foods that begin with C.

16 Flavoursome Foods that Start with C

Adding to our food encyclopedia, this time, we have brought you a list of a wide range of desserts, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and foods that begin with C. If you are interested in knowing about these delicious foods, you have stumbled upon the perfect site.

This list of foods that start with C will make your mouth water and make you crave every bit of it, so make sure to try these out once after reading it. These include a variety of healthy and tasty foods, to not-so-healthy but even more tempting treats. Continue to read and try them out for yourself and with your family.

Cheeses that start with the letter C

Cottage Cheese

 foods that begin with C.

First on the list of foods that start with C is Cottage Cheese. This is one of the basic dairy items adored by every cheese lover. It is basically curds of cheese that are drained and sometimes salted. It complements both sweet and savory dishes and is often eaten raw – loved for its milky flavor. 

Nutritionally, it contains a good amount of nutrients and minerals. It is a great healthy alternative and helps in reducing weight and gaining muscles. Since it also includes calcium, it benefits your bones and makes your body stronger. 

Camembert Cheese

The next dairy product in our list of foods that starts with C includes Camembert Cheese. It is made purely out of cow’s milk and has the most beautiful creamy and soft texture that melts in your mouth.  I suggest trying pieces of a baguette dipped into melted Camembert.

This cheese helps in balancing out your digestive system and improves your immunity levels. Even though Camembert is not the healthiest, it is more beneficial when baked and melted to perfection. Pro-tip: A drizzle of honey on top gives it a beautiful kick.

Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Cheese is one of the most popular dairy foods that start with C. It is a naturally strong-flavored cheese that is off-white. Since it is the most versatile cheese, it goes well with every meal, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are mainly known for being a core ingredient in burgers and pizzas.

Cheddar cheese is included in some of our healthier foods that begin with C. It has a good amount of protein and calcium that helps keep your bones strong. It also is beneficial for your heart and provides Vitamin K to your body.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is the last and the most heavenly creamy item in our dairy foods that start with C. It is made out of milk and cheese in the form of a beautifully soft and creamy consistency. It is used as a spread on bagels or toasts, a dessert topping, and even as a thickener for gravies or sauces.

Cream Cheese is not considered the most healthy, but it contains a few vitamins and has a low amount of lactose that is beneficial for the body as it prevents causing harm through saturated fats. However, this delicious spread must be enjoyed in moderation.

What meat starts with C? 


Let’s start with the most common meat in our list of foods that start with C. Chicken is the ideal dish to make on any occasion. It can be roasted, baked, boiled, or fried and goes well with almost any meal item – you just can’t go wrong with it. Whether it be chicken wings, legs, or breasts, it will be “Finger-licking Good.”

Out of all foods that start with C, Chicken is the most ideal for your health. It is the best source of attaining protein, helps in maintaining a healthy weight, and is known to release serotonin hormone in your brain that makes you feel better than ever.

Cold Cuts

Cold Cuts, also known as Lunch meals, are one of the most protein-filled items in this list of foods that start with C. It is a platter of different kinds of cooked, sliced, or cold meats. It is best served under a sandwich or eaten as it is from the platter. 

This is the easiest meal to make if you are in a rush. They are not raw hence cannot cause you harm, however, they provide a lot of benefits to your body since they contain a good amount of minerals, vitamins like zinc and iron.

Crab Meat

Lastly, in the category of meats, Crabs fall in juiciest foods that start with C. While being cooked, it has the most mouth-watering smell that fills up the room, its shell turns into a beautiful red color, and inside is present the softest white meat that has a bit of sweetness to it.

Crabmeat is protein-filled. It has a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, and loads of fatty acids that are good for the body. Moreover, it is proven that it contains properties that help control aggressive behavior, making it a perfect comfort meal.

Common Foods that start with the letter C


Moving towards the more exotic foods that start with C, Calamari is becoming a norm since more people are drawn to its unique sweet and mild taste. It is a squid that is fried and garnished with herbs and lemon and is served with a side of sauces. It may also be enjoyed boiled, grilled, or sauteed.

This particular seafood contains many nutritional benefits such as having a wide range of minerals, Vitamin B-12, a good amount of potassium and nutrients that help keep the body healthy and clean.


Now, this part is primarily for hardcore coffee lovers. This has to be one of the essential items for most people from our list of foods that start with C. Coffee is made with brewed beans. Most people like it with milk or cream, but the ones after the real kick, prefer it straight black – it can be truly addictive.

As good as this drink makes you feel, it actually provides several benefits to your body as well. It helps you reduce fat, makes you more energetic, lowers risks of diseases and disabilities. However, keep it in check. Too much if it is not a good idea, especially if you are coffee-sensitive. 


Continuing the love of having a sweet tooth, Cake is the most loved item on our list of foods that start with C. It is a mixture of flour, eggs, and sugar with layers of cream-filled frosting in all varieties of flavors. It is the most common dessert globally and is mandatory on special occasions. 

Though your doctor will rightly advise you against consuming too much cake, there are a few benefits to it. It serves as a decent you gain energy provider, especially if you work out – yes, you read that right! It is a good pre-workout meal and benefits you in a better digestive system.


Let’s move towards more healthy foods that start with the letter C. Chickpeas, also known as Garbanzo beans, are small off-white round beans that are commonly enjoyed in salads, roasted, fried, or gravy. They make an excellent lunch meal or a snack to munch on throughout the day.

Beans are the most beneficial item in this list through which you can increase your fiber and iron levels. It helps in maintaining a healthy heart and prevents heart problems and diseases. Moreover, these are an ideal meal if you are going through a weight loss journey.


Pancakes, Pancake, Crepe, Süsspeise, Egg, Bake, Cook

Picture this, a pancake tortilla. Sounds amazing, right? Crepe is just that, a very thin pancake. It usually requires flour, eggs, milk or water, salt, butter, and a decent skillet. It is usually eaten with something sweet, so the sweetness is kept at a minimum, giving room to the eggy flavor. 

In terms of nutrition, this item in our foods that begin with C serves as an excellent source of carbohydrates and fat with hints of protein, sodium, and cholesterol. Although crepes have rich fat contents, too much intake of saturated fats can increase your cholesterol and make you vulnerable to heart diseases. 


Bread, Croissant, Morning, Puff Paste

Croissant is a crescent-shaped flaky pastry with French and Austrian origins. A typical croissant is crispy and has a fresh buttery smell to it. It’s made of a layered yeast-leavened dough layered with butter. If you ask me, there is an unshaken appreciation for the classics, but Nutella croissants hit you like nothing else.

As for nutrition, this puff pastry enhances the metabolic functioning of your body. It is loaded with carbs, fats, and protein along with B Complex vitamins, Folate, and Niacin to help with digestion. I really recommend that you try this item in our foods that begin with C. 


Cannolis, Dessert, Sweetness, Baking

It’s the tube-shaped pastries filled with cream found in almost every bakery sweets shop. The dough is fried, and the filling is usually ricotta or any other cream. It is not as sweet as it looks. You can say its usual taste is like an unfrosted donut. You might also find pure ricotta filling too much, but it will grow on you. 

In terms of nutrition, this item in our foods that start with C has a good balance between carbs, fats, and protein. It’s a great energy source, but you might want to stop after a few as the fat contents dominate the nutritional value of this food

What is a fruit that begins with C? 


Moving towards the fruit category, this is a Clementine. It looks just like an orange since it is a mixture between a tangerine and an orange. It has the same beautiful orange color and texture. It has a more sweet flavor and is soft to chew and easy to peel, making it an ideal seedless snack.

Nutritionally, this fruit in our foods that begin with C serves as an excellent source of Vitamin C, that keeps your skin fresh and healthy.


Cherries are also one of the most raved about and common fruits. Their deep red color and sourness with hints of sweetness make them so popular. They are enjoyed in desserts, cakes, tarts, and jams. It is one of those mandatory items in our list of foods that start with the letter C. 

Like every fruit in this list, Cherries also provide a bunch of nutrients. They contain antioxidants to keep your body clean and healthy inside out. Also, it is proven that it helps you get better sleep. So what are you waiting for? Add these to your diet straight away.


Continuing with these delicious fruits, Cantaloupes, also called melons, are also one of the most adored foods that start with the letter C. They are round in shape with a leathery texture on the outside. The inside contains mouth-watering white flesh.

Cantaloupes are enriched with several minerals and vitamins that help stabilize blood pressure and keep the body healthy. However, too much intake can cause kidney problems, so as good as it tastes, you should enjoy it in a limited amount. 


Cranberries are small round berries with a beautiful red color. They are incredibly sour and are not as sweet as you’d hope. The tartness makes cranberries ideal for several sauces and deserts. But it is best to have them sweetened first.

Nutritionally, cranberries fall under the category of healthy foods that start with C. They contain high amounts of antioxidants and nutrients to help build immunity, prevent cancer, and stabilize blood pressure. 


Cucumbers are mostly mistaken to be vegetables, but they are fruits. They are known for their refreshing water content and their mildly sweet taste. They are majorly enjoyed in salads and as a healthy snack too. Just cut some slices and sprinkle salt and paprika, and it will be a delicious snack.

Cucumbers in our  foods that begin with C  are highly nutritious because they contain plenty of antioxidants and minerals. Their high water content helps in cases of dehydration.


You’ve come across the most iconic fruit in this list of foods that start with the letter C. Coconuts are the ideal fruits in tropical regions. They have a rough and hairy brown shell that holds soft-hard ‘white meat’ flesh and sweet earthy water.

Coconuts are one of the foods that start with C that help in reducing weight and maintain a good digestive system. It contains nutrients that take care of the heart’s health. However, it should be consumed in a limited amount since it also has plenty of calories, so don’t go too overboard.


This is one of the unique fruits in our foods that start with C. These are small berries in the shape of tiny bubbles and come in a beautiful red-orange range of colors. Its taste is similar to red currants and raspberries; juicy and tarty with a touch of sweetness. 

Just like all the other berries, cloudberries also supply a range of benefits. It is known to help build immunity, reduce the risk of being diabetic, stabilize the production of hormones, and prevent diseases from taking over. Make sure to try these small juicy berries out from our foods that start with C. 

Cashew Apple Fruit

Continuing with the unusual-looking fruit in the list of foods that start with C, the  Cashew Apple, is a nonapple that grows out of a cashew nut. The fruit has a yellow-red range of colors and tastes sour and sweet, unlike apples that are just sweet.

These fruits are an excellent provider of calcium and iron, which are essential nutrients for the human body. It contains antioxidants meaning it keeps your body clean and defends against toxins. It is said to reduce fat and leave you with beautiful-looking skin. 


Chokeberries, also known as Aronia berries, are dark blue or purple-colored fruits that resemble blueberries. Unlike most fruits in this list of foods that start with C, chokeberries are not sweet but tarty and dry. They are used to make wine, tea, juices, and even be eaten raw if you enjoy the sourness.

These beautiful chokeberries contain properties such as antioxidants that protect the heart and keep the blood vessels clean. It can be used to reduce swelling or irritated spots and, most importantly, have the ability to tackle cancer cells. Make sure to try them out if you are into sour treats.

 Custard Apple

Custard Apple is also one of the unique looking – and tasting – fruits that you must keep an eye out for. It is a heart-shaped, irregular surfaced fruit that is off-white in color.  The inside is filled with creamy goodness with sweet custard flavor. It is either eaten on its own or enjoyed in desserts.

This fruit has magical benefits such as containing Vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants that take care of the heart. It also helps stabilize blood pressure levels. With these remarkable benefits, it is definitely worth the try. 

Vegetables that start with C


Let’s move on to the vegetables.

This is one of the most common foods that start with the letter C. Cabbage is a ball of leaves in green, purple, or white colors. They are an ideal ingredient to have in foods, salads, and sandwiches – cooked or sauteed. 

Cabbage is one of the most delicious but healthy vegetables. This ball of leaves is filled with nutrients that help keep the heart healthy, improve the digestive system, reduce inflammation, and manage cholesterol levels to maintain a healthy system. If you’re not into green, try to add cabbage to your foods.


Following the common category of delicious to healthy foods, Capsicums or Bell Peppers are the most beautiful and delicious foods. They come in green, yellow, or red peppers. The red and yellow bells are mildly sweet since they have light sugar content, however, the green ones are bitter but delicious.

This vegetable in particular, contains a lot of benefits that will have you adding it as an essential ingredient to your meals. These bell peppers are known to improve the metabolism making it easier to reduce weight, lowers cancer risks, relieve pain, and helps those who are iron deficient.


Carrots come in orange, purple, white, yellow, and black. You have probably only seen the orange ones as they are the most common. They can be enjoyed raw, sauteed, with other veggies, and in desserts.

As delicious as these carrots, they also provide several advantages nutritionally such as fiber, antioxidants, and Vitamin K1. This also is highly beneficial if you’re looking to lose weight and manage a healthy, clean diet. And most importantly, they are known to sharpen your eyesight.


Cauliflowers are also included in the most delicious yet nutritious foods list since they have unique tastes and exciting benefits. They are in the shape of a flower and have an irregular texture while a layer of leaves surrounds its bottom. They are served either baked until softened, fried, or sauteed with other veggies.

This delicious flower-shaped vegetable is rich in B-Vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, to give you a healthy meal while being generous on your taste buds – if you cook them right. It also helps reduce fat and provides a better digestive system and

Cherry Tomatoes 

Lastly, on the list of foods that start with the letter C, we have Cherry Tomatoes. They are tomatoes but in a small round shape and come in a yellow-red range of colors. They are enjoyed baked, in a salad, or even eaten raw since they are so delicious.

This vegetable, just like the others in this list, contains several benefits that would grab your attention. They have lycopene that helps fight diseases and cure the harm caused by UV rays to your skin. It also has Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and potassium to keep the body healthy and clean inside and out.


And that was all for this article, folks. I hope, like always, you enjoyed reading about some common and new foods. The purpose behind this is to make you a food enthusiast and push you to experiment with new and healthy foods in your kitchen. 

Check out other alphabet foods, and let me know your thoughts in the comment section. How many of the foods that start with C did you already know from the above list? What food article do you want me to write next? See you in the next article.

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