seasonings if you please.

Pigeon Peas

Pigeon pea is also called red gram. It is a very common legume that originates from the Indian subcontinent. Pigeon pea is cheap and readily available, and you can cook it with a lot of things. For example, add these in rice, gravy or cook them as a whole. Packed with nutrition and health, these can be a part of your regular diet.


Here is a vegetable for people who love a little spice in their life for foods that start with P. Peppers! Peppers can be of various kinds. Bell peppers are the more commonly used peppers and are known as sweet peppers too. This is because they are spicy yet sweet. Bell peppers are used in dishes to enhance the taste and give it an aromatic touch. Also, they have numerous vitamins and have fewer calories. Perfect for a quick little salad!


Parsnip is from the family of carrots, parsley, and radishes. These are also root vegetables. That means they grow underground. The color of parsnips is somewhere between beige and cream. They have a strong flavor and also convert to a sweet one after winters. Parsnips can be munched on raw.


A rather strange name, pigweed, has nothing to do with pigs. It is also called amaranth, and it grows in the wild. Cheap but not found everywhere, this food starting from P is categorized as a weed. Pigweed has leaves that have a high density of vitamins, calcium and even have iron. So, pigweed is regarded as a healthy source of energy and nutrients both.

What fruits start from the letter P?

Fruits are very healthy and can be eaten in a lot of ways. Almost all food can be eaten uncooked. They are different from vegetables in many ways. Let us have a look at the fruits in this list of foods that start with P.


A tropical fruit, pineapple is mainly found in South America. It is also known as the devil’s fruit, for when you eat it, it gives a tingling sensation to your tongue. Pineapple has a sweet and tangy taste and is very flavorful. It is commonly used in desserts. But mostly, people eat pineapple as it is. Pineapple has a high consistency of Vitamin C which is very good for your health. But overeating it in one go can cause vomiting and diarrhea etc.


Prunes are plums that have been dried in the sun. You can use these primarily for medical purposes, such as relieving the pain of constipation and improving it. However, you can also make prune juice and enjoy it on a cold winter day. In addition, since prunes are the best source of fibers, eating them helps regulate your digestive mechanism.


Plums are juicy and sweet. They have a reddish-purple appearance and can be eaten raw or even cooked. You should definitely make plums a part of your regular diet, for they are beneficial for your health. A medically helpful fruit in food beginning with P. One way to recognize the mature plums is that they have a cloudy white coat on them.


Pears are the masters of all fruits. Flavour, fiber, vitamins, promising compounds, and juice are all entrapped in a single fruit. Pears have a lot of different colors, but most of them are green. They are also an excellent antioxidant and are eaten raw. No need to peel the skin of pears, for it is just as delicious as its flesh.

Passion fruit

foods that start with P

Passion fruit grows on vines. It is most commonly found in Brazil and Argentina. The outer shell of passion fruit is complex. From the inside, it has a slimy texture, and the flesh itself is enclosed in sacs. The taste of this fruit is unique. It is sweet but also has a citrus touch to it. Passion fruit is expensive too, as it is not found everywhere and is imported. 


A plumcot is a cross of plums and apricots. Flavors of both the fruits are combined in one, giving you the best of both the worlds. The popularity of the plumcots is getting higher every single day. This is due to their fantastic flavor and having qualities of two fruits in one. It is a delicious fruit and should be on your bucket list for foods that start with P.


foods that start with P

Papaya has a sweet yet not so sweet taste. The flavor of papaya is complicated to describe. An adequately cooked papaya will be green and orange in color. The texture of it is soft, and you can also eat the seeds of papaya. But, these seeds can be bitter and less sweet compared to the fruit itself. Papaya can be eaten raw. However, not many people have taste buds that approve of it. The widespread use of papaya is that it is used as a marinating agent for red meat.


A kind of apple that mainly grows in cold areas or winters. Pippins are the apples that are preferred while making an apple pie or an apple crumble. This is because they are more tasteful than a regular apple. 


For foods beginning with P, we have something for those who love wine and grapes. Pinotage is a type of grape used to manufacture the red wine. Dry red wine is made using pinotage. Several other ingredients are mixed in it too. For example, we have tobacco, blackberries, licorice, etc. 


foods that start with P

This fruit grows on a lot of different types of trees. As a result, Persimmon has a very distinct taste, and its texture is wet and silky. To describe the taste of a persimmon, consider it as a cross between sweet peppers and mangoes. This means that persimmons are sweet, tangy, sour, and deep in flavor all at the same time. 

Persian Melons

A member of the melon family. Persian melons are green on the outside, and the inside is quite orange. These melons are shaped as long ovals and do not have ridges. The flavour of a Persian melon is similar to that of an ordinary melon.

This was all for the list put together for foods that start with P. Now that you have learned about so many new foods beginning with P, how about a trip to the kitchen and trying some out? Learn new cuisines and try new flavours.

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