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Widen your food vocabulary with the “Food that starts with Z” list

If you have stumbled upon this site and the title has drawn your attention, you have various treats coming your way. You would be surprised to know how many nutritious fruits, vegetables and delicious food that starts with Z are out there. When your stomach starts to grumble make sure to try these varieties of foods with your friends and family.

We have brought you a long food that start with Z list that would help you in keeping a balanced diet and giving yourself a not-so-healthy treat. Make sure to keep an eye out for this next time you’re out and about. Your taste buds are in for a good time.

What food begins with Z?

Zander Fish

Food that starts with Z

On top of our food beginning with Z list is The Zander Fish. It is the most day-to-day cuisine found all around Europe. They are large, have white meat and flaky flesh and are served either fried, poached, or sauteed and alongside a complementary sauce made out of red wine or drenched in garlic and butter for the not-so adventurous fish lovers.

This item on our food that starts with Z list is rich in protein and B vitamins, it benefits the human body by encouraging the formation of muscles and a stable functioning nervous system.


Zoodles are made out of raw zucchinis that are sliced into thin strips until they appear to be like spaghetti. They are an excellent healthy alternative to flour or egg-based spaghetti. It is perfect for a plant-based diet that is refreshing for the body as well as the mind. It is served with soy sauce, spicy peanut sauce or mixed vegetables.

Additionally, the nutrients supplied by Zoodles would make you want it as a part of your family’s diet plan. It is high in vitamin A, C, B, has a generous amount of fiber, and offers way more benefits than the commonly eaten spaghetti. We believe it’s time to switch our unhealthy lifestyles by trying out these items on our food that starts with Z list.

Ziti Pasta

Here’s a very delicious food that starts with Z. It is a type of tubular pasta that is best served with thick sauces that have chunky pieces of meat or chicken. If you are a pasta lover and you haven’t tried it yet, then you’re missing out. It is used in casserole dishes with a delicious amount of cheese and sauce that will blow you away.

It is perfect for family get-togethers and game nights when you are looking to enjoy with a full belly. Even though it is not the healthiest item in our food that starts with Z list, it’s definitely worth the experience.


Zeppola, Saint Joseph, Sweet

On to the sweeter food that starts with Z. Zeppole is a delicious Italian pastry or doughnut balls made from soft cream puff dough. They have a very light and fluffy texture when you bite into them like you are eating a sweet cloud. It is tender and served golden brown with a cheeky garnish of powdered sugar.

They are a delicious treat and dessert to have around the house, the miniature size would just increase the cravings by every bite. Even though it is not the healthiest choice, it is a must-try treat that you would fall in love with when you get a taste of the sugary goodness.


It is a Turkish clear yellow pudding that is made with water rather than milk that is commonly used while making pudding. Pine nuts, rice, and currants to add a bit of texture and crunchiness to every bite. Most importantly its beautiful color is present due to the most highly prized spice ‘saffron’ which makes it a very special dessert.

It is a delightful dessert which is especially enjoyed in the month of Ramadan and is served all over Turkey. If you’re ever there for a visit make sure to get a bite of this. It is healthier than most desserts hence you could enjoy enough deliciousness while maintaining a fit diet.


It is the most popular sea food that starts with Z. Zarzuela is a delicious stew made out of mussels, shrimps and clams. If you are a seafood lover and you haven’t tried this yet then you haven’t experienced this beautiful combination of flavors mixed in a glorious broth.

Since this dish contains a high level of fiber and omega fats, it is incredibly healthy and just as pleasing to the stomach. Moreover, it is also gluten as well as dairy free. If you aren’t a seafood lover now, you’d definitely end up being one as soon as you get a taste of this.


Toast, Zwieback, Pesto, Cheese, Snacks

It is known as rusk or a biscuit that is baked and toasted into slices until it turns dry and has a crispy texture. The flavor of it is slightly sweetened and they are enjoyed while dipped in hot drinks such as tea or along with coffee or lattes. If you have a habit of having tea often throughout the day, you would love to have this along with it.

It is a perfect breakfast food that starts with Z that can be enjoyed with eggs, peanut butter and jam or any other spread to your liking or for most, it is eaten particularly only with tea. Its crunchiness and mild sweetness are captivating.

Zereshk Polo

This sweet and sour dish is a famous delicacy of Persian cooking. It is made for a sweet tooth as well as for the ones who enjoy a bit of sourness to the tongue. It is made of Barberries, basmati rice, or with preference served with either chicken, lamb, or beef. Moreover, it is layered with butter, sugar, and a beautiful layer of the finest Saffron.

This will make you appreciate every bite out of it. The unique ingredients have an explosion of flavors in your mouth. The beautiful presentation makes it even more appetizing. It is one of the healthy options being high in protein and iron. It is not the healthiest in our food that starts with Z list, but definitely worth trying.

Zucchini Bread

Let’s move to the more common food that starts with Z. It is a bread with bits of zucchini inside it that makes its slightly sweet flavor come to life. It also provides a pop of a beautiful green color along with brown bread. It is a healthy snack throughout the day or can even be eaten as breakfast.

This delight in particular is very healthy for its facts of being low in fat and a good source of potassium and vitamins. It is one of the healthy food beginning with Z that you should add to your diet to maintain fitness and also enjoy the deliciousness.


This is truly one of the most mouthwatering food that starts with Z. It is beef rouladen cut up in thin steaks and is rolled and served along with a variety of deliciously seasoned vegetables that are fried and simmered with a creamy and smooth mushroom sauce that will have you licking your fingertips.

This is absolutely protein filled with a touch of iron and many nutritional benefits from the side vegetables covered in a beautiful layer of mushroom sauce. This dish is a must have on dinner tables and specially made on occasions.  


It is a warming snack for those with a sweet tooth and who are cinnamon lovers. These are German cookies that are shaped like a star. They are made up of hazelnut and almond meal and garnished with a gradual dust of cinnamon. They are particularly baked in the Christmas festive seasons and their smell draws you in like a magnet.

Even Though they are not very nutritious they are definitely a treat and can be enjoyed as a cheeky snack along with a cup of tea or coffee by the fire. It is definitely the perfect snack to have around the house in case you’re craving a bit of sweetness.


If you’re into sandwiches then you’re going to love this one. In Poland it is one of the popular food that starts with Z and it includes a variety of fillings such as onions, a heavy load of cheese and a generous amount of mushrooms, all mixed in one grand sandwich and is topped with a drizzle of your preferred sauce but mostly with ketchup.

When you’re on the go and just want to make a stop to eat this is the perfect lunch for you. It is a tad on the unhealthy side of food that start with Z list, but once you get a bite into it you’d only want more. The beautiful colors of the causes and dripping melted cheese, you just won’t be able to say no to it.


This one is for the dessert lovers out there. This is a delicious creamy custard dessert made in Italy by a few ingredients including egg yolks, wine and sugar. Hence, it is quite easy to enjoy after a meal if you’re craving something light and dreamy. This is either eaten just as it’s mixed or is preferred to be served with pastry or a garnish of dried fruit.

It is definitely one of the less time-consuming desserts to prepare and one of the creamiest items  on our food that starts with Z. It is not a healthy option, but you’ll crave it in the middle of the day. Once you’ve experienced its heavenly goodness you would only want it more. It is an experience worth the little wait.


These are unique German dumplings, the sweeter kind. Its dough is made out of sweet potato that has a very mild and gentle sweetness to them, as a filling sugar and plums are mixed together and wrapped up in the form of a dumpling and then steamed until perfectly cooked.

These are little pockets of sugar and happiness that even though they are not nutritional you will definitely fall in love with them. Their few ingredients required make it incredibly easy to make just like many other items in our food that starts with Z list. Make sure to try it out if you’re craving something sweet and delicious.


It is an Italian pork sausage made with minced pork shoulder, pork skin and pork feet. It’s a spicy food beginning with Z. It is known to have a creamy and smooth texture and has additional spices that enhance the flavors. It is mainly cooked along with lentils under boiling water.

It is rich in B vitamins and other minerals, majorly contains iron and zinc that benefit the body immensely. It has a large amount of saturated fat however it lessens when it is properly cooked, by being fried or boiled with lentils that offers good nutrition.


Here’s another common food that starts with Z. Lemon zest is the grated skin of lemon that has a sour flavor and is used in a variety of different sweet as well as savory dishes to add a bit of flavor. It is mainly enjoyed in lemon tarts, served as a garnish on lemon cakes, lemon chicken, and dishes that you should try with a hint of this tangy zest.

The lemon zest has a very admirable nutritional value like boosting the immune system, has anticancer properties, promotes a healthy heart condition, it is also high in antioxidants, and helps in attaining fresh oral health. Who knew just the lemon peel could provide so many mind-blowing benefits?


It is an Italian creamy dessert cake that is in the shape of a pumpkin. It is basically a sponge cake filled with creamy goodness in the middle and is coated with a chocolate shell and lightly garnished with powdered sugar. It is ideal for chocolate lovers and who have a sweet tooth, this will only increase your cravings.

It is obvious that it is not the healthiest treat but its irresistible sweetness would win your heart over. However, it said that cakes are good pre workout meal in order to gain muscle.


It is a Japanese soup that has mochi rice cakes, egg, beef, or any other source of protein and vegetables in it. Japan is known for its soupy dishes and Zoni is one of the most promising food that starts with Z due to its mild flavors enjoyed by the locals especially on New Year’s Day as well as the tourists. This should make your trip worthwhile.

The ingredients used to make this soup includes vegetables and rice cakes which makes it the perfect meal to try while keeping up a healthy diet and enjoying the delicious flavors throughout. The vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals that your body needs.


It is a Swiss and Austrian bread that is made by using milk, flour, yeast, butter, and eggs. It is baked in the shape of a braid and is immensely enjoyed. It is not necessarily sweet but has a milky and buttery taste that makes the bread melt in your mouth. It is optimal to be eaten with spreads, toasted, or dipped in soups or different kinds of sauces.

The Zopf bread is ideal for breakfast food beginning with Z as it’s not too filling but provides enough energy and boost to make it through the day. It doesn’t have many nutritional facts in particular but is enjoyed by people immensely. If you haven’t tried it out yet then you’re missing out on its deliciousness.

What’s a fruit that starts with Z?


Zucchinis needed to be added in this food beginning with Z list. This is very commonly mistaken to be a vegetable, however, due to its flavor and known as a type of squash, it is a fruit that grows from the seed of a zucchini plant. Moreover, It has a mild and sweet flavor hence, it is loved to be cooked in sweet as well as in savory dishes.

Along with many others, this food that starts with Z contributes to a healthy digestive system, may improve vision, and seems to be helpful in a weight loss journey. It is a healthy snack or full-course meal for your children or adults in the family.


It is one of the varieties of grapes, it has black skin and is mainly used in the production of winemaking. It has a sweet or semi-sweet flavor which is adored by most wine lovers. Its beautiful deep red color makes it a beautiful addition to the food beginning with Z list.

Furthermore, its consumption is a good antioxidant and helps in maintaining a healthy heart. It also lowers cholesterol levels which makes it beneficial for those avid wine drinkers.

Zhe Fruit

This has several other names such as Chinese mulberry, Mandarin melon berry, or a silkworm thorn. It has a red or maroon and rich red flesh inside and is known for its delicious sweetness. 

This berry has several captivating benefits such as being used as an aid for preventing infections, motion sickness, and a quick boost of energy. Children, in particular, enjoy this and especially with such sweetness and nutrition you should make it a part of your family’s diet. It falls amongst the healthy side of food beginning with z.

Zante Currants

Here’s another healthy food that starts with Z. They are similar to raisins; the only difference between them is the smaller size of zante currants. They are fresh berries that are dried and enjoyed in cakes, muffins, scones, and many sweet recipes as garnish. They are the most common dessert known during the winter and Ramadan seasons.

They are good at providing various minerals like iron and potassium. It helps stabilize the high blood pressure in the body hence, it is a healthy and nutritious sweet treat everyone can enjoy after a meal.

Ziziphus Fruit

Adding to the food that start with Z list, this is a Jujube plant or Chinese date is obtained from a shrub and the fruit is used for consumption as well as medical purposes. They are dark red or purple, are wrinkled, and contain seeds. They are dry and chewy in texture and enjoyed mainly in candies and desserts.

Moreover, along with the delicious benefits, they are said to improve cases of people who suffer from insomnia and from severe anxiety to help in cases of diabetes and high cholesterol levels since it’s very low in calories.

ZigZag Vine Fruit

It is a unique, orange-colored fruit grown in a zigzag formation that has a tangy and spicy flavor and is mainly used in making many kinds of flavorful sauces to give different types of dishes a burst of taste. This fits perfectly in the list of food that start with Z since it’s unique features and taste would draw your attention.

This vine fruit is essentially quite healthy and considering its bright color it looks beautiful as a part of a fruit bowl or if made with smooth sauces it is definitely the most worthwhile. Its kicky flavor notes make it mouth-watering and something to experience alongside every meal.

What vegetable starts with Z?

Zebra Eggplant

It is one of the common items in this list of food that start with Z. This eggplant has purple stripes covering it, hence the name ZEBRA eggplant. It has a uniquely semi-sweet flavor to it and is eaten either boiled, raw, or even as a soup. They go excellently mixed and fried with other vegetables and also adding a pop of color to the dinner table.

Their elements of being high in fiber and antioxidants prove to be a very healthy part of your meals as it fulfills a general necessity of copper, thiamine, and B-6 in the human body. It provides essential nutrients to your body so make sure to add this into your diet for a healthy lifestyle.

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