Costco King Crab Legs: Review by Cooking With Color

Costco king crab legs review by Cooking with colors.

All Hail the King! Well, king’s legs, to be precise. In continuance of reviewing my favorite finds at Costco, I am introducing you to some royalty, the Costco King Crab Legs. What you see above are the magnificent legs of the biggest and most delicious crab in the market.

The Costco king crab legs by Kirkland are available in the frozen foods section at your nearest Costco. These legs make the perfect fancy meal for holidays and special dinners. I’ll take you through everything you need to about them and clear a misconception that’ll save you good money.

There is also a brief Frequently Asked Questions section at the end that addresses the most common queries. You can skip right to that if you are a fellow foodie familiar with the product.

Let’s begin!

Where in Costco?

The meats section in the frozen foods aisle is where you need to be. They are usually among the promotional items during holidays or special seasons, which makes them much easier to find.

The packaging labels everything important where you must not forget to check the “Sell-By” date. Unless you will eat them the same day, try to find ones with longer sell-by dates.

If you are shopping for them during regular days, they’ll be in big packed boxes in the freezers of the fish and seafood aisle.


King Crab legs for sale at Costco

I have to talk about the taste before revealing the price to you. Consider this a build-up to the worthiness of the Costco king crab legs.

The taste, put simply, is unparalleled in its appeal. The meat in the legs has an exquisite sweet and savory taste. Steam them, boil them, bake them, stir-fry them, or grill them; you are not going to find a better tasting crab than the king.

There are streaks of red in the snow-white, moist, and succulent flesh. In my opinion, the king is right next to or even above the blue crab in terms of taste.

Frozen is Better

Some people have this perception that they are buying fresh king crab legs if it’s unfrozen. It would seem true in normal circumstances, but the case is entirely different with king crabs.

King crab legs are precooked and frozen right on the ship that caught them. That is the standard practice with crabs and happens wherever they are caught. Every so-called “fresh” line for sale you see contains defrosted crab legs.

Buying those just means that you’re buying a product that’ll ago bad sooner than others – in other words, not what you’ll ideally want. You don’t even know when they were defrosted. They might have gone bad even before you buy them.

Since it is not even that hard to defrost them yourself, the expert advice – mine – is always to buy them frozen. They’ll last longer and will actually be fresh. And you might not need to defrost the legs as there are a lot of ways to cook them frozen.

So stay safe, save your money, and thank me later.


Full King crab with legs

You think of white meat, and you already know it’s a better alternative to chicken, mutton, or beef. The Costco king crab legs serve as a great source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B-12, and some quality minerals – all this while being really low in fat and calories.

The Price

Now here’s the part that might make you pause and think about life choices in the middle of Costco. In the frozen foods section, the Costco king crab legs are sold for $28.99 per pound. They come in boxes of 10 pounds that contain both claws and legs. This makes it around $290 per box!

But when you hit the meat section for a smaller quantity – and unfrozen – the price per pound goes up to $33.33. The packaging contains two to three pounds of legs.

I’ve already told you the benefits of buying them from the frozen foods section. Yes, you’ll have to spend more at once, but the net total is cheaper, and your crab legs will truly be fresh.

And if it is your first time and you are skeptical of the taste, you can try the legs at some restaurant and then decide. Or you could just take my word for it. I’d honestly recommend the latter option.

Cooking With Color Rating

If you have paid attention up till now, you can guess that my opinion of the Costco King crab legs is mostly positive. I am confident in recommending this high-quality meat to all of you, despite it being a tad bit expensive.

So, them legs be popping with a rating of  9/10!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are king crab legs at Costco?

They go for $28.99 per pound in the frozen foods section and $33.33 in the meats section. The legs at the meat section are defrosted.

How much is a pound of king crab legs?


Does Costco have Alaskan king crab?

Yes, the Alaskan king crabs are available at Costco for around $49.43 per pound. It’s better to go for the 3-pound packet as it usually has better selections.

Can you freeze Costco king crab legs?

Yes, you can freeze them. They will retain flavor for about three months in a frozen state. It’s recommended to buy frozen crab legs in the first place. They stay fresh and last longer.

Can king crab legs be refrozen?

Yes, you can refreeze them. However, refreezing could potentially make the meat dry and stingy.

Why is Alaskan king crab so expensive?

Because they are from Alaska would be a correct answer to this question.

First, the crabbing process is very dangerous as the harvesting is in the freezing Alaskan waters during fall.

Second, Alaskan Crabs are scarce. Their supply is officially regulated to keep the industry alive.

Third, it takes seven to nine years of age for a crab to qualify for legal retention.

Fourth, the crabs go through a journey of thousands of miles before you get to eat them.

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