Costco Boba Ice Cream

Costco Boba Ice Cream

Costco Boba Ice Cream

This one is for the sweet tooths and ice-cream lovers out there. The Costco Boba Ice Cream happens to be one of the most appealing desserts you’ll find at the store – in my opinion.  It is a sugary, brownish bar with what appears to be frozen layers of caramel and chocolate. If not anything else, it is definitely an eye-catcher.

Stick around to find out everything you need to know about the product. We’ll go through all the essentials starting with the overall packaging, presentation, taste, nutrition, and finally, price. There is also an FAQ section at the end, so just scroll down if you need some quick answers. 

Regular Costco shoppers have seen this around quite often, but as it turns out, it is quite a hit outside Costco. So if you are a regular and still missing out, I’ve here to tell you that you are missing out. 

Oh, and you might want to think about getting something sweet after reading this. I know I am thinking about it as I write this.


Costco Boba Ice Cream bar is mounted on the basic wooden stick like every other popsicle. I don’t know if you’ll notice this, but the stick handle length is just the right amount; the ice cream part doesn’t feel heavy or imbalanced, and your fingers don’t touch the ice cream either. 

The box has a unique design – very easy to find in a crowd of other products. It comes in a black and gold stripe frame with an image of boba bars printed on a square-sized, well-labeled box that seems luxurious from the moment it catches your attention at Costco. 

You have got to give credit to whoever designed the whole thing. A graphics designer might have a different opinion here, but the gold aesthetics really make it look like you have picked the most premium thing at Costco.

Basically, it’s a 12 pack but with ice cream, not beer – a better life choice if you ask me.

Making Of the Great Costco Boba Ice Cream 

The ingredients, as labeled on the packaging, include tapioca starch, sweet rice flour (mochiko), brown sugar, among a whole lot of other interesting names. In a mixing bowl, there is whole milk, heavy whipped cream, sugar, vanilla, and several other flavorings to make a uniform mixture. The mixture is placed into an ice cream machine once it becomes homogenous. 

Everyone loves the creamy, tasty, smooth, chewy bubbles – they are the soft, unique part of the ice cream. The tapioca pearls are a product of black sesame powder, glutinous rice flour, and honey that keeps the soft chewiness even after they are frozen. 

They – the bobas – are made with rolled dough that boils in water and is chilled immediately to prevent sticking.

The bobas then go meet the ice cream mixture, and together, they are poured into popsicle molds and frozen until the popsicles are firm.

The Scrumptious Essence 

The boba bars are not as heavily loaded as ice cream. More, it’s like ice milk, but with the appropriate amount of creaminess – strongly suggested! And yes, you can just go ahead and call them frozen milk tea bars. It wouldn’t e wrong in the least. 

The main selling point is the chewy boba. It has the tapioca flavor and gives you a very unlike ice cream experience. I mean you hardly ever chew this much when eating ice cream. So, it also means that some people might not prefer it. If you ask me, it becomes quite likable once you get used to it – adds to the savoring of food.

In the aftertaste, you will be getting a milky brown sugar kick, but that is just a subjective detection.


I know that nutrition isn’t normally what’s on your mind when you are thinking ice cream, but it’s a great habit to get into. It helps you keep a dietary record and in turn, healthier eating habits – or at least calculated. 

So, this one offers you 14 calories per bar. There’s no fiber, 15 grams sugar, 23 grams carbs, and just one gram protein. In comparison with other ice creams, the judgment on the nutritional value of boba ice cream Costco is: Not bad!

The Price

Given the kind of ice cream that takes more relative effort, one would think that if it costs more, then it has the right to do so.  But that is not the case with Costco boba ice cream. Costing $12.99 for a 12 pack -a little over a dollar per bar- its an affordable sweet tooth satisfaction. 

Plus, stores like Costco, often have deals going on. You could get even luckier.           

Hipstafood Rating

I get the individual taste preference view here. It’s basically just creamier frozen tea with chewy balls in it. Its flavor isn’t the best you’ll ever have from a popsicle at this price, but the different experience definitely does some value addition to the product. 

Overall, I really like it and recommend it to my family, friends, and the Hipstafood readers (also family).

The Hipstafood rating of Costco Boba Ice Cream is 7.5/10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costco still have boba ice cream? 

Yes, the Boba Ice Cream is one of the most wanted popsicles getting sold at Costco.

Does Costco sell brown sugar boba ice cream? 

Yes, Costco is selling brown sugar boba ice cream at $12.90 per box.

Is Costco boba good? 

These popsicles are delicious-looking yet straightforward. These are more off-white than golden and have a milky, rather than creamy, taste. The boba has an excellent texture that is soft and chewy. 

How many calories are in a Costco boba popsicle? 

There are 140 calories in a Costco boba popsicle, which is not that bad for one bar. And if you eat it once a week, there are fewer chances of you gaining weight, but you can enjoy this premium yummy treat. 

How many calories is boba?

Usually, boba has 231-264 calories in it.

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