8 Best thigh exercises to lose fat fast

 Thigh exercises to lose fat fast. However, if you want to lose thigh fats while building strong, lean thighs then you must incorporate these exercise routines into your workout plans.

The key is to not to use isolated machine based exercise but instead use big movement, compound exercises.

We have compiled a list of 5 thigh exercises to lose fat.

8 Best thigh exercises to lose fat fast 

1. Squats

  • Reps 10
  • Set 3

Squats not only works your thighs, it always a full body workout. Make sure you are well rested for squats day!

One of the most important things in squats is getting the right form right so take your time and learn the basics first before jumping right into it

Check out these beginners guide in doing squats correctly:

2- Split-Squat

  • Reps 10
  • Set 3

Perfect workout to tone your thighs

Start off by grabbing a comfortable weight dumbbell in each hand. Put your left foot forward and right foot back. Keep your left knee over your ankle while bending both knees. Lower the right knee near the floor and return to your normal position

To get the form right, watch the video below:

3. Front exercise

  • Reps 10
  • Sets 3

This is a great core exercise. However, it is a very challenging exercise that will require strength, Start with a smaller weight and get the form right before moving up the weights. The core engagement needed to sustain this address does require a lot of effort.

However, you will soon reap the reward of your hard work. Watch this video to get a beginners guide in getting your form right

4. Lunges

Lunges target your quadriceps but it involves a lot more muscles. It also works your glutes, hamstring. Calves and core muscles.

Perfect exercise for toning your lower body.  Check out the video below to get your form right:

5.Glider Side Lunge

  • Reps 10
  • Sets 10

Through this exercise, you will feel your legs and glutes working. You will feel your inner thigh doing all the work.

You can try this at home or in the gym. Check out this video to get the form right:

6. Deadlifts

  • Reps 10
  • Sets 10

Deadlift is an exercise that will leave you huffing and buffing! But that is a great sign that you are burning through your calories.

Deadlift will make your glutes very strong while giving you a strong back. This exercise requires you to use pretty much all of your lower body muscles, which will result in burning a lot of energy.

As always get the form right, you might risk injury doing the wrong form. Check out this video below to get the correct form for beginners:

7- Step up

  • Reps 10
  • Sets 10

This exercise target much of your legs such as glutes, hamstrings etc. They are a great exercise for developing a single leg strength.

Check the video below to get the form right:

8. Scissor Legs Plank

  • Reps 15
  • Sets 10

Great exercise for inner thighs. This exercise will work not your inner thighs, but it’s movement will also work your arms,chest, core, and glutes.  

Get the form right and check out the video below:



These thigh exercises to lose fat fast will not only help you lose thigh fats but also help you get stronger. Most of these exercises target your core strength while strengthening other key muscles of your legs. Some of these exercises will help you burn a lot of calories which will contribute to your overall weight loss goals.

Start to Incorporate these thigh exercises to lose fat fast into your weight loss workout plan, exercise consistently and you will see a big change quickly!



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