20 exquisite food that starts with V

Don’t start scrolling just yet. Instead, try to name some food that starts with V, say, at least 10. We are betting you weren’t able to reach that number, and that’s understandable. The letter V isn’t prosperous when it comes to food items. The foods do, however, have a somewhat tough vocabulary. 

That is why in this article, we have brought you not 10 but 20 foods that start with V that’ll refresh and append your foodie mind. 

Food that starts with V


 food that starts with V

We know it’s quite early in the article to be trying vodka shots, but we had to start off with something popular for food that starts with V. It’s a popular alcoholic beverage made with water and ethanol. Unlike other alcoholic drinks, Vodka is clear as water.

Though drinking too much of it obviously bad for you, it can help with your blood circulation and lowering cholesterol – when drank moderately. 


 food that starts with V

Vol-au-vent, formerly known as patty case, is a hollow laminated dough made puff pastry. It is like a baked puffy pot made with two puff pastries – the hollow container and a lid. You’ll be eating with this whatever filling you like. We recommend you try the cheesy chicken and veggie combo. 

Nutritionally, alone it has little value with some carbs and protein. However, you can make them as healthy as you want with the fillings. 


 food that starts with V

Vla is a dutch exclusive dessert or snack made with fresh milk (zuivel). Interestingly, Vla isn’t your typical dessert. Some requirements must be met under the Product Law Decision Dairy of the country for a dessert to be worthy of the name Vla. 

The requirements include specific percentages of dairy ingredients such as cow milk and fat. It does have different flavors like vanilla and chocolate and tastes like a thick custard. Nutrition-wise, it has some carbs with hints of fat and protein. 

Vitello Tonnato

 food that starts with V

Vitello tonnato is an Italian dish made with Piedmontese cattle’s veal slices served with tuna flavored white sauce. It is a chilled dish popularly eaten in summer and may also include canned tuna. It has a simple taste, but hundreds of variations are out there to complement the creamy meaty taste.

Nutrition-wise, there is plenty of protein, vitamin B-12, and vitamin B-6, followed by fat and a long list of minerals like iron and zinc. All in all, the Vitello tonnato is super healthy. 


 food that starts with V

Vinegar is the flavored acetic acid solution that serves many purposes in your kitchen. It is generally used to provide sourness to your food. It is vinegar that gives you the kick in mayonnaise, ketchup, and other sauces. 

Nutritionally, a tablespoon gives you around 2 to 5 calories with traces of potassium and sodium. 


 food that starts with V

Viennoiserie is the middle ground between French bread and a patisserie. It is a rich puffy baked good made with leavened yeast dough, which is laminated – you can say that it is a richer version of regular patisserie. They are flaky and crunchy with a soft sweet taste.

Nutritionally, viennoiserie is a really good carbs source with a decent amount of fat and some protein.

Vienna Sausage 

 food that starts with V

Vienna Sausage is smoked beef and pork sausage with a sheep intestine casing. They taste like the American hotdogs but are much longer and thinner. You will also find them canned and sliced to be eaten directly. 

Nutrition-wise, the sausage is rich in protein, fat, and sodium. And though they have some health benefits, eating loads of them on a daily basis is not recommended. 

Victoria Sponge Cake 

 food that starts with V

Victoria Sponge Cake is a jam and whipped cream-filled sponge cake with two slices. It got its name from Queen Victoria herself, who loved the sliced cake with afternoon tea. It is like a cake sandwich that complements your hot beverage with creamy and sweet puffiness.

As for the nutrition, the royal cake is super rich in carbs, sugars, and fat with decent traces of protein. It’s light on the stomach but heavy in carbs. 


 food that starts with V

Vichyssoise is a French soup made with pureed leeks, potatoes, onions, chicken stock, and cream. The soup is open to experimentation, but the standard way to eat is cold. Taste-wise, it is salty, smooth, creamy, and a good thirst quencher. 

A bowl of vichyssoise has plenty of carbs, fat, and protein, followed by vitamin A, vitamin C, cholesterol, sodium, and iron.


Here comes another alcoholic beverage in our list of foods that start with V.  Vermouth is a fortified wine – not a spirit as believed by many – with a herbal flavor and aroma. You’ll find several flavors of this wine, all complemented by a citrus slice. 

It does the job of wine but does has some traces of carbs, protein, sodium, potassium, and some iron.


Vermicelli is a spaghetti-like traditional round pasta. It looks like threads of thin pasta creating a delicious mess with the vegetables and meats. The ingredients include refined rice or flour, and taste-wise, it is a blend of your regular pasta with a somewhat sweet kick. 

Nutrition-wise, vermicelli is a great source of carbs with very low traces of fat, protein, and iron.


Venison is the meat you hunt for, the meat of an elk or a dear. The term can be used for any part of the hunted animal. Taste-wise, you’ll find it earthy, smooth, firm, and rich yet not as juicy as beef. 

Nutritionally, it is packed with loads of protein and iron while being poor in fat. In other words, it is that perfect protein source you were looking for. 


Velveeta is a soft and creamy brand cheese with flavors of American cheese. It is much more premium than your regular cheese and thus is more expensive. The clump-free texture available in many flavors makes it worthy of being in our foods that start with V.

Nutrition-wise, you’ll find decent protein and fat in the cheese, followed by some calcium and sodium. 

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is a food that has been in the world for ages. The stock and cream-based versions are the most popular ones. Taste-wise, it’ll be a blend of flavors from however many vegetables you’ll add to it. 

Nutritionally, the soup is obviously amongst the healthiest in this list of food that starts with V. it is rich in different vitamins with decent carbs, protein, and fat. It may be a kid’s nightmare, but moms love it. 

Vegetable Oil 

It’s the oil extracted from vegetable seeds, fruits, seeds, nuts, or grains. Vegetable oils are not only healthier, but they serve many other purposes as well – for instance, hair oils. A good thing about vegetable oil is that it has no taste. So you only get the full flavor of the food you are cooking. 

Nutritionally, it is a healthy fat source. Still, you’ll need to be careful with the unsaturated fats, which oxidize upon heating, and that’s not a good thing. 


It is the meat of calves, young cattle. It costs more than beef and is also called the chicken of red meat due to its delicate flavor and tenderness. They’ll make you super delicious steaks – a worthy inclusion in food beginning with V.

Nutritionally, it is loaded with protein, vitamin B-6, cobalamin, and cholesterol. 


Vada is a deep-fried South Indian snack that looks like a doughnut’s desi version. The savory food is made with batters of different lentils. Taste-wise, they give you a greasy and oily taste of soft lentils batter with a crispy coating. 

Nutritionally, the snack is a good protein, carb, and fat source with traces of iron, vitamin C, and calcium. However, the diabetics are strictly advised to stay away from this food beginning with V.

What is a Fruit that starts with V

We’ll be ending our list of food that starts with V on some fruits. 

Valencia Orange 

Valencia oranges are all-purpose hybrid citrus oranges with a perfect sweet and tart blend. They are very high in demand in the refreshing juices world. Not just because they taste really good, but for the fact that they don’t turn bitter sitting for prolonged times – no limonin in them. 

Nutritionally, being citrus, they are really rich in vitamin C. They also have decent traces of vitamin A, carbs, calcium, and protein. 

Velvet Apple 

Velvet apple is a tropical fruit that somewhat resembles a peach. They can easily be distinguished through tiny brown hairs on the skin. The flesh is white and crispy, while the taste is described as a blend of bananas, apples, mango-strawberry yogurt, and some berry-flavored bubblegum. 

Nutritionally, it has good sugar, carbs, calcium, and potassium levels while being a decent source of vitamic A, C, and some iron. 

Victoria Plums 

The oval-shaped Victoria plum is our last food beginning with V. It’s an English plum ripe for you in August. Taste-wise, it is heavenly sweet and succulent with yellowish red flesh.

Nutritionally, they have some carbohydrates and vitamin C combo and zero fat.

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