kettlebell fat loss workout

Kettlebell fat loss workout combines cardio with strength training. It can be done at home or at the gym, which makes it a hit for those that want to exercise it at home. You can burn a lot of calories doing kettlebell exercise, amazingly a research by American Council on Exercise found that a person burns 400 calories doing kettlebell exercise. Kettlebell strengthens your core and upper core and more research has found that it significantly reduces the back neck and shoulder pain.

Let’s start with 5 different techniques you can start your kettlebell exercise journey. These different techniques will help you lose weight fast while strengthening your core and upper core muscles.

You need to take your safety seriously if you have never done a kettlebell workout before. Kettlebell involves a lot of swinging moves, this makes you prone to injuries if you are not handling it correctly. Start with a  smaller weight that you can handle comfortably before moving on to heavy sizes.

6 Kettlebell fat loss workout

1. Kettlebell deadlift

Starting with a kettlebell deadlift will be an effective way to correct your posture.

Hold a kettlebell in with both hands. Make sure you bend at the waist and keep your back straight. Make sure you control your movement. Please check the video below to learn the correct form to do kettlebell deadlift:

2. Kettlebell Squats

A great exercise for toning the glutes. Make sure you are balanced and know how to effectively handle your kettlebell weight for maximum muscle workout. Do 20-25 reps and feel the full effect. Check out the video below for guidance

3 Kettlebell windmill

This is a killer exercise that will leave with a very toned body. It focusses on your Oblique and Torso. You will start to see a smaller waist the more you do. Check out the video below to get a guide on how to this exercise correctly:

4. Kettlebell Squat and Swing

A great exercise that will tone your back and shoulders while working your core. This classic exercise will get your heart rate up. This exercise is all about explosive swing, so make sure you are in full control of the kettlebell. Learn from this tutorial the correct form:

5. kettle, 5-Move Workout

This workout will help you burn a lot of calories. to get the hang of it start with the lightweight first you can increase the amount of repetition as you become stronger. but it is important to initially focus on learning the correct form and only increase the weight after you can do 15:20 reps these moves quickly. check out the video below to understand how to do the correct form:

6. Turkish get up

Your arms will get tired after doing this workout. This will make them stronger and well defined. Make sure you start with a very lightweight kettle in order to get the hang of it. The form is very important. Check out the video below to understand how to do it correctly:


The kettlebell fat loss workout is a great choice for weight loss and strengthening of your muscle. Make sure you follow the correct form in order to avoid unwanted injuries. Start off with small weights and increase as you go along. Starting with a low weight will help you get the basic form right. Gradually you can increase the weights.




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