Costco Keto Bread, Is it really Keto?

Artisan Bakers keto bread costco

Welcome back to another CWC review of Costco products. Today we have the Keto Bread Costco by Artisan bakers. I felt the need to share this particular bread with you because of a hidden truth I’ve heard in the Costco community.

I am sure you know that Keto bread isn’t true bread. It is a substitute for people with dietary conditions.

Usually, people going for a strict keto diet are the ones on the lookout for this. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt you to try an alternative; it might even be good for you in some cases.

Here, we’ll take an honest look at the Costco product and conclude its legitimacy with facts. So, whether you have dietary restrictions or not, I recommend reading this blog till the end.

Let’s butter it up.

Artisan Bakers Keto Bread

First things first, let’s talk about the bread quality. In all fairness, I think that this is probably the best bread in the market with the “Keto” label. It’s not delicate or dry at all – like some other bread at Costco that’ll annoy you.

I think people have deemed it the best alternative to normal bread because it’s closest to what the real stuff tastes like – toasted or soft. That is really the fantasy of everyone who needs the Keto features.

The even bigger selling point here is the1 Net carb per slice label. With only 35 calories per slice, it seems to be the perfect option for a lot of people following dietary plans with low carbs without compromising other nutrients.

Nutritional Break Down with Ingredients

On paper, you get 1 Net carb, meaning that one slice has 11 grams of carb and 10 grams of fiber. What’s more is 0 added sugars, 6% DV Calcium, and 3 grams of protein.

That’s all good and nice, but let’s do a detailed nutritional breakdown considering the ‘keto’ factor. We’ll go through the main ingredients and see what they really do to and for the body.

Note: The intention here is not to specifically criticize a company’s product. You know we love Costco products here at Cooking With Color. The following things are solely based on scientific research.

Keto bread ingredients

Wheat Gluten

I’ll keep this as simple as possible, so you don’t have to look up complex biology terms. When your body digests this gluten, Zonulin – a protein – gets triggered, and tight junctions of the gut open. This means that you have unnatural space in your intestinal lining. More protein from the gluten passes into the bloodstream, which triggers the antibodies production, potentially attacking the thyroid.

In other words, not exactly what you want your immune system to be doing.

Tapioca Starch

Though cassava flour serves as a preferred alternative for wheat flour, the tapioca starch – derived from it – is problematic. If you are trying to maintain low blood sugar levels, you have to stay away from this.

The tapioca starch raises blood sugar levels!

Chicory Root Fiber

From quick Googling, you’ll see that chicory root is a fiber that ferments really fast, like a lot more than others. What does that mean for you? Bloating..

And we aren’t talking about marginal levels of ‘Bloatware’ either. Studies tell you that usually, it takes about 10 grams of it before you feel discomfort in the lower region. In one slice of this Keto bread Costco, you get 12 grams of it! That means mere one double sliced sandwich is enough to throw you way overboard.

Surprisingly, this isn’t some unknown fact either. Companies know about gastrointestinal tolerance and have even pulled it from the ingredients. Unfortunately, that is not yet the case for keto bread at Costco.

If you are launching a product that specifically targets the keto community, you should do the homework.

Soy Oil

The next one I want to point out is the soybean oil that is being used as the main fat here. Though it is not a lot, it’s 50% polyunsaturated and comes from Omega 6s.

You probably already know that Omega 6s can be inflammatory. Now combine that with the extreme instability of soy oil fat, and you have the perfect combination of things you don’t want in a keto diet.

The real question here is why even use soybean oil in the first place. The extraction process involves hexane, a neurotoxin, and gets heated so much that it peroxides the soybean oil, a process that’s not good even after it gets in your body.

Price of Keto Bread Costco

The Artisan baker’s Keto bread sells for $4.50 per loaf at Costco. The 18 OZ 2 loaves item number costs 1 cent less at $8.99.

CWC Rating

Well, I still think it’s pretty good-tasting bread and gets a good rating for that. But that’s just it. When examined in light of the ingredients, the Keto label tells you that it is very misleading and affects a lot of people who are following a ketogenic diet.

I’m afraid I’ve to burst the tasty loophole discovered by so many in the Keto community, but ‘it is what it is’.

Keto bread Costco gets a ‘Cooking with Color’ rating of 5/10.

Then what’s the solution?

Research, that’s it, I think. You have to carefully pick out products, study the ingredients, observe the feedback, and even trial and run the product yourself. I also recommend consulting a nutritionist as the safest method to avoid any problems.

And if you aren’t in the mood for any of that, why not learn to make keto bread yourself? That might just be the highest level of assurance you could get. I know that is certainly the case for me.


So, did you find this helpful? Let me know in the comments section below, and tell me what product you’d like me to review next. Make sure to check out the many Costco products I’ve already talked about, and I’ll see you in the next one. We are going to talk about Costco Peanut Butter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Costco keto bread made from?

The artisan bakers Keto bread at Costco is made from tapioca starch, soy oil, chicory root fiber, wheat gluten, water, oat fiber, yeast, flaxseed meal, cultured wheat flour, salt, guar gum, enzymes, and some preservatives.

But do these ingredients qualify for a Ketogenic diet? See above to find out.

Does Costco have a keto section?

Yes, Costco does have a Keto section with several baking options, gluten-free flours, etc. It’s a treat for the Keto community as these products can be expensive in other stores.

However, it is recommended to research the products and get opinions from experts. Some products can have the Keto label but have questionable ingredients.

Is Natural Ovens keto bread good for you?

The Natural Ovens keto bread has similar ingredients to the Artisan Keto bread Costco. To name a few, it contains wheat starch and soybean oil. They cause bloating, inflammation, and potential thyroid issues – not what you need in a keto diet.

Is Carbonaut bread really Keto-friendly?

Though it has a fair amount of carbs, the Carbonaut bread is considered the ideal keto diet choice. They use oleic sunflower oil that is stable at cooking and is also great for the body in general, especially for the ‘ketogenics’.  

If you can show some leniency in ingredients, I suggest trying the Carbonaut Low Carb Seeded Bread.

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