Costco Dumplings Review

Bibigo steamed dumplings at costco.

Who does not love a savory, stuffed ball of dough? Especially when it’s soft enough to melt in your mouth or baked to perfection. Costco dumplings are Korean chicken and vegetables-filled dumplings that come in a ready-to-cook packet. They can be microwaved or steamed for 2 minutes and are ready to eat.

The Costco dumblings by bibigo are one of their hot selling items and are loved by many. Bibigo has achieved hype and maintained the legacy yet again.

With several products now trending at Costco, our excitement flourished that Bibigo started serving Chicken and Vegetable Steamed Dumplings for us to review. If you haven’t tried them yet, then let me be the first to recommend them to you.

We will start with the presentation, taste, and production process further down the blog.

If you have certain specific queries regarding the product, you can skip and scroll through the bottom and read FAQs.

Let’s get into it.


The packaging comes with six trays of separately packed dumplings. The packets include six little Korean dips to add to the flavors. The dumplings come ready to cook; all you have to do is steam or microwave them for two minutes. The Super convenient bibigo dumplings are very popular among the customers who need quick fixes for their meals.

Features of Bibigo Dumplings

These chicken and vegetables filled Costco dumplings have the following features:

  • Each of them has 15g of proteins
  • They serve as a good source of iron.
  • Easy to cook; microwave or steam.
  • Can be prepared in 2 minutes
  • Packed in separate portions
  • They have an authentic Korean Flavor
  • Different dips complement the dumpling’s taste.

Production And Ingredients

The ingredients of both dumplings and the dip are listed on the box.  The filling includes chicken, vegetables, flavorings, corn syrup, and yeast extract, whereas the dough was made of wheat and malted barley flour and had added salt, soybean oil, and water.

The dough is prepared in large quantities and filled, shaped, and cooked 70% before being frozen.  After this, the dumplings are packed separately in wrapped trays and shipped to their destinations like the Costcos near you.


The best thing about these dumplings is that they are convenient and delicious at the same time. It is both refreshing and exciting when your favorite food is an easy catch. The Costco dumplings have an overwhelming portion of filling that you can actually see the vegetables while eating – if that makes sense to you.

Each dumpling contains chicken,  cabbage, onion, and salty Korean seasoning. They are even described as just another version of Korean soup dumplings. They have a rich, savory flavor where the fillings feel like juicy broth.

As a food enthusiast, I honestly think that they are a great addition to my fridge.

The Finishing

Finding authentic and delicious Korean food can be difficult if you’re out of Korea.  However, increasing the popularity of Korean food especially because of its taste and being a healthy option, people are getting more into it. You might also name The BTS as a reason, but that’s an entirely different blog.

Whatever the true reason, bibigo dumplings have gained a lot of popularity.  They come prepared, are easy, and quick to cook – just a two-minute microwave, and you’re done.  These are good enough points for someone who wants an easy meal and no mess at all. Having your favorite food can not be easier than this.


The very popular Bibigo Steamed Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings are Costco Item Number 107699 and Retail for $11.99. Each package consists of 6 servings: six trays of dumplings and six Korean sauce packets. This shakes out to a price of $2 per serving, which is quite economical.

Overall, it checks all the right boxes in my reviewing criteria. Though taste preferences might differ, I think that if you have tried authentic Korean food, you’ll also like these dumplings.

It gets the Hipstafood rating of 8/10!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What dumplings does Costco sell?

Costco sells the Bibigo Steamed dumplings. They can be found in the frozen foods section.

How do you make Costco dumplings?

They are usually either steamed or baked in an oven. You can also use them in soups.

Are there soup dumplings at Costco?

Yes, the store has Costco Synear Soup Dumplings. You can also use the available bibigo dumplings at Costco for Korean soup.

Does Costco still sell Bibigo dumplings?


Are Costco dumplings good?

As per the popular opinion, YES. Costco dumpling is a great seller as it provides traditional Korean food taste.

How Many Calories are there in a serving of dumplings?

A serving of Costco bibigo dumpling has 150 calories and 7g of fat. A packet of the dip adds 15 calories. It’s a healthy food item.

Are there any allergy instructions on Bibigo Dumplings Costco?

The ingredients mention the presence of soy and wheat in the dumplings. These may trigger an allergic reaction in some people. The packet mentions the possibility and recommends avoiding it.

Are the trays Microwaveable?

The trays in which wrapping dumplings are microwaveable. They also allow you to prevent the mess afterward.

Is there any other way of making the dumplings other than Microwave?

Yes, the dumplings can be steamed for a couple of minutes in a pan or a steamer.

What are the ways to eat the Costco bibigo dumplings?

A Costco bibigo dumpling can be eaten with the dip or be added to a soup to make traditional Korean-style dumpling soup.

Is Costco bibigo dumpling an authentic Korean Food?

Yes, the recipe exactly follows what an authentic Korean dumpling is like. This quality is one of the main reasons that bibigo dumblings have gained such popularity.

Is Costco bibigo dumpling a healthy option for a quick meal?

It is a healthy option as it has all the nutritional balance in it. However, the dumpling contains high amounts of sodium, which can cause bloating and is not suitable for high BP patients. Other than that, it is a healthy option.

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