Unwrapping the Value: A Comprehensive Review of Crumbl Cookies Menu Prices

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If you’re a cookie connoisseur like me, you’ve probably heard of Crumbl Cookies. They’re the talk of the town, known for their gourmet flavors and Instagram-worthy presentation. But, let’s talk about something equally important – Crumbl Cookies menu prices.

You might be wondering if these delectable treats are worth their price tag. Well, I’m here to break it down for you. From the classic milk chocolate chip to the more adventurous flavors, we’ll dive into how much you’ll need to shell out for your cookie fix.

The Crumbl Cookies Menu

Delving right into the Crumbl Cookies menu, you’ll find an impressive plethora of cookie options. Their menu is a blend of classic favorites along with uniquely flavored cookies. They aim to add a hint of surprise to your taste buds.

The stalwart on the menu, of course, is the classic Milk Chocolate Chip cookie. Baked to perfection with a soft, gooey center and crispy edges, it’s loved by all. Another must-try staple is the Chilled Sugar cookie, dusted with powdered sugar and infused with almond flavor – a sweet delight to enjoy anytime.

Moving on to more adventurous options, there’s a huge range to sample. For those who love chocolate, the Sea Salt Toffee, crafted with toffee, milk chocolate, and a sprinkle of sea salt on top, is an insanely decadent treat. Peanut butter enthusiasts should go for the Peanut Butter Perfection, a dreamy mix of peanut butter dough with milk chocolate chips.

A kid favorite, the cookies and cream is the perfect blend of a chocolate base loaded with real cookie crumbs and topped with a delightful cream cheese frosting. An unconventional but noteworthy cookie is the Biscoff Lava, a concoction of Biscoff cookie butter encased in a warm, crispy cookie. It erupts with flavors as you bite into it.

Here’s a glimpse of Crumbl Cookies pricing:

Cookie FlavorPrice ($) 
Milk Chocolate Chip3.48
Chilled Sugar2.98
Sea Salt Toffee3.98
Peanut Butter Perfection4.48
Cookies and Cream4.98
Biscoff Lava5.48

The Gourmet Flavors

Diving further into the Crumbl Cookies experience, I’d like to shine a light on the gourmet flavors that set them apart. Each gourmet cookie flavor is meticulously crafted to hit the sweet spot. And the prices? Well, they’re as tempting as the cookies themselves.

Among the numerous offerings, the Milk Chocolate Chip is a timeless classic, irresistibly crunchy on the outside and gooey inside. It’s as delightful to bite into as the first cookie you ever tasted.

Then there’s the unique Chilled Sugar cookie. It’s a refreshing twist amidst a sea of warmth, bringing a new dimension to the everyday sugar cookie. This cold cookie not only defies convention but also redefines it.

Exploring exotic tastes, Sea Salt Toffee and Peanut Butter Perfection are among flavors making waves. The former entices with its creamy, salty-sweet allure, and the latter catches the cookie lovers’ attention with its rich, peanut buttery goodness.

But the showstopper has to be the Cookies and Cream and the Biscoff Lava. The Cookies and Cream stands out with its vanilla-infused decadence, wrapped in a moist, chocolate cookie. The Biscoff Lava, on the other hand, curtains a molten Biscoff spread within a soft, doughy exterior.

The prices? They are an added sweetener. For all its gourmet offerings, the menu is reasonably priced. Here’s a brief rundown:

Cookie FlavorPrice per Cookie 
Milk Chocolate Chip$3.89
Chilled Sugar Cookie$3.89
Sea Salt Toffee$3.89
Peanut Butter Perfection$3.89
Cookies and Cream$3.89
Biscoff Lava$3.89

The Classic Milk Chocolate Chip

As I dive deeper into what’s on offer at Crumbl Cookies, it’s impossible to overlook The Classic Milk Chocolate Chip cookie. This isn’t your ordinary chocolate chip cookie. No, it’s a rich, indulgent treat that takes a staple of American cuisine to the next level.

But what makes it so distinctive? Let’s find out.

Upon first bite, the outer edges deliver a slightly crispy texture. Yet, as you venture towards the center, it transforms into a softer, gooier consistency. It’s this seamless blend of textures that really sets the Classic Milk Chocolate Chip cookie apart.

Then there’s the flavor. Imagine taking a bite into a cookie that’s filled with semi-sweet chocolate chips distributed evenly across each bite, promising a balance between sweet and savory in each mouthful. The buttery vanilla notes further elevate the sensory experience, creating a beautifully harmonious flavor profile that is hard to resist.

The cookie size is noteworthy as well. Crumbl’s cookies are famous for their large size, and the Classic Milk Chocolate Chip is no exception. Each cookie is about 4.5 inches in diameter, making them quite substantial compared to other cookies on the market.

What about the price? Well, it’s quite reasonable considering the quality and size of the cookie. Here, I’ve prepared a handy table for you:

Cookie FlavorSizePrice 
Classic Milk Chocolate Chip4.5 inches$3.48

The Adventurous Flavors

We’ve covered the classic Milk Chocolate Chip cookie but it’s time to venture into the wild side of Crumbl Cookies’ menu. It’s one of the few places you’ll find such an eclectic, bold array of luscious cookies.

A quick glance at the menu and you’ll understand why I am enthralled. I’m talking about unusual, daring, yet harmonious combinations that will challenge your cookie standards.

At Crumbl Cookies, they aren’t afraid of pushing boundaries. The Peanut Butter Perfection? That’s a perfect blend of well-balanced and velvety smooth peanut butter. Moving ahead, the Cookies and Cream cookie hits the right nostalgic note while the Biscoff Lava shakes up your senses, drowning you in a river of creamy Biscoff cookie butter.

But it doesn’t end here. Let’s dive deeper into the Sea Salt Toffee. It’s fragrant, sweet, salty – it’s a delectable bomb of contrasting yet balanced flavors. Every bite sends you on a rollercoaster ride through a sea of toffee chunks, sea salt sprinkles, and velvety dough.

I must mention the most controversial of all the cookies – the Chilled Sugar cookie. Some call it the rebel child of Crumbl’s family. It’s unique, as it’s served chilled. Sweet, simple and blissfully cooling – it’s not your average cookie.

Milk Chocolate ChipLarge$3.48
Peanut Butter PerfectionLarge$3.48
Cookies and CreamLarge$3.48
Biscoff LavaLarge$3.48
Sea Salt ToffeeLarge$3.48
Chilled Sugar CookieLarge$3.48

And there it is! A brief of Crumbl Cookies’ adventurous flavors. Who would have thought the humble cookie could be a whirlwind of surprises? Remember, at Crumbl Cookies, you’re not just paying for cookies, you’re indulging in the adventure of good taste! This delightful innovation applies to all cookies, and each costs only $3.48. Now isn’t that a sweet deal?

Are Crumbl Cookies Worth the Price?

When it comes to cookie cravings, deviating from the $3.48 price point to satiate your sweet tooth might appear a trifle steep. But let’s factor in the size, quality, and uniqueness of Crumbl Cookies. Each oversized gourmet cookie is akin to a mini dessert feast on its own.

The trademark oversized proportions of Crumbl Cookies are a game-changer. These are not your run-of-the-mill cookies. They’re nearly double, sometimes triple, the size of average cookies. So, when broken down by weight or size, the price starts to make more sense.

Then, we consider the quality. Crumbl Cookies are big on taste and texture. The velvety smooth peanut butter of the Peanut Butter Perfection, the nostalgic reminiscence invoked by Cookies and Cream, or the contrast yet balanced dual taste sensation in the Sea Salt Toffee – all demonstrate the detail-oriented baking that goes into each cookie. The ingredients used are nothing short of top-tier.

The center of attraction though, is the uniqueness. How often do you stumble upon a Chilled Sugar cookie? Or how about the Biscoff Lava with its creamy Biscoff cookie butter? Crumbl Cookies dares to challenge traditional cookies’ standards, and it’s something cookie enthusiasts are willing to pay for.

So, while $3.48 may be a premium over what we traditionally anticipate spending on a cookie, getting a Crumbl Cookie is an experience on its own. It’s an amalgamation of size, quality, attention to detail, and the continuous challenge to blaze trails in the cookie world, which certainly makes them worth considering.

Note: Prices and availability of items mentioned might vary depending on location and time.


After delving into the Crumbl Cookies menu and prices, it’s clear that there’s more to the cost than meets the eye. Yes, you’re paying a premium, but you’re getting a lot in return. The sheer size of these cookies, coupled with their unique flavors and high-quality ingredients, justifies the price tag. Whether it’s the creamy Biscoff Lava or the velvety Peanut Butter Perfection, there’s a cookie for every taste bud. So, if you’re after an oversized, indulgent treat, Crumbl Cookies are worth considering. Not only are they a feast for the eyes, but they’re also a delight for the palate. So go ahead, treat yourself to a Crumbl Cookie – you won’t regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Crumbl Cookies worth the price?

Despite their higher price tag, Crumbl Cookies are potentially worth the investment. The article emphasizes their unique size–almost two to three times larger than average cookies–and the high-quality ingredients utilized. Their attention to minutiae and innovative flavor combinations also set them apart.

What makes Crumbl Cookies unique?

Crumbl Cookies stands out because of their exceptionally large size and innovative flavors, such as the Chilled Sugar cookie, the velvety smooth Peanut Butter Perfection, and the Biscoff Lava filled with creamy Biscoff cookie butter. This innovativeness, combined with a strong focus on quality, makes Crumbl Cookies unique.

What flavors does Crumbl Cookies offer?

Crumbl Cookies offers a variety of intriguing flavors, including the Cookies and Cream which evokes nostalgia, Peanut Butter Perfection with its velvety smooth texture, the contrasting yet balanced Sea Salt Toffee, and the original Chilled Sugar cookie. Additionally, they offer a Biscoff Lava cookie with decadent, creamy Biscoff cookie butter.

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