Cooking With Color: Manuka Honey Costco

If you are looking for an outclass honey that comes with remarkable benefits, then Manuka Honey Costco might be the perfect match for you. Long review short, it tastes great and will do wonders for your skin.

Manuka honey is quite a rare product which means that it’s not only expensive but may also turn out hard to find at some places. And despite that, you’ll likely find it at your nearest Costco store – with a lot of other benefits mentioned above.

This review will serve as a quick brochure for the Costco Manuka honey that will most likely intrigue you into trying it out. However, if you have some quick queries, just scroll to the last section for the FAQ – but I really recommend taking the whole journey.

Let’s get started.

Costco Manuka honey originated from the wild regions of New Zealand and is certified for natural methylglyoxal – you’d want to look that up. The honey that comes to you is extracted in its purest form and gets professionally preserved to maintain its natural benefits.

But before we dive further, here’s what Costco offers you:

The delivery of the Costco Manuka honey is very effective, and the orders swiftly ship to your homes. And not just that, all the sourcing and entire packaging process are traceable. You can also return the product to any of the more than 800 Costco branches worldwide.

More to mention, you can also order a gift message to enhance the shipping/gifting experience. I find this taking convenience to a whole another level.

Coming back to the product, here’s the information you might have come here looking for:  Manuka Honey Costco is safe to eat for all gluten, Kosher, and Halal Concerns.  


The packing comes with a beautiful glass bottle and a colorful label around it. The overall packing instantly gives a premium feel. Though the packaging bottle is not that premium, preserving the honey and maintaining the goodness for extended periods is great.

This quality does add to the price, but the overall experience is truly worth the price.


Manuka honey is creamier and darker than your ordinary honey. A simple tip is to see if it’s see-through. If not, it’s the Manuka.

The taste is pretty much the natural sweet you get elsewhere, but there are hints of woodiness – coming from high antioxidants and phenolic acid levels.

The best part is that natural sweetness. It makes our honey the ideal and preferred topping on all kinds of dishes.

What to Expect?

Manuka Flower that makes the honey.
Manuka Flower

The Costco Manuka Honey comes with high-grade 10+UMF and 20+ UMF Pure, UNPasteurized, and Raw Honey. It also comes with an MGO 263+ and is non-GMO verified.   This honey has 45 calories per serving, which means that one or two spoons are ideal for daily use in your meal.

This sums up that the Manuka honey Costco has the finest quality and has some great benefits.

Note: Make sure to avoid Manuka Honey Costco if you are either diabetic or allergic to bees.

Overall, as most raw and unprocessed honey, this is indeed the healthiest honey type in the world. And it is not only certified but also is rigorously and thoroughly tested for its authenticity. And in case of any issue, each batch could be easily reverse engineered to the hive.

Benefits of Manuka Honey         

This honey is one of the most popular ones in its category. The main reason lies in the professionals’ supervision that ensures that all-natural benefits are preserved and the addition of methylglyoxal that does wonders for your body.

 Manuka honey has excellent healing power and is one of the best things that you can treat your stomach with. Researchers reveal that Manuka honey can be used to cure digestive problems with regular intakes. These may include abdomen pain, constipation, irregularities in the digestive tract, and conditions like diarrhea.

It has some great skincare benefits, aiding people with skin problems like allergies, acne, etc. Plus, it’s a great supplement to your diet and is safe to eat raw or with food.

With added natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, the Manuka honey is a great wonder food for your immune system. Moreover, with antioxidant properties, the honey is great for naturally healing sore throats, minor burns, and allergies.


The 8.8-ounce pack at Costco costs you $35. That’s $3.98 per ounce. A little expensive, but do I think it’s worth trying? With that taste and so many health benefits that I couldn’t name them all, definitely.


Manuka honey Costco gets a Hipsatfood rating of 8.5/10!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is The Manuka Honey At Costco Real?

Yes, the Costco Manuka honey is real and is purely tested for its quality. It comes in a raw and unpasteurized state.  It comes from remote areas of New Zealand. The batch of each bottle is completely traceable to the hive.

The honey is certified for natural methylglyoxal, which enhances additional health benefits up to 800+ MG/kg.

Is Trader Joe’s Manuka Honey Real? 

Trader Joe’s holds an essential place in the market. The trader’s Joe’s Manuka honey is okay and has the same things as the packages. So,  it’s okay to consume trader Joe’s Manuka honey.

What Is Level Of Manuka Honey Best?

In terms of numbers, it’s safe to assume that the best strength of honey is between UMF 10 and UMF 18. So anything greater than UMF 15 or more is considered high quality.

Plus, a K factor of 16 is a good indication of the amount of bee pollen.

Does Manuka Honey Really Work?

Yes, the studies and research have shown that the Costco Manuka honey is a great wonder food. It has excellent health benefits as it is a cure for most skin problems and bacterial issues.

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