Don Julio 1942 Costco

Don Julio 1942 Costco

This one is exclusively for those who like to keep it premium and classic. The Don Julio 1942 Costco is tequila worthy of being on your top shelf. The amber-gold color in a classical bottle is sure to catch your guest’s attention. It has that unique Mexican filter from American movies. 

Note: Scroll down to the FAQ section if you just have some queries regarding the premium tequila. 

The Don Julio 1942 Costco was bestowed onto the world to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the tequila by Don Julio Gonzalez. The drink is a smooth Anejo that sits well over a year in oak barrels before adding to the liquor aesthetics of your showcase – trust me, it stands out. 

We’ll start from the presentation and work our way down to the price while covering all the basics. So, bring out the liquor connoisseur in you, and let’s dive in – but not too much; we need to be conscious of the premium experience.


The presentation and design of this tequila are some of the main reasons you’ll find it comparatively costlier. Just like every other company on the planet, when it comes to their flagship or celebration product, presentation and design is made an experience to remember.

The Don Julio 1942 Costco has a presentation doing just that. You’ll mostly find it in a huge, nicely labeled box that’ll feel premium from the moment it catches your eyes at Costco. The bottle itself takes you back in the luxuries of the past. The shape, color, and labeling make it look like you have something decades old but in perfect condition. It is this very feature that I believe intrigues people at Costco and guests at your home.

You might disagree with the pricing of this product considering it’s just an Anejo, but I strongly suggest you take the presentation into account. And if this entirely subjective suggestion doesn’t do it for you, I’ll tell you where you can find this beauty for cheap at the end.


The company does it all on a family estate. Here’s how it goes.

The agave cooks in a Horno oven and is slowly roasted for more than 70 hours, followed by a shredder or roller extraction. It then goes through distillation in stainless pot stills, and the 40% abv tequila is then aged in oak barrels for almost two years.


After pouring a little in a more than needed big glass and smelling it with true connoisseur’s pose, the Don Julio 1942 Costco has a cognac aroma with scents of creamy vanilla and butterscotch. There’s also a fruity hint, but that’s only detected by the experienced – proud ones as well.

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For an Anejo, the don julio 1942 Costco is as good as any, if not better than the best and most popular similar products. Right at the sip, you get a silky smooth caramel and creamy toffee-like taste. One might also describe it with a bit of spicy vanilla and cotton candy feel. Overall, you’ll definitely know that this tequila has been finely aged in oak barrels.

For some, the creamy candy-like taste might come as a surprise, but if you ask me, your taste buds develop a liking to it. 


Finally, the exit gives you the spicy caramel taste with a fruity kick, and from what I picked, it was particularly from an apple. But, it might be different for each person as everyone has different drinking habits.


Now, this is where people will probably have different opinions. The 1942 don julio Costco is quite expensive compared to other similar products in the market. For example, people might prefer T1 Estelar or Dos Armadillos, which, despite having different taste profiles, are less expensive and taste just as good for an Anejo.

And these might people are probably right from their point of view as well. But if you are someone who also values the experience and, in fact, like the candy-like flavor, spending those extra bucks is not that bad of a decision. It even serves as a great conversation starter if you have it showcased – not to mention the wonderful gift it makes for your friends and family for all kinds of occasions – with light drinking if you’d like my input.

So, the 1942 Don Julio Costco price starts at $170, but on deals, which are often at Costo, you can get it around $130. However, if you don’t want to spend this much, you can also get it from duty-free stores for about $80. If you can, it becomes easier for you to see if it’s worth paying a lot at Costco. 

Anyhow, I believe you guess my verdict on the Don Julio 1942 Costco. My tastebuds and I are among the admirers of the flavor profile and presentation of this classic tequila. Even if you don’t become the biggest fan of the taste, the standout presence of Don Julio 1942 Costco on your showcase will be worth the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costco Sell 1942 Don Julio?

Yes, the 1942 Don Julio Costco is one of the high-end tequilas available at Costco.

Does Costco Sell 1942 tequila?

Yes, Costco sells 1942 tequila among other popular and premium alcoholic beverages.

How much does a bottle of Don Julio 1942 cost?

The 1942 Don Julio Costco price is around $170, though you’ll probably find the discounted version around $130.

What makes Don Julio 1942 so expensive?

This tequila has gone through some reincarnations of design and taste – as most say. The Don Julio brand is the pioneer of setting standards for the “Super Premium” tequilas and is still pushing the limits of that category. This, combined with the unique flavor profile and bottle design, makes it look and taste premium for most.

Is Don Julio 1942 worth the money?

It’s definitely worth the money if you have a preference for a caramel candy-like flavor in your tequila and a classic presentation. But if you ask for the overall quality of the drink, you can find much cheaper but just as good alternatives with different flavor profiles.

Is Don Julio top shelf?

Yes. The small-batch production, premium ingredients, design, and flavor profile make it a worthy top shelf. 

Is Don Julio Real being discontinued?

Don Julio Real, which is among the most expensive tequilas globally, has reached its planned production. The brand has decided to retire it. However, you still might find bottles that are already out there.

What is the most expensive Don Julio tequila?

Don Julio Real Tequila 

What is the best way to drink Don Julio 1942?

The Mexicans prefer to drink it neat with occasional sangrita – a tomato juice beverage. Though it’s open to tasteful experiments, The hazelnut and vanilla notes make for a premium Old Fashioned.

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