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Ever wondered what’s cooking at Wahlburgers? I’ve got the scoop for you! Wahlburgers isn’t just another burger joint. It’s a culinary experience that’s as unique as its celebrity founders, the Wahlberg brothers.

From mouth-watering burgers to delectable sides, Wahlburgers’ menu is a treasure trove of flavors. But what about the prices? Don’t worry, I’ve got that covered too.

Wahlburgers Menu: A Culinary Experience

At Wahlburgers, it’s not only about satisfying your hunger pangs but also about introducing your taste buds to a unique culinary experience. They’ve mastered the art of crafting burgers that taste just as good as they look. And don’t get me started on the sides – they’re the perfect complimentary elements to each enticing entree.

The menu offers a diverse array of options. From beef to poultry, from classic to novel burger styles, it’s a melting pot of flavors where everyone can find something for their taste. Notably, they are quite conscious about accommodating different dietary needs as well. So you’ll spot some vegetarian and gluten-free goodies in the mix!

It’s important to note that apart from the excellent burgers, Wahlburgers also serves plenty of great options for those who’re not in the mood for a burger. They have salads freshly prepared with seasonal greens and sandwiches loaded with ingredients that burst with flavor.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper. What about their iconic “Our Burger”? Well, it’s a concoction of 1/3 pound of fresh beef, doused with housemade Wahl sauce, a mix of government cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions. It’s the signature Wahlburger experience you’ve heard so much about and you can savor it for just $7.95!

The table below offers a glimpse of the lineup of their popular offerings along with the price points:

Menu ItemPrice 
“Our Burger”$7.95
Turkey Burger$8.95
Impossible Burger$10.95
Crispy Haddock Sandwich$9.95
Classic Mac ‘n’ Cheese$6.95

As I mentioned before, their vegetarian offerings are also noteworthy. Their “Impossible Burger”, is an impressive plant-based delight that mirrors the texture and flavor of real meat. You can get your hands on it for a reasonable $10.95. That’s not something you’d want to miss if you’re taking a meat break.

Discover the Mouth-watering Burgers

Diving into the heart of Wahlburgers, it’s impossible not to feel salivation ticking the moment you glance over their burger offerings. The beauty of Wahlburgers menus lies not just in the variety – but in the carefully selected quality ingredients. Quality reigns supreme here, with burgers crafted from a blend of brisket, short rib, and chuck, ensuring each bite teems with flavorful goodness.

Speaking of variety, the “Our Burger” is a must-try when embarking on your Wahlburger journey. It’s topped with government cheese, dill pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, and the signature Wahl sauce. All these fixings harmonize to form an explosion of flavor that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Beyond the popular “Our Burger”, there’s also an impressive lineup of other range-topping burgers to enjoy. Devour the “BBQ Bacon Burger”, a celebrity in its own right, you’ll savor a unique combo of white cheddar, bacon, avocado, jalapenos, and BBQ sauce.

If poultry’s more your pace, give the “Jenny’s Chicken Sandwich” a read. This saucy pick comes complete with crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato, and buffalo sauce. Like the rest of the lineup, it promises an unforgettable taste experience.

Let’s not forget our vegetarian and health-conscious friends. Wahlburgers extends its magic touch to the “Impossible Burger” – a plant-based wonder, complete with smoked cheddar, lettuce, caramelized onions, chili spiced tomatoes, and Wahl sauce. A note also to our gluten-sensitive mates, many of their burgers can be enjoyed with an option for “gluten-free” buns, displaying Wahlburgers’ commitment to serve every palate!

Here’s a sneak peak at the burger prices:

Our Burger$9.50
BBQ Bacon Burger$11.00
Jenny’s Chicken Sandwich$9.25
Impossible Burger$12.00

There’s no stopping at just one here! Oh, and if you’re wondering about the sides, I’ll lead you through them in the next part. Prepare your taste buds because Wahlburgers take on sides is just as impressive as their burgers.

Delectable Sides: A Perfect Companion

Let’s not forget about the supporting stars of a delicious meal. That’s right, I’m talking about Wahlburgers’ fantastic range of side dishes. These fantastic options turn any burger into a full, hearty meal.

If you’re a fan of traditional flavors, Wahlburgers offers Housemade Yukon Gold Fries. Thinly sliced and perfect for dipping, they’re great for anyone who enjoys a classic side with their burger. They also offer Tater Tots, which add a bit of nostalgia to any meal.

But it’s not just about fries. How about some Chili? Yes, at Wahlburgers they serve a healthier option. This chili is packed with flavors and it’s a perfect side dish to warm you up on a cold day.

For those who prefer something a bit different, there’s the Alma Nove Caesar Salad. Named after the Wahlberg family matriarch, Alma Wahlberg, this is a Caesar Salad with a twist.

Side DishPrice 
Yukon Gold Fries$4.75
Tater Tots$4.75
Alma Nove Caesar Salad$8.45

Lastly, Wahlburgers offers an array of different sides for each pallet. From onion rings to sweet potato tots – there’s something for everyone. When you’re at Wahlburgers, your meal is never complete without a little extra on the side. Here, that little extra makes all the difference.

Craving for More? Check Out the Full Menu

Now that you’ve had a taste of what Wahlburgers has to offer with their tantalizing burgers and sumptuous sides, it’s time we dived deeper into their full menu. Trust me, there’s a whole lot more that will have your taste buds dancing with delight.

Wahlburgers isn’t all just about burgers. They also offer a variety of palate-pleasing sandwiches, salads, and frappes that draw in crowds from all over. Starting with sandwiches, the Portobello Sandwich, layered with sauteed mushrooms and white cheddar, is a crowd-pleaser. The Crispy Haddock Sandwich with fresh-caught haddock, lettuce, tomato, and balsamic tartar sauce is another flavorful pick that foodies swear by.

Salad lovers aren’t left out either. The house special Chef Paul’s Chopped Salad Bowl is a balanced meal in itself, bursting with fresh veggies, seared chicken, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, avocado, blue cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes, drizzled with a tangy house vinaigrette.

For those with a sweet tooth, Wahlburgers dazzles with a range of decadent frappes. From the classic Vanilla to Black & White, Strawberry, and the must-try Fluffanuttahh with peanut butter and marshmallow, there’s something for everyone.

Along with these, Wahlburgers also offers a range of delicious and hearty bowls like the Wahlfaves Bowl and the Smahlburgs Bowl. Both offer scrumptious options with a blend of veggies and protein-rich meats, bringing a delicious harmony of flavors to the table.

Just when you thought you couldn’t crave anything more, Wahlburgers throws in their irresistible Housemade Yukon Gold Fries and crispy Tater Tots. These addictive sides are perfect to round off the meal or to munch on in between the main courses.

And if you’re wondering about prices, rest assured that the menu options at Wahlburgers are reasonably priced, ensuring you get high-quality food without burning a hole in your pocket.

Menu ItemAverage Price 
Sandwiches$8 – $10

Wahlburgers’ Prices: The Inside Scoop

Getting the inside scoop on Wahlburgers’ prices makes it easier to plan your meal. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate the reasonable prices, which allows you to enjoy their mouth-watering offerings without breaking the bank.

Wahlburgers provides a menu that suits different budgets. On average, their signature burgers can range from $8.75 to around $10. It’s worth noting that these burgers are known for their robust flavors and generous size. Also, their creative sandwiches and salads are priced around $8 – $10, with vegan and vegetarian options available such as the popular “Impossible Burger”.

In comparison, casual dining chains would often price their burgers and sandwiches much higher. Wahlburgers’ focus on affordability and quality places them a cut above the rest.

For the sides, the price range can go from $3.95 for the Yukon Gold Fries or Tater Tots, and up to $5.25 for a House Side Salad. Their variety of delicious frappes is listed at $5.35 each; quite a bargain for these finely blended steel-cut oats beverages that serve as a fitting end to your meal.

Let’s take a closer look at Wahlburgers’ prices through the table below:

Menu CategoryPrice Range 
Signature Burgers$8.75 – $10
Sandwiches & Salads$8 – $10
Sides$3.95 – $5.25

Wahlburgers doesn’t scrimp on the quality of their ingredients despite these attractive prices. This pricing strategy does more than ensuring customer satisfaction – it secures repeat visits and word-of-mouth referrals.

By keeping their menu prices accessible, Wahlburgers proves that gourmet quality doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. It serves as a refreshing reminder that eating well doesn’t necessarily mean spending big. As a food lover, I’m always on the lookout for places that hit the sweet spot between affordability and quality, and Wahlburgers is a clear winner in my books.

Conclusion: Experience Flavor and Value at Wahlburgers

I can’t help but recommend Wahlburgers for their flavorful, high-quality burgers. Their unique blend of brisket, short rib, and chuck creates a taste that’s hard to beat. Plus, with options like the “Our Burger” and the “BBQ Bacon Burger”, you’re sure to find a burger to satisfy your cravings.

Don’t forget about their delectable side dishes. Whether you’re a fan of Yukon Gold Fries or a good old Caesar Salad, Wahlburgers has you covered. And for those on a plant-based or gluten-free diet, you’re in luck. Wahlburgers caters to your needs with choices like the “Impossible Burger” and gluten-free buns.

What’s more, Wahlburgers makes dining out affordable. With most burgers, sandwiches, and salads priced between $8 to $10, you can enjoy a meal without worrying about your budget. So why wait? Head to Wahlburgers, where flavor and value go hand in hand.

What kind of burgers does Wahlburgers offer?

Wahlburgers offers a wide variety of burgers crafted from a premium blend of brisket, short rib, and chuck. Some of the most popular options include the “Our Burger” and the “BBQ Bacon Burger”. There’s also the “Impossible Burger”, a plant-based alternative.

What is in the “Our Burger”?

The “Our Burger” offers a flavorful combination of government cheese, dill pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, and the signature Wahl Sauce.

Are there vegetarian options available?

Yes, Wahlburgers caters to vegetarian guests with the “Impossible Burger”, a plant-based option. Other creations can also be enjoyed using gluten-free buns.

What kind of side dishes are available?

Wahlburgers offers a range of delectable sides, such as Housemade Yukon Gold Fries, Tater Tots, Chili, and the Alma Nove Caesar Salad, to complement your meal.

What are the prices like at Wahlburgers?

Prices at Wahlburgers are quite reasonable, with signature burgers priced around $8.75 to $10 and sandwiches, salads, and frappes roughly between $8 to $10. This affordability allows guests to enjoy delicious meals without breaking the bank.

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