6 Yoga poses for weight loss

Yoga poses for weight loss has many forms and shape. If you have read our introduction to Yoga you will understand Yoga has many health benefits including weight loss. Yoga poses for weight loss may not be as an effective as cardio as you burn way more in cardio exercise then Yoga. However, it helps you lose weight.

Yoga helps you lose weight and there is research to back up this claim. In a study that involved 15,000 adults in their 50’s,  conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre found those that practice Yoga at least once a week for 4 or more years loss 5 pounds of weight on average. Those who didn’t practice on average put on 13.5 pounds of weight.

Yoga poses for weight loss will help you burn calories, but its main benefit for losing weight comes from its mental effect. Feeling overwhelmed and stress leads to a poor diet. Yoga is proven to reduce stress, which in turn lowers cortisol level.

Cortisol level is the stress hormone that causes you to gain weight, of course lowering these hormones will help you lose weight.

Yoga poses for weight loss:

What is Asana

Asana simply means Yoga poses. Asana loosely translates “ to be in a  comfortable seated position”. We have compiled 7 Asana’s you can do that will bring awareness both internally and externally. They will help you build strength, flexibility, and burn calories through its physical exertion.

1. Tree Pose

  • Hold for 40 seconds

This looks easy until you try to attempt it. It is hard to balance it looks like. Make sure you warm up before attempting it.

Start off by taking your left foot in to rest on the outside of left thigh. Make you are standing fully straight and your back is not bent. Your body might be hard to balance initially and tend to lean forward when trying to balance but keep your shoulder back.

Keep your hands together at your heart while trying to lift them above your head with your hands pointing to the ceiling. Check out this video to get guidance:

2. Chair Pose

  • Hold for 40 seconds

You can simply call this the squat version of Yoga. It mainly works quadriceps. As always make sure you warmed up to avoid any injuries

Get yourself into a squatting position by keeping your feeting together and the arms straight above you.

Make sure your knees are not bent too way forward and your are able to still see your feet as you look in front of you. Don’t arch your back too much while trying to tick your hips slightly.

Get your thighs as parallel to the floor as possible without changing your form. Check out this video for more guidance:

3. Half Boat Pose

  • Hold for 40 seconds

This pose directly works the tunny making a great Yoga pose for weight loss. During this pose you will feel your ab muscle working hard.

To do this pose correctly put your palms down on the grown and start raising the legs first. Start raising the arms so that they are parallel with the ground and make sure you are stable enough first.

Check out this video for further guidance:

4. Crown Pose

  • Hold for 40 seconds

This is a quite advanced yoga pose, however, is better to challenge yourself early on. Practicing this pose will help you burn calories and build arm strength.

You can start by getting in to into low squat position with your hands on the mat in front of you.

Place the knees on the edges of your upper arms while coming up on your tiptoes. Start to shift your weight forward until your toes are nearly touching the ground. Try lift one foot up in the air and after you done that try the other. Keep your core engaged and your make sure you back is rounded. Check out this video for beginners guidance:

5. Side Plank

  • Hold it for 40 seconds

This plank will work your abs, it will help you build your core strength while losing some calories.

Start in normal plank position with your palms facing down on the mat, making sure your toes are together on the mat.

Commence tilting your feet until your right foot is touching the mat and the left foot is on top of it. Start shifting the weight on to your right hand while removing your left hand from the grown and carefully lift your arm straight up ahead. Check out this video for more guidance:

6.Child’s Pose

  • Hold for 40 seconds

You might want to do this pose in the end, after doing all the hard work involved in other poses. This pose is completely for relaxation and that’s why it be best to do it in the end.

Start by bending your knees, and rest your forehead on the grounds in front of you. Put your arms behind your pr in front of you. Now mentally start focus on relaxing, there is no more physical work to do.hold in long breaths and feel the full relaxation. Check out this video for more guidance:


Start implementing these Yoga poses for weight loss into your overall weight loss plan. Make sure you get the form right, it is very important you learn how to do these poses correctly.

Having a appropriate guidance can seriously impact you to achieve your goals quicker than without it. Check out our Yoga Burn system review




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