list of 30 food that starts with U

Looking for food that starts with u? We will list 30 food that starts with u, that you can make at home or eat somewhere else. There are a lot of foods that start with u, however, we will narrow this down to a short list.

Food that starts with U


If you’re familiar with Japanese cuisine, then you might have possibly heard of Urchin. Urchin is a sea shell covered in projecting spines. It is part of popular cuisine in japan.  is a very popular cuisine in japan. The locals usually call it Uni and it’s eaten in sushi and sashimi dishes. It can also be eaten as part of delicacy.

Urchin is very popular in japan, japanese eat almost half of the sea urchin’s in the world.


Another combination for sushi or casual rice, its usually grilled over charcoal.. This is a freshwater eell in japan. The unagi can never be eaten raw, as its blood contains toxins


This is a condiment for rice. Its mainly used in Japan as a fruit known as ume fruit. Ume, is used for its juice.


Another food that starts with u is Upma. A dish served as a breakfast in srilanka and south india. This is a porridge which is made from rice flour or semolina. 

It’s also called uppumavu can be eaten as a snack and usually served with some vegetables or fruits

Umble Pie

This is a pie made of meat. Its made of different kind of minced organ meat such as kidney, heart etc. The meat is from deer and this is medieval based cuisine, where only the wealthy could afford the favourite cut of meat and the less wealthy resorted to the undesired organ parts. This is where the “humble pie” phrase came from


Another food that starts with u is Ubatza. This is a german snack, based on soft cheese. This is bavarian dish, that is easy to make. The main ingredients contain soft cheese, butter. And wheat beer 

Urad Dal

A n indian dish full of protein and vitamins. Urad dal is a lentil dish and also known as Split Black Gram.


This is a dish from siberia, its their tradition dish in souther siberia. Urbebes is a salad dish, made from cheese, chili, salt and other species. Its mostly eaten with fast food.


Another popular dish in japan. If you have been to japan, then you might have heard of it. This is a wheat flour noodle dish


Ugali is a food beginning with u.

This is a dish consumed in alot of african countries. It’s known by different names by different countries such as nshima. This is maize porridge, and boiled in hot water/milk until it becomes stiff.


Continuing the list of foods that start with u is Ukha

Ukha, is a traditional russian fish soup. This soup is rich in protein and vitamins, other than the obvious fish in the ingredients. The fish soup contains chopped vegetables, herbs and alot of spice


This food that starts with U, originated from the philippines.  This is vbrighly coloured sweet potato that is boiled and mashed with milk. The whole ingredients is chilled and creates the ube halaya pudding

It’s sweet, and mild flavour is perfect for desert


Another african food begining with u.

This is sausage stuff with rice, herbs, lamb and more ingredients which is usually eaten with a main dish such as couscous.

This is a traditional dish of tunisia. 


This is a nigeria soup. Its made of variety of ingredients. The main ingredients being fish/ meat,oil, ghazni leaves

Ukrainian rolls

This is very popular in ukraine, in the old times, it was a must have dish with every feast. It contain minced meat, yes, flour, eggs and some vegetables and shaped in to bun, where it its made into a baked bun ready to be eaten

 Urgelia Cheese

This is a cheese native to northern spain, it’s made from pasteurized cow’s milk and has this hard organe look.


This is native to india, specially its Maharashta region. This is dish made with beans, suitable for vegetarins.  It can be eaten with rice and bread


This is another great food beginning with u that is suitable for vegetarins.

Urap is native to indonesia, its a steamed vegetable combined with some spice that is grated in coconut

Umbricelli Pasta

When you hear the word pasta, then of course italy comes to mind. There are so many different kind of pasta and Umbricelli pasta is one kind.

This pasta is native to the italian province of siena, its fat and hand rolled.

Ugli Fruit

Known as the Jamaican tangelo. This is a widely grown fruit in Jamaica. It’s the Jamaican citrus fruit.


Uska, is a food beginning with u that originates in Poland. Its similar to the Ukrainian roll.

Uska, is a dumpling that is filled with minced meat and mushroom and usually eaten with butter and some herbs

Umbu fruit

This is very common in brazil and is the brazilian version of the plum. This fruit is mainly grown  in northern brazil, it derives from dry areas and grows on the chaparral shrubs


We talked about the umbu fruits above, which grows in brazil. well,  the umbuzada is the juice of the umbu fruits and is consumed in brazil


This time’s food that start with u originates from europe.

Uunijuusto, is a known dish in finland. Its similar to dish and made from colostrums of cows. Sometimes local can also make it from eggs combined with regular milk.


Uthappam is another foods that start with u that originates from India.  Its a common breakfast dish  in south India, where it originated from. It’s a pancake made from lentils, herbs, spice, rice and some onions. 

Its usually eaten with another dish on the side such as podi or sambar

Upside-down Cake

If your american, then this food is probably the one you heard of the most. Upside down cake was very popular in 11950’s, it was one of the most baked cakes back then

 its popularity went down however lately its re-emerging. The cake can be made with a variety of fruits.

U-no Bar

This is a chocolate bar produced by the Annabelle Candy Company. Its made from  milk chocolate and sugar primarily with some ground almond covering


This is a traditional dish for bantu people in Africa. Bantu’s live in various countries across africa. This dish is a combination of samp, sugar beans. Butter, and other vegetables  


This is a traditional dish of nigerian descent. This is also known as breadfruit. You can cook it adding the ukwa with palm oil, combining it with fish and vegetables, spice, and herbs


The last of another another Nigerian food that starts with a u. Ugba, is a common Nigerian dish. Ugba, is the native igbo meaning for African oil bean seeds

Its a combination of ingredients of oilbean, palm oil, crayfish, vegetables, herbs, and species.

Urfa biber

Moving on to a food beginning with u that originates in turkey. The Urfa biber, is a dried turkish pepper. It got its name from the urfa region in turkey, where its cultivated


This is speculated to be originated from romania and russia, however its commonly consumed in balkan countries


is a cheese, made from the whey of sheep, goat, or cow’s milk.


This is a flowering plant in the family Basellaceae. It’s mainly consumed as root vegetable and leaf vegetable. It’s very popular in the Andean region of south America.

Its grown for its edible tubers, and provides a lot of nutrients for people living in those high altitude environments its grown in.

Uglies biscuits

Last of the food that starts with u is uglies biscuit. It’s a crunchy cocoa biscuit cookie that is filled with chocolate milk 


That’s it for food that starts with u. This is a long list of 34 food beginning with u. If you liked or intrigued by any of them, stay around, as we will be writing recipes to make this food.

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