Easy Guide to How Many Ounces in a Quart

An Easy Guide to How Many Ounces in a Quart 

You might find knowing how many ounces in a quart trivial, but do you know what all professional chefs have in common? Sure, the love for cooking is a major driving force, but what keeps their food taste consistent? What makes you revisit their restaurants repeatedly? The answer doesn’t lie in some cooking mantra. It’s rather simple.

It is precision, or to be more “precise,” consistent precision. All chefs know it and follow it to the letter. A chef’s kitchen is like a chemistry lab; too little and you won’t get what you need, too much, and you have ruined the reaction, or even worse, made an explosion – a disaster of taste for a kitchen. 

By adding just the right amounts, you can recreate the magic of your favorite flavor. That’s why we’ve brought you a simple guide of how many ounces in a quart to perfect your cooking skills.

 But first, let us see what is what.

What is an Ounce?

How Many Ounces in a Quart

You’re trying a new recipe, and it tells you the amount for every ingredient in it. So you head to the grocery store, but there is a problem. The pound or grams written on the recipe is nowhere to be found on the packaging. Instead, there is some number with the suffix “oz” written. 

Well, that is your ounce. An ounce is the lowest measurement unit of weight. You would generally find the measurement on things like pencils, a bag of chips, bread slices, etc. Why? Because they are pretty light. 

Ounce was in use for generations without a standardized value. But for cross-regional unification of units, it was standardized under the imperial system as 1/16th the value of a pound (lb). 

Types of Ounce (oz)

There are two types of ounces in everyday use:

  • Fluid oz

As the name suggests, fluid oz, usually represented as fl oz, is the ounce measurement for liquids. It is a unit of volume, whereas an ounce is a weight unit. 

  • Dry oz

Dry oz is the term used with an ounce measurement of weight. 

What is a Quart?

Do you know that small container – jug – with milk commonly found in grocery stores? That’s a quart. A quart is short for a quarter, a quarter of a gallon in the measuring system used for liquids. 

But what’s a gallon now? Don’t worry; we are about to take you through unit conversions in the simplest and most fun way possible. All to make you answer how many ounces in a quart and make you a better cook. 

How many Oz in a Quart

How Many Ounces in a Quart

Before we dive into the conversions, know that there are two types of measurement systems: the Imperial and US systems. You know how the US is with its allegedly annoying need for a different measuring system, but now isn’t the time to get into cheeseburgers per square inch. 

The two systems have different volume measurements for pints, gallons, fluid ounce, and quarts – the imperial system having the greater values. Luckily for you, we are here to help you in both. 

Let’s get some standard measurement units cleared first.

  • Gallon

A gallon (gal) is a measuring unit for fluid capacity and volume. The imperial value of one gallon equals 4.54609 liters, and the US value of one gallon equals 3.785411784 liters. 

  • Pint

A pint (pt) is a unit for fluid or solid capacity and volume measurement. The imperial value of one pint equals 0.125 imperial gallons (1/8th), and the US value of one pint equals 0.104084 imperial gallons.

  • Cup 

A cup is another common volume measure. For this one, you just need to know that one cup equals half a pint. 

  • Pound 

A pound (lb) is a measuring unit for weight. But since we have already established an ounce in pounds, we’ll go around some measurements to answer your question. The US value of one pound equals 0.119826427 gallons, and the imperial value of one pound equals  0.098039 gallons.

Now, we already know that one ounce equals one-sixteenth of a pound, and one quart is one-fourth of a gallon. It’s time for some quick maths for how many ounces in a quart:

16 oz = 1 lb

4 quart = 1 gal

1 gal = 8.34 lb 


4 quart = 8.34 lb 

4 quart = 8.34 (16 oz)

4 quart = 133.44 oz

1 oz = 0.03125 quart in the US system

Similarly, for the imperial system, one fluid ounce’s value equals 0.0260211 quarts. 

Since how many ounces in a quart – and how to calculate the measurements on your own –  is clear, let us look at some common conversions centered around ounces and quarts.

Common Measurements Table 

This table will act as a simple yet quick guide for your next meal you prepare – we are betting that spices ratios will be much better than your previous versions. 

1 oz0.03125 quart
32 oz 1 quart 
1 quart 2 pints
1 pints 2 cups 
1 cup16 oz
1 tablespoon 0.6 oz

Measurement Equipment 

What’s the point of knowing how many oz in a quart if you can’t measure the quantities. Your kitchen must have some sort of equipment to measure what you will be putting in your meals – precision is essential after all. 

Some common equipment includes:

Measuring Scale

How Many Ounces in a Quart

If you are a perfectionist – like most professional chefs aim to be – then investing in a measuring scale will take you a long way. You’ll find both digital and mechanical measuring/ weighing scales in the market. And though both will get the job done, we’d recommend that you opt for a digital one. 

A digital measuring scale will not only give you more precise measurements, but it’ll also have many units in the system – you won’t have to do the calculations. On the other hand, the mechanical measuring scale has a limited number of units marked, and the measuring needle needs to be adjusted. 

Measuring Spoons 

How Many Ounces in a Quart

Measuring spoons are those essential items that complete a Kitchen. You don’t have to be a professional chef to have them. The most common type of measuring spoons ranges from the size of 1 tablespoon to 1/8th of a tablespoon – 1 tablespoon = 0.6 oz as mentioned above. 

You can also use regular spoons for the job, but those aren’t always accurate and require some sound judgment and experience as a chef. 

Measuring Cups

You’ll also find cups of different sizes in the market that are quite helpful, especially if you are into baking. These cups allow you to measure fluids in pints, cups, quarts, and milliliters. 


How many oz in a quart has been answered, and we are confident that you’ll easily be able to follow your favorite cooking show and, maybe one day, even earn the seal of approval from Gordon Ramsey. 

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