How to lose weight fast at home without exercise

Looking for ideas on how to lose weight fast at home without exercise. That is indeed possible.  Be aware that you would lose weights more quickly if your weight loss plan includes diet and exercise.

Weight loss is all about eating fewer calories than you burn during the day. You can’t lose a lot of weight purely from diet alone, but a realistic weight loss of 1 to 2 pound per week is achievable. Exercising is essentially the key to losing a lot of weight as it will burn a lot of calories however if you hate exercising but want to lose weight we have 5 ways you can achieve that.

How to lose weight at home without exercise:

1. Weigh yourself

Stop being in denial. Is take responsibility for your weight and become aware of how much you weight. Start weighing yourself fairly. Start weighing yourself naked or wearing minimal clothes. Weighing yourself without heavy clothes will give you an accurate reading of your weight. Make you measure your weight continuously to see your progress, every 2-3 day and write them down.

Weighing yourself always has a psychological effect as it keeps you responsible and focuses on losing the weight goal you set. As your weight loss plan gets difficult it will act as a motivator as you can see how much you lost since you started.

2. Reduce the size of your plate

First, you must be able to calculate your calories intake and take 500-1000 away per day. That means reducing what you eat. A good trick to train yourself to do this is using a smaller size plate. Most people use an average plate size of 11 to 12 inches wide. Start becoming aware of this and start using a 9 to 10-inch wide plate. This will cut about 23 percent off the amount you serve yourself according to Dr. Wansink. This will all add up in the course of the weeks and you would have reduced a considerable amount of calories from your usual intake.

3. Have a food planner and write down your food

Start writing down what you eat and how much calories in there. Keep a food diary. Writing down. There is many apps you can use to monitor your food intake. You can use these apps to make simple or if your old fashion you can just write it down!

Writing it down will help you stay more disciplined and stick to your plan.

4. Eat well

Skipping breakfast is not a good solution. Eating a good breakfast that is full of fiber is a perfect diet solution. Eating a good breakfast will stop you getting hungry and snacking away as the day goes on.

Eat a good breakfast will help you stick to your calories intake, while also maintaining the energy you need to get on with your day! Not sure about what to eat for breakfast? check out our best breakfast for weight loss article.

5. Sleep well

Sleep plays a big part in losing weight. People who sleep less than seven hours gain more weight, find it hard to lose weight, and overall heavier than those who sleep more. This was found by a research conducted at Columbia University.

Sleeping also stops late snacking, so get going to bed early and with this simple step, you will start losing weight. As long as you stick to your diet plan.

These simple 5 steps will help you lose weight. Make sure you stick to this plan, consistency will be the biggest factor in whether you will lose weight or not. 


Losing weight fast at home without exercise is not easy however it can be achieved. Check out the 2 weeks diet system. This is a program that will teach you all the “insider secrets”. It includes teaching you effective fat-burning tricks that lose weight fast. It will help you lose weight fast at home without exercise

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