High-intensity workout for beginners

What is High-intensity workout

The high-intensity workout is the exercise where you alternate between periods of mostly all out and low effort this exercise pushes your body to us it is metabolic limits while the low intensity allows you to recover.

High-Intensity training was originally made famous by Arthur Jones in the 1970s. It is debated that while Arthur Jones made it more favors, it was actually founded in the 19th century by a doctor named Gustav Dander.

Since it’s foundation, High-intensity workout has been widely used for weight loss. It’s designed in a way that will make you lose a lot of calories in a very short amount of time.

High interval intensity weight loss workout Plan

It is important to start off slowly and gradually build up. High interval intensity training is hard and will take huge effort to conquer. This means you should design your exercise plan in a way that you are well rested for your HIIT workout day. Make sure you take a recovery day afterward. It is not advised to go back to back HIIT workouts to lose weight, it might be detrimental to your weight loss plan and less effective as you have not recovered from the previous day.

For a successful HIIT, a rule of thumb is the quicker the interval time, the more intense it is. Intensity is the main objective.

Choose your cardio exercise

So now you are ready, choose an exercise e.g running, cycling, bike, stairs. You can do interval training pretty much just about anything. Now that you have chosen your exercise, make sure you warm up for about 10 minutes. Warming up is very important!

Interval                                                         Cardio HIIT Workout for Beginners

8 mins Warm at a comfortably easy pace, start easy and slow here and make sure you are very comfortable. As you go past 4 minutes, start increasing your incline slowly.
3 mins Resting: Put up your speed a little higher by 2%. It should be at comfortable conversational . You will be feeling like your exercising but at a very comfortable rate
1 min Work Set: raise your intensity level by 1-3%.  This will make you feel a small change in intensity, and you might start to breath faster. If you feel like this is easy then further increase your incline.
Rest Set: Ok, lower your speed level and start to descend to your normal heart rate. This doesn’t have to be at the same rate as previous set
1 min Training Set:  Increase your speed a little higher and increase your incline to about 2%
2 min Resting: lower your speed level and your heart will lower to a it’s normal comfort level
8 min Keep decreasing your speed to very low level and fall back to a comfort rate..cooling down as you go along


High interval intensity workout is a great choice for weight loss. It will push your body to its metabolic limits while the intensity of the exercise will make you lose a lot of calories. Make sure you drink a lot of water during this exercise and stay hydrated. Ensure your muscles and body is warmed up.


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