Foods that Start with W

48 Amazing Foods that Start with W

Food exploration isn’t always easy, especially if you’re unsure where to begin. After all, you can look almost everywhere at hundreds, if not thousands, of food options – both foods and ingredients.

If you are looking for foods that start with W, this list will elucidate some excellent food items. Among the foods on this list are snacks, ingredients, and main courses.

Is there a food that starts with W?

Yes, more than you can name. Let’s look at some common ones.

There are numerous delectable foods that start with the letter W, some unusual and strange, while others are so ubiquitous that they are enjoyed in nearly every country on Earth. They range from everyday staples like wheat and walnuts to lesser-known items like wolfberries and witlof.

White Rice

Foods that Start with W

White rice is milled rice with removed husk, bran, and germ. This is mainly done to increase rice shelf life. The obtained material is white and is polished for a bright white sheen. 

The milling process gives this rice a unique color and texture. In terms of taste, white rice has a distinct taste and flavor. Still, its wide consumption makes it one of the most common foods that start with W.  It is suitable for desserts, snacks, side dishes, and main courses.


Waffles, Sweet, Delicious, Bake, Eat, Pastries, Food

This breakfast food beginning with W, is incredibly versatile. It’s an excellent sweet treat or a delectable accompaniment to more savory dishes. They’re perfect for on-the-go snacks, toasting in the toaster, or making fresh if you have a little extra time. 

Making waffles from scratch is a breeze compared to using a waffle mix. While boxed waffle mix is convenient food beginning with W, it omits to mix the dry ingredients.


Chinese Food, Dumplings, Chinese, Food, Restaurant

This item in our foods that start with W is a Chinese dumpling with fillings. You may use any filling but the most frequently used filling is of shrimp or pork  and the entire thing is held together flour.

Wonton usually goes as an appetizer with a pinkish-red Chinese sweet and sour sauce. Everyone adores this food beginning with W  for the crispy, delectable, sweet, and sour dimensions of flavor. Once you begin eating, it is quite hard to stop – especially if you experiment with cream cheese.


A picture containing table, fruit, indoor, nut

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If you enjoy snacking, you may have succumbed to the health trend of nut foods that start with W in your diet. This tree nut has gained popularity for a reason – it is an excellent brain food that slows down cognitive decline and helps with stress and depression. 

Additionally, it can help prevent heart disease and cancer by using omega-3 fatty acids, polyphenols, and vitamin B6, among other nutrients. Despite their higher calorie content, walnuts do not contribute to obesity. 

White Gravy

A plate of food

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The next food beginning with W is a southern delicacy. It is renowned for serving as a cheap and healthy meal for late-nineteenth-century sawmill workers. Hug your stomach and serve this classical food item at any time of the day. It won’t disappoint you.

Whipped Cream

Tart, Raspberries, Whipped Cream, Raspberry Tart

This beloved item in our list of foods that start with w is a multipurpose confection that goes on anything sweet you like. Want to relive your childhood? Have a mouthful of whipped cream straight from the source.

Otherwise, if you’re more of an adult, impress your friends with your own version made with the simplest of ingredients.


A picture containing sky, food, outdoor, plate

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This had to be on our list of foods that start with W because it is pretty much a global food item. Wrap is meat filled roll. The fillings almost always contain meat with delicious veggies and sauces. To this day, I have never seen a solely vegetarian wrap – there probably is one. 

Your imagination is the only limitation for the possibilities of fillings. In terms of nutrition, the meat serves as a good protein and iron source, while the wrap tortilla and veggies make up for carbs, multivitamins, and antioxidants.


A field of wheat

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It’s the global bread part of the saying “bread and butter.” This fundamental item in our list of foods that start with W is used in more ways than I could name. Common wheat is the largest cultivated species of wheat. The most common types of wheat are white, brown, and wholemeal.

As as for nutrition, wheat mainly contains carbs and fibers but has moderate amounts of protein as well.


Sushi, Set, Nigiri, Maki, Fish, Raw, Salmon, Rice

Let’s talk about the notorious wasabi in our list of foods that start with W. This is often served in Japanese restaurants as a condiment alongside sushi, sashimi, and maki. But you won’t always get to eat authentic wasabi as it’s incredibly difficult to make. The authentic one is known as Wasabia japonica.

Freshly grated wasabi has a grittier texture and a less compact consistency than the tubed variety. Be warned; wasabi isn’t for everyone. It has a really strong taste and must be eaten in a very tiny amount along with your sushi. 

Wahoo Fish

How about a switch to the sea for food beginning with w? Wahoo translates into Hawaiian as “delightful to eat,” and is a fish that does not fall short on its reputation. They are also known as Pacific Kingfish as they are found in the warmer parts of the oceans.

The wahoo family of the fish appears to be flaky and white in texture and color. It is described to have a fine sweet flavor. While they are excellent roasted, grilled, cooked, and marinated, they have loads of uses even when raw. This uniqueness earns it a place in our list of foods that start with W.


Walleye, Pike-Perch, Fish, Lure, Catch, Freshwater

The Walleye is a ray-finned fish that lives in the fresh waters of Canada and the Northern United States. It is typical commercial fish but is also used for recreational purposes.

This item in our foods that start with the letter W has a gentle, not excessively fishy flavor and a strong creamy texture. 

In case you prefer snapper or fish saltwater, Walleye has a similar but blander flavor because of the lack of sea salt.


Warehou is a fish common to the Australia and New Zealnad’s waters. It is a lean fish with white flesh and is knowm for its low to medium-low oil concentration. The low oil content makes this fish ideal for moist dishes such as stews.

It is one of those preferable fishes that maintain their texture and flavor when cooked. It is also preferable for its nutritional value and is even recommended by New Zealand Heart Foundation for its low oil content, high levels of vitamin B12, selenium, and potassium, along with protein.

Water Chestnuts

A picture containing person

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These appear to like chestnuts in appearance as evident from their texture and colour. However, despite their resemblance to nuts, these are actually tubers. When water chestnuts are harvested, they have brown leafy skin that must be peeled away for the flaky white flesh.

Water chestnuts are widely used in Asian cuisine, these can be consumed in any way you like but is mostly bought canned. They are flavorless but impart a crisp and slightly juicy texture to everything from stir-fries to dumplings and soups to stuffing. It’s a decent inclusion in our foods that start with the letter W. 

White Sauce

A plate of food

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White sauce, also known in French as béchamel sauce, is still considered one of France’s four major sauces to date. It may be used as a pasta or pizza seasoning as per the taste or as a creamy ingredient in casseroles or vegetable sauce.

People prepare it differently, but in France, the traditional sauce contains both salt and nutmeg. This item needs no permission to be in this list of foods that start with the letter W.

White Chocolate

White Chocolate, Chocolate, Food, Dessert

Let’s sweet it up a little in our foods that start with W list. White chocolate is not real chocolate; it is a confection made with chocolate. While the white chocolate is not made with chocolate solids, high-quality white chocolate will obtain most of its chocolate flavor from cocoa butter.

White chocolate, with a rich, creamy flavor, can be eaten as it is or used in baking, with a brown texture. In terms of nutrition, the cocoa butter present in white chocolate has rich antioxidant properties which help boost the immunity system and get rid of toxins from your body.

Wild Boar

A picture containing piece, slice, sliced

Description automatically generated

While wild boar is from the family of farmed pigs. It is a slice of different meat. The flavor is a luscious blend of different meats that carry a distinct nutty flavor.

This meat has lower fat content than the usual pork. It faster and more diverse in its preperation. This special item in our foods that start with W list is a perfect alternative to regular pork – both health and taste-wise.

White Chocolate Brownie

A picture containing cake, chocolate, piece, table

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White chocolate brownies are made with white chocolate chips, white chocolate that has been chopped, vanilla extract, sugar, eggs, and flour. I was compelled by these ingredients to have these in this in foods that start with W list. 

They have a delicate, light flavor and are typically a little fluffier and less dense than milk chocolate. Many people prefer to ice them in the same manner as they would a cake. Others drizzle them with chocolate or caramel, garnish them with berries, or top them with whipped cream.

Wood Pigeons

gray bird on brown tree branch during daytime

Wood pigeons are distant relatives of the common urban pigeon, but this game bird prefers to live in the woods, as their name implies. In Europe and Western Asia, they are regarded as a sustainable source of meat.

Despite their diminutive size, these birds from our foods that start with W are flavorful and succulent, with an earthy complexity that varies according to their primary diet. As for the nutrition, these peigions serve as a great protein source, especially if you are eating the breast – two of these make a perfect main course meal.

Worcestershire Sauce

This item in our foods that start with W is a fermented British sauce from Worcestershire originated in early Ninteenth Century. It is mostly used to flavor heavy meals and is quite famous in the Country.  

It adds flavor to several dishes, including chili con Carne and beef stew.

Wild Rice

brown and white dried leaves

Wild rice, despite its name, is no rice. It comes from seeds of sea grass and has similar cooking characteristics to your regular rice. When prepared, this rice beats brown rice both in terms of calories and protein.

It is the ideal alternative for people avoiding gluten and seeking antioxidants. Combine this nutritious dish with various proteins or leave out the protein entirely for a vegetarian dish.

Waffle Fries

sandwich served on white ceramic plate with cup of coffee

Waffle fries are believed to have been invented by the fast food chain Chick-Fil-A. The unique form allowed for a proportionate cooking and provided more room for sauce.. 

At your local supermarket, in the forzen foods section,  you can purchase these fries in various flavours. Take out the air fryer and immediately make this delicious snack item. I can speak from personal experience that you will enjoy these more than popcorns on movie and game nights.


photo of person holding glass bottle

Whiskey is another potent alcoholic beverage. It is a distilled spirit made with mash of a fermented grain. The flavor may depend on the type of grain such as corn and wheat.You’ll usually find it getting aged in casks of white oak. It is delicious neat, with ice, or in a cocktail like an old fashioned. 

Here is a free tip when it comes to whiskey: Add some water to it and it will make it even better. And that is because even though the alcohol burn will be lessened – which is a good thing – the aroma will be strenghthend.

Wurst Sausage

sausages on grill

The next item in our list of foods that start with W an integral part of Germany’s culture. It has more than 1500 varieties available.

It can be classified as raw, cooked, parboiled, boiled, special ham, and dried ham. As for the nutrition, this food beginning with W is rich in protein, fat, and vitamin B6 while being really low in carbs. 

Winged Beans

Psophocarpus tetragonolobus, or Winged Beans, is a member of the Fabaceae family. It thrives in hot climates such as Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea.

The leaf of the winged bean is edible and contains an abundance of nutrients. All of the plant’s parts, including the leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds, are edible. Leaves can be used in salads; seeds can be used in place of beans.


Wafer, Nutrition, Dish, Taste, Delicious, Plate

A wafer is a crisp, frequently sweet, skinny, flat, light, and dry cookie used to decorate ice cream and some sweet dishes.

Wafers can also be used to make cookies by sandwiching cream flavoring between them. They frequently have a waffle pattern on the surface but may also be patterned with the food manufacturer’s logo or be patternless. Certain chocolate bars, such as Kit Kat and Coffee Crisp, are wafers encased in and surrounded by chocolate.

Is there a fruit that starts with the letter W?


A close up of a watermelon

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Watermelon is known for its juicy flesh and abundant black seeds. The hydrating quality and sweet flavor in a foamy texture make this fruit the perfect solution to hot midsummer chaos. 

In addition, it offers several health benefits with nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants. They can help you with your weight loss efforts by keeping you satiated for a longer duration in low calories.

Wampee Fruit

The next item on this list of foods that starts with W is the South Asian wampee fruit. It is a small-sized fruit with distant relation to citrus fruits. You will have to wait for a beige color to eat it at its best. 

In terms of flavor, this fruit is mostly sour but has some delicious sweet variations as well.

You can also enjoy the kumquat flavor if you eat the seeds along with the juicy pulp – I recommend trying that. And if you’d like to enjoy a spicy flavor with the sweet sourness, you can eat it with the skin, which will get richer in flavor with age

Wax Apples

Wax Apple, Water Generalife, Day Peach

Who knew an apple could be in the list of foods that start with W? Although berries, they were given their name due to their smooth texture and vibrant color. As indicated by their shape, they do not resemble apples at all. 

Unlike apples, they have clear white and soft flesh and a huge middle seed. They are delicious and savory, with crunchiness that reminds you of fresh pears. When cooked, they are just as yummy with sprinkled flavoring.

Whitebark Raspberry

Top View Photo of Food Dessert

Whitebark raspberries have a waxed outer layer with blueish-purple flesh resembling a usual raspberry. People still argue whether this berry was the originator of raspberry flavoring in drinks and candies.

In any case, it’s a worthy inclusion in our foods that start with the letter W as unlike other raspberries, they don’t have a too tarty flavor.

White Currant

This fruit is related to the more familiar red currants. The difference is that it is white and almost transparent, with a brownish skin that blushes when exposed to sunlight. 

This version of the currant family is a bit more sweet and small. It makes them for sweet spreads like jams. As for nutritional value, this fruit is rich I antioxidants which purify and aid your immune sysytem in fighting againts illnesses. You will appreciate me for including this in foods that start with the letter W.

Wheat berries

A picture containing person, fruit, pan, vegetable

Description automatically generated

Wheat berries comprise everything edible within a wheat kernel. In essence, this berry fruit in our list of foods that start with the letter W is the entire kernel minus the hull.

They have a distinct nutty flavor and are frequently incorporated into trail mixes, chilis, and other recipes. They contain more protein than wheat germ but also have more gluten.

Winter Squash

A group of pumpkins

Description automatically generated with low confidence

Winter squash is just your regular squash that is harvested when the seeds have fully ripened, and the skin has become a tough rind. It generally has a smooth sweet flavor with a pleasant dry consistency when cooked. 

As for nutrition, this fruit in our list of foods that start with W is a rich source of carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin B6, fiber, magnesium, and potassium.

White Figs

A bowl of food

Description automatically generated with low confidence

The majority of white figs are found in West Asia but are said to have Californian origins. They are incredibly tender fruits that require extra shipping care, and as a result, they are hard to find elsewhere. Now you know about a rather rare food item through this list of foods that start with W

They have a very soft skin with an even softer red flesh that tastes crunchy sweet with the seeds. With aging, it tastes like a delightful strawberries-raspberries combo.

Williams Pears

A picture containing green, vegetable, plant

Description automatically generated

This breed of  Pears is the most widely cultivated among Americans – this list of foods that start with W wouldn’t be complete without this. They have the common shape with yellowish-green sticks and skin.

In terms of flavor, they have a crispy, meaty texture and ripen to a buttery, sweet flesh. They are delectable in any way you take them, with just enough juiciness to give you a mouth full of bursting flavours.

Wong Pei Fruit

This is a Chinese fruit in our foods that start with W.  The outer layer of the fruit is covered with a light fuzzy texture and when peeled, reveals a layer of white flesh with seeds.

This food beginning with W has a similar flavor to lychee with mild sweetness. In terms of  appearance, it resembles grapes with inedible speeds. Do not eat seeds from this fruit.

Wood Apples

Loved by people from all over Southeast Asia and south in general, the Wood apple is an extraordinary fruit. You’ll see why I included it in the list of foods that start with W. The outer layer is tough and rough, resembling a small hairless coconut with an ashen grey color. 

Once opened, you will be greeted by a highly pungent odor reminiscent of blue cheese.

Then, this fruit on our list of foods that start with W tastes completely different from what the smell

Waldorf Salad

Waldorf Salad, Celery, Apple, Mayonaise, Spices, Salt

A Waldorf salad is a fruit and nut salad made with apples, celery, walnuts, and grapes. The salad is named after New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel, where it was first prepared for a charity ball.

In terms of nutrition, this salad is quite high in carbs and fat with hints of protein and vitamin C. Overall, it’s a very healthy and modern salad.

What is a vegetable that starts with the letter W?


Capaccio, Oksetyksteg, Pamesanost, Basil, Ruccola

Let’s look at some leafy vegetable foods that start with w? Watercress will undoubtedly bring something new and refreshing to the table. This vitamin- and mineral-rich aquatic green vegetable grows naturally in Eurasia’s cool and shallow streams.

Over the years, its innumerable beneficial effects have led to a renaissance in popularity. The benefits include lowering blood pressure, lowering cancer risk, lowering glucose levels, and lowering diabetes risk.


Food, Salad, Wakame, Cooking, Seaweed

If you’ve ever had traditional sushi or a Japanese lunch, you’ve almost certainly encountered this type of seaweed. Wakame is a famouss edible algae in various Asian regions, especially in Japan and Korea.

It has a hint of sweetness and complexity, while the texture is typically rubbery and slippery. If you are a sushi kind of person, you should definitely try food beginning with W on our list.

Walla Walla Onions

Onions and garlic heads in wooden box on table

Compared to conventional onions, these are known for the biggeer size and sweeter flavor. They are circular with flat bottom and a pointy top. The outer coating is of pale yellow or white color, enclosing transparent white layers of softer flesh.

This food beginning with W, is juicier and has high sugar contents, making it more suitable for raw consumption. In kicthen, there is a much better caramelization, imparting a more profound, and premium flavor.

Water Mimosa

A bunch of flowers

Description automatically generated with low confidence

Water mimosa is a unique item in this list of foods that start with the letter W. It is moslty home to stir fries and are classified in the Australian invasive weed catehory as they tend to tend to dominate river sides. 

You’ll mostly be after the cruchiness of its leaves as the stems are quit hard to be consumed in a usual dish. You’ll find its strong umami flavor reminiscent of a mushrooms and cabbage hybrid.

White Beech Mushroom 

A picture containing tree, fungus, outdoor

Description automatically generated

These foods that start with w have universal recommendations and preferences. The white beech mushroom is a soft ivory wide range food that continues to grow on the East Asian coastlines. In terms of appearance, these mushrooms have small circular tops and fluffy stems resembling the same texture.

One should eat these raw, as they are incredibly bitter when picked fresh. They nevertheless have a decent, moderately nutty, and scrumptious buttery taste when cooked. For the most  loved variation, try these with intensely flavored spices.

White Button Mushroom

Button Mushroom, White Vegetable, Food

The white button mushroom is the world’s most popular mushroom – so I was obligated to have it in the list of foods that start with the letter W

Their caps can be up to two inches in dimeter and have a uniform round shape with sjort brown stems.

They are delicious regardless of how you eat it. There is a crunchy, spongeous texture and a natural flavor. Cooking intensifies the flavor and gives slightly slim chewiness to the tender flesh.

White Asparagus

A close-up of a plant

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

This food beginning with W is your regular asparagus, only plucked before it sees the light of the day. No sunshine means no chlorophyll and that means no strong green color.

The skin is frim and stringy which is preffered peeled off in the kitchen. The flesh inside, though has the full grown flavor, is much more sweet and soft. But I have to warn you against the daily consumption of this vegetabele as it might lead to some really annoying side effects such as gas, sharp smelling urine, and even an allergy. 

White Turnip

A picture containing vegetable

Description automatically generated

White turnips are like baby turnips grown in winters. As with most turnips, they have a big radish-like shape, with a creamy skin and purplish sticks.

Because this item in these foods that start with W has natural sugars that caramelize to add flavor, they are ideal for roasting or braising. You will be eating the green parts just like you may eat spinach.

Wild Leeks

In the early spring, foragers can find wild leeks in forests. They are regarded as a delicacy because they are significantly smaller and more stalkless compared to their genetic family. Their tops are white but grow red in color the closer they get to the leaves. Wild leaks also resemble green onions rather than traditional leeks.

The leaves are soft and loose and have a strong garlic- and onion-like flavor along with the stem and bulb. The bulbs holds the highest concentration of this strong flavor.


These seeds are used to make an Australian spice with a coffee-like flavor and aroma. It tastes nutty, savory, and like wheat biscuits. You can use this spice in any recipe that contains chocolate. 

Numerous varieties of Wattle are found throughout Australia’s arid regions and have been a food source that many Indigenous Australians have consumed for generations. 


So, my fellow foodies, that was all for this one. It was quite long but I bet you enjoyed reading about these different food items from all over the world as much as I enjoyed reseaching and writing about them. 

As I always remind you at the end, we are taking this journey to be the conneusiers of food. We want to explore, learn, treat our taste buds, and most importantly, make the rat from Ratatouille proud! 

Let me know your thooughts and suggestions in the comments section and share this and other artciles like this on this site with your friends and family. Because in the cooking family, we want everyone to enjoy the art of eating. I’ll see you in the next article!

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