Costco Smoked Salmon: Reviews by Cooking with Color

Costco Smoked Salmon Review by Cooking with color

Welcome back to the Costco review series at Cooking with Color. I have been covering all the good things I love at Costco as recommendations, appreciations, and critiques for the Hipstafood family. And today, the product to talk about is the Costco Cooked Salmon.

Smoked Salmon, an exotic fish food by Kirkland Signature, is waiting for you at the nearest Costco – possibly.

Costco stores have products stocked, varying with location and brand. The store does this to keep circulating new brands in and out. So, you might not find this particular one at your Costco. But not to worry, it will probably have some nice smoked salmon from another brand.

Where is it from?

Coming back to our today’s feature, Costco Smoked Salmon comes all the way from Norway. The Atlantic Salmon grows up on a well-recognized farm. Now, of course, some people have doubts about fish farms and prefer buying wild Salmon only. Not to say that I am not really one of those, but I recommend you look that up on your own.


This is honestly something that I really like. The Costco Smoked salmon comes in two 12 ounce packs (0.75 lb per pack) that are joined together. It is a very convenient thing since, more often than usual, you’ll end up opening just one pack – at least that is the case with me.

This lets you keep it fresh for a longer period of time. But, nothing too serious here; it will maintain its taste for about three weeks if you store it in a sealed container after opening.

Texture and Taste

Compared to smoked salmons from other brands in the market, the Costco Smoked Salmon from Kirkland is thinly cut. The thin slices remove the gummy-like texture you would otherwise feel. You would also prefer serving it a few minutes after taking it out of the fridge – the little fat and skin make it easier to separate.

As for the taste, there’s the obvious smokey flavor, which, in my opinion, isn’t overwhelming at all. Then there is the saltiness to the Salmon, and that is pretty much it – the meatiness tastes exactly as you expect it would.


A nice thing to mention about the Costco honey smoked Salmon is – as labeled on the box – that the fish were raised without antibiotics. This gives a series of advantages to both fish and human health. Do Google the risks of antibiotics in fish farming; you’d be blown away.

As for the nutrition value, the 2-pack offers you 13.2g of protein (as expected), 7g of fat, no carbs, loads of sodium, and plenty of vitamin D.

How to eat Costco Smoked Salmon?

The old-school way is to have it as bagel toppings, but it goes with a variety of other main dishes as well, like cream cheese and crackers platters. It just serves as great alternative meat, and it is a really good convenient option to have from time to time – makes your food “not boring.”


The smoked Salmon Costco costs just $19.99, which is the best price in the market for farmed smoked Salmon.

Cooking With Color Rating

Great nutritional value, better than expected taste, and extremely good value for money, makes me want to give it a higher than usual rating. But if I am being entirely fair, taste preference could matter a lot here, particularly in the level of smokiness.

So, the Smoked Salmon Costco gets a Cooking with Color rating of 8.75/10!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is smoked Salmon from Costco cooked?

The smoked Salmon at Costco comes dry-cured with brown sugar and salt. The smokiness comes from natural wood.

Does Costco sell hot smoked Salmon?

Yes, you can find Foppen hot smoked salmon and Kirkland Hot Smoked Norwegian Salmon at Costco.

How long does Salmon from Costco last?

Normally, you should eat it within two days of purchasing. Though if you have some marination involving preservatives like soy sauce and honey, it can stay good in the fridge for more than a week.

Where does Costco get their Salmon from?

Costco has Salmon from different brands. One popular Salmon is the Kirkland smoked salmon.

Can I freeze smoked Salmon from Costco?

Yes, smoked salmon can be frozen if not being consumed on the same day. However, make sure the container is airtight, the salmon condition is good beforehand, and there is nothing in the container that will affect the meat – like marination.

Is Costco smoked salmon good?

Costco stocks smoked salmons from different brands. They are all good but have different levels of smokiness.

Can Kirkland smoked Salmon be frozen?


And that’s it. let me know if you have tried it in the comment section. Share your take on the popular Costco product and let the community benefit. See you in the next article!

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